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Speak to My Finger
Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
alan oh alan
Tuesday. 10.7.14 10:24 am
Man. Looking back at the old songs... I feel past singers are better than many of the younger generations now. At least their songs are of substance not like now... really crap... but hey they are the trendsetters!

I miss alan's singing. If only she learns the language and market herself more in Japan, I think she will be somewhere instead of having unknown status now. She went on the The Voice in China but got kicked out in the early rounds. Her performance during the audition was poor. As though she was singing for the sake of singing. It was soulless compared to her other songs. In fact, she should not even sing her own releases during the audition but covers. That was what other participants were doing. So just follow the crowd!

Anyhow, I love her voice... I love her second album. So nice! Sigh... Can you just self-release?

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Look who's running
Friday. 10.3.14 9:23 pm
While watching a movie on TV last night and one scene on the protagonist running on a track, it made me remember of my sports involvement in high school. Well, my school treated the students like some sheep in the pen. We were not allowed to leave the field until we had completed all the sports from running to high jump. You name it.

There was one particular sport that the girls somehow hated which was running. I got no idea why. All I knew was I love it and I always got first easily. I found out why until I became the spectator for the run. The teacher said 'Start' and the girls who were of large size ran extremely slow and the teacher was like 'RUNNNNNNNNNN' and yet they were slower than snails. The guys were whistling and smiling like a coyote. The girls were still running but it was like you were watching some slow motion scenes on the computer. The girls were laughing of shyness.


Then I saw why they were running extremely slow... Their breasts were moving up and down as they ran. Yes, they have large breasts. Damn. That was why the guys were showing off their pervert side. And to be frank that scene was pretty appetising for the guys because the boobies were moving in slow motion. I thought the girls should just run FAST and so the guys cant see anything. Oh, won't that be more fantasizing? No idea.

Then I thought about myself. DAMN. I ran as fast as I could against the wind and I never once thought about my boobs. Did it move like those girls? Wait do I have visible boobs? Yikes. No wonder my guy friends in high school once commented mine was as flat as the air runway. DAMN. Anyways, I wear sports bra for sports. So it further enhances my already flat chest.


Oh well, despite that, I still have many guys chasing after me. Thank you, God.

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My birthday retreat!
Monday. 9.22.14 8:06 pm
Well, yes, I know I have been utterly quiet on nutang also on FB. Friends have been wondering my whereabout as I was very hush about my location. I didn't do it on purpose but just.... I just wanna have a quiet time to myself... therefore I don't see the need of announcing where I will be going. I even quarreled with my mum regarding this. Sometimes I just want to go to places without informing people especially my family members. Don't get me wrong. If I were sailing and doing those dangerous activity we always see on "I shouldn't be alive" program, I WILL inform people for safety reasons.

I went to Manila for a week, hoping to spend a quiet time but instead I was caught in a typhoon twice in a week.

On the positive side, I managed to try out all the public transportation ... from jeepney to buses to horse carriage! It was fun!

I went shopping in a normal department store and the total price of the Wranco jeans and Beverley Hills Polo top was USD 50 and ... my friend aka tour guide who saw the price stated that that's the near figure of his room rental in the city. Yikes... I feel sorry for him and perhaps I shall go shopping on my own next time. No wonder the department store is usually quiet... But for myself, I find it affordable. Each apparel in Malaysia (especially branded) could cost USD 40 alone.

I was so happy that I get to meet up with my friend whom I met during my trip in Cebu early this year January. She was my tour guide!

She is photogenic! I love her poses in the photo and when we took other photos together, we realised we have been watching too much of America's Next Top Model! We were telling each other how to pose! So cute!

On my departure day, there was another typhoon. Aiyo. Air flights company didn't inform passengers and we were calling in like crazy. Luckily Air Asia Zest replied quickly on my FB and I went to the airport all wet. I was so cold in the plane that I ordered myself a cup of instant noodle to eat while watching Haruhi Suzumiya anime. I realised Haruhi Suzumiya is like me!

On the whole, I had fun in Manila despite the typhoon. What a shame that many of my friends could not get to have birthday dinner with me as I bought lots of ensaymada for them. I brought them home for my eating. It's my favourite so far.

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It's Sept!
Saturday. 9.6.14 9:42 pm
Geez! It's already my birthday month! And I am thinking what to do for my birthday!

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Shake it off
Sunday. 8.31.14 2:00 am
I like how different her video clip is this time...

I love how people in a video are not perfect... being silly .... because that's reality... we are not perfect...

And the lyrics is interesting.

Happy holiday!

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Letting it go
Monday. 8.25.14 9:54 am
I like these wise words.

"If you love something set it free, don't hold on too tight lest you chase it away. This symbol comes to you to remind you that freedom is important to everyone. You have the freedom at this time to choose whatever you want. Let others do the same. You will be so happy you did. Miracles come when you let go and let the magick happen of its own accord."

This was what my heart was trying to tell me a few days ago...

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