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Speak to My Finger
Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My dr slapped his forehead upon hearing the amount of red dates my mum put into her soup beverage.

I, bringing up the question, am furious with mother for always scolding me for not putting A LOT of red dates or whatsoever Chinese herbs.

"So Dr how many red dates should we put into our flask?"

"If the flask is like 1 litre you can just put three dates."

We laughed.

"So how many did you put into soup?"

Mother replied "15".

Slap slap in the forehead again. "5 is enough!"

I added "So mummy, we now can save a lot on red dates."

Geez. We have been overdosed with red dates all this while.

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Singing in a dream
Saturday, October 5, 2013
This is interesting. I dreamed of myself singing on the spot to someone elderly.

I was not feeling well so I napped the whole morning, cringing, and so I canceled all my appointments for the day. Even so, my subconscious entered a dream where I'm supposed to go for an appointment.

I was climbing a flight of stairs but the pain was so overwhelming, so I just slept on the stairs. I think I was hoping someone would come to my rescue and two elderly men approached me. I was in a embryo position. It was a white and an Indian man. The white was a doctor and the Indian looks like a veteran. They just sat down while watching over me. I heard their conversation. The Indian said I didn't look like I'm in pain, but the white said I was. He sensed it.

And then the Indian were talking about his wife's pain bla bla bla.

Later, I woke up from the nap and saw the two elderly men. I sensed that the Indian had some rough days and suddenly I sang something to him about looking forward to positive days... The scene was like a musical piece. The song was catchy too!

But I don't remember it when I woke up... that's because I was rudely awoken!

And then... the white man made a signal and a black and white kitten came out from a hole holding a key. So cute!!!

And then I really woke up for good...

Aww... kitty, please come again to my dream!

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audi, u made him poor
Monday. 9.30.13 9:33 am
My friend is a schoolteacher and she posted a discussion she had with one of her students on FB.

This student is ultimately poor in mathematics so she asked him to go for extra classes. But he replied that his mother cannot afford because the parents just bought an Audi car.

How sad. What kind of picture is the current era people painting?

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Sunday, September 29, 2013
Finally, I'm able to breathe better as my huge two-day events were over last week.

I was quite stress up because I set a high benchmark for myself and my boss asked me to breathe and asked why was I so work up.

Interesting question he popped out. He was telling me he never placed any expectation on me and I don't have to owe anyone an explanation about my skills because they know by now how capable I were. If not, it's ok for the event to fail.


I replied boss that should it fail I would be pointed for the failure and he replied coolly that won't be the case. His two assistants were the witness.

I scratched my head. How true can this be? Won't all boss transfer the blame to someone convenient to his or her finger?

Any how the events were a success except for some talks that had zero participants. Otherwise, I did it!

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In love with you
Friday, September 20, 2013
OMG. My favourite audiophile jazz singer has sang this song?!

I'm loving it.

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ok. im not cheap.
Monday. 9.16.13 11:13 am


A guy friend asked if I could spend a nigt with him at the hotel because he is lonely.

If you were saying it is to catch up with me, I will chat but not staying overnight.

And then he asked if I have persistent genital arousal disorder. Ok. Our conversation is getting weird.

I replied no. And he asked how do I know? If I have, am I oblige to tell you?

So... How are you going to help me to check? He replied by being a good looking dr.

Good lord. Say one more time, I will throw you in the 'cold palace' like what the Chinese emperors love to do.

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