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Speak to My Finger
Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
If I saved my heart for you...
Monday, November 4, 2013
This song gives me some inspiration to write another sad love song...

I'm gonna stay tune to myself.

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Birthday song
Saturday. 11.2.13 10:29 am
Thanks for the help Zanzi and Thomas.

I was about to sing Moon River for the birthday boy but he ended up online on his birthday eve so I just wished him the birthday zoo song and stated that he likes his banana - a lot.

I like Moon River but I never seem to get the timing right. I like this version. She can sing well but she is awfully shy.. so you don't really see her singing live.

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Help! Yes, nutangers are free to help!
Tuesday. 10.29.13 5:21 am

Friend's birthday is coming up and a wedding.

And I'm planning to sing them a song. Oh well...

Any suggestion? I was thinking the birthday song from the zoo... and as for the wedding. I'm clueless.

Your suggestion is highly appreciated!

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Beauty and a Beat
Monday. 10.21.13 4:30 am
I failed to detox this version off from my system.

Good, right?

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Sunday. 10.20.13 11:34 am
How do yo get rid of ants???

Especially a breed that runs like a drunken.

I have used lemon juice and salt water and they are still alive!!!

Guardians of Earth! I don't wanna kill nature but what can I do?! What can I do to let them know they are not welcome in my home?

Sigh.. they are not welcome in every home. Where else can they go when their home has been destroyed?

From the air, humans look like ants too...

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My dr slapped his forehead upon hearing the amount of red dates my mum put into her soup beverage.

I, bringing up the question, am furious with mother for always scolding me for not putting A LOT of red dates or whatsoever Chinese herbs.

"So Dr how many red dates should we put into our flask?"

"If the flask is like 1 litre you can just put three dates."

We laughed.

"So how many did you put into soup?"

Mother replied "15".

Slap slap in the forehead again. "5 is enough!"

I added "So mummy, we now can save a lot on red dates."

Geez. We have been overdosed with red dates all this while.

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