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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
I hate YOU!!! Part 2
Friday, August 3, 2007
Today supposed to be a lightening to the heart but it somehow somersaulted into a morbid bitter day.

As the title said it all, somebody hated [not really hate but ...] somebody[s] in the office. As a result, collateral damage was effected in innocent people in the office, which included me and 2 more people.

Yesterday was one of my workmates, AA, birthday. Everyone in the office knew that but we didn't wish her because we planned to give her a surprise on the next day which was today. We planned to have a party of planting candles on the cake and digging in laksa but there goes our plan into the sewage drain ...

Just because we didn't wish her happy birthday "yesterday", she insisted the receptionist to wish that to her ... and apparently she was showing tantrum particularly to everyone in the branch office for not doing so "yesterday".

Because the receptionist wanted to called up the laksa delivery this morning, she told the belated birthday girl that we are organizing a birthday party for her during lunch time so she needs to stay put BUT she said something WE, girls in the office, won't ever forget till the day we die. Let's just AA has just reserved her own graveyard...

She told the receptionist that "now she knows who are her real friends in the office ... so I don't need any birthday party ... I don't need any cakes whatsoever ... I'm already very content with a birthday wish ..." something like that ... There's actually more to that but I don't remember given in that I wasn't very concentrating on work due to having fever ... But the meaning was seriously something like that and it really x10 hurt the receptionist who just wanted to have a birthday party for her. We all just wanted to have some fun!

We decided to cancel the party but my supervisor insisted to buy her the cake and it costs RM 72!!! So when the supervisor, another innocent workmate and I gave her the cake, she made an expression that says "I DON'T APPRECIATE YOUR CAKE & GET LOST" and she forced herself to spit THANK YOU right in front of the computer instead of making eye contact. And then you know what? She treated the cake like some kind of disgusting item that she quickly "disposed" by placing onto the next table. Like the action of getting your toothbrush from the toilet bowl. I witnessed everything because I sit in front of her.

Observing that very unexpected action from her, I have visions of the the birthday cake on a dumpster at 3-ish. That really freaked me out: what if my vision was true? I then decided to take action: I went up to the receptionist and another victim that at 4.45 pm I would be dividing the birthday cake to all of us, so get ready everyone's tupperware.

Can you imagine that AA was really stupid in expressing anger on the cake by just leaving the cake outside of the fridge??? By 4.30 pm, I asked AA if she wanted to bring home the cake and she said she doesn't know. I looked at her impatiently and I hinted to her I wanted the cake. So she gave me the permission to cut the cake. She didn't know I was cutting for everyone!! Haha... she was pretty shocked to see me lining up all tupperware and she mumbled "I don't care if you finished ALL of them". Like I care. So I dilligently distributed the cakes. I even had one slice despite not allowed to.

The victims and I felt the sheer stupidity AA possessed and we were bitching about it. So what if we didn't wish you? Is that a legitimate reason to be angry with everyone in the office? I was sick yesterday and took half day off to see doctor, so you saying your birthday should be prioritized over my health? No that's not my point. My point is ... will your world come to the end if no one remembers the day you were born?

My friends often forgotten mine and you expect me to dice them, which their only sin is not to wish me Happy Birthday? Come on, get over it. We are all adults that have BRAINS not birdbrains. We are matured. What worse is we are all working in line with academicians and intellectual people. Come on ... we are working with ACADEMICIANS and INTELLECTUAL people!!! Doesn't that say we read a lot of materials to be intellectual as well?? Please don't paint a picture that makes everyone in the office looks stupid, for surely I'm not.

Thank god, I didn't get a birthday gift for AA!

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Naruto fanart
Wednesday, August 1, 2007
I started up drawing again after this 10 year interval. I initially stopped drawing because mum said it was a waste of time. Thinking back, why am I such an idiot. I bet I could be good in drawing now.

Oh well another reason of drawing again because I sometimes got nothing to do during working hours and just doodle with my pencil to release stress. It's healthier than biting the pencil. And I seriously don't know why I have dreamt of eating pencils. *Blek. Disgusting.

Last reason is I'm working on something related to drawing with a friend. So I thought if my friend doesn't get what I want, I could always just sketch them and she finishes the rest. Haha.

As for the picture below, I was just doodling with the pencil. It started out as some punk kid and then I added the Konoha headband .. and tada I bring you Naruto. I wanted to name it Rabbit-teeth Ninja but I got fed up in fixing the name with Paint program 3 times. Screw it.

Laugh all you want people. Oh, Naruto character doesn't belong to me, he belongs to Kishimoto. And no I'm not going to get a copyright for it ... bwhahahaha.

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Significanto July
Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Naruto Spoiler Ch. 362 & 363: DIE! SASUKE!!! DIE DIE DIE!!! Part 2
Sunday, July 29, 2007
It's strange that Japflap was able to release 2 chapters on the same day. They usually take quite a long time to fix one chapter but I'm just happy to be able to read 2 chapters in a day.

As the title says, I know it's very horrifying and offensive to Sasuke die-hard fans out there, but too bad I seriously want Sasuke to DIE FOR GOOD for some reasons.

1. Farewell Deidara-chan for eternity ...
Seriously unbelievable that Deidara is so hot headed that he actually used himself
as an explosive tool just to terminate Sasuke. I mean ... man you should just keep your live to continue improve on your artful explosives. Why kill yourself when you know you are just not good enough to beat Sharingan idiots?

And poor Tobi... for he received collateral damage from Deidara. Yea stupid Deidara for exploding Tobi as well. I DIDN'T GET TO SEE TOBI'S FIGHTING SKILLS!! I want to continue seeing Tobi irritating and annoying his Akatsuki senpai.

The best reason I could give to support my title is I'm damn bored to see SASUKE, THE INVISIBLE escaping and winning every fight he encounters. For Deidara case, he should have DIE DIE in the explosion along with Deidara and Tobi. I'm sick and tired to see Sasuke being such a good and unbeatable fighter. And I'm not slightly amazed with his damn fighting skills. What's the point of being stronger when you rely on external factors not your own brain? But I can't blame him because if he were to stay in Konoha, I'm sure he won't be able to attain the power like he has now.

And then I could predict damn Sakura and Rin fighting over Sasuke. "He's Mine .. bla bla" and there goes the two of them fighting with bull strength, and then we might see craters all over the place just because of two buttheads. And then we might see Naruto saying "I will squeeze the sh*t out of you, Sasuke" and there goes the two gay-gay rolling on the floor as they show each other unbrotherly love like a fox trying to tango with a snake.

Hmm... what else? Sasuke and Naruto cooperate with each other to locate the Akatsuki members ...? Haha .. we will see ...

And I think I know how Sasuke is going to die in the coming chapters. I saw it already BUT don't know it's true or not. Oh well, trust my unreliable psychic skills at your own risk.

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It's not our Fault. Yay!
Thursday, July 26, 2007
As a follow up of the previous post, I now can conclude that woman, A, is having personal problems and she's now venting her whatever emotions on people in her environment. This is a statement I made from my observation of today's event.

The jerk in my office, L, has been laughing at her conversation between the smart ass girl I mentioned in the last post. He was laughing at the way the smart ass delegating the research work between her and A. Imagine, smart ass has been "purposely" choosing countries that virtually have no certain information that we are hunting. And so kind L telling A to not be bluffed by her. Hoho .. ended up kind L been shot by angry riposte by A.

I caught the word "Hey u know what? I'm stress here ...". So what if you are stress? I joined in the laughter after hearing that sentence. Because whatever she's stressing about seemed to be so unimportant. That's because she's stressing about her wedding!!! How can you compare that problem with people in countries that have no food and water? Not to look too far, I too am stress about medical bills and financial problems. Do I vent my frustration on people? No I don't.

I always have to remember that once spoken, those words can never be taken back. And I have no right to inflict sufferings on other people just because I'm suffering.

Does that make sense to you?

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You hate me?
Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Today's event is something new for me that's because an observer in the office told me some girls dislike me. Dislike me or got irritated by me whatever I seriously don't know the reason. There were only 4 of us in the department. What is there to quarrel and dislike to begin with? Each of us has our own responsibility. So what's the problem?

As far I remembered my boss wanted the 4 of our projects to be handed in yesterday. But it cannot be done because my project was 98% completed and the observer's 80%. Despite of that, I decided to hand in the 4 projects first thing on Tuesday morning because mine would be 100% completed by today.

And we got the dumbest problem to handle in the morning: each project "should" be burned in a cd-rw. I was taken aback. Why do you need to burn 4 projects onto 4 cd-rw? I once suggested to burn all 4 onto one cd and have another back up cd for our publisher. And this girl was so smart ass to reply me "No it SHOULD be burned onto individual CD." I only went gag silently because I'm going to burn all projects onto one cd without her knowledge.

Even my senior in the HQ was advising me to burn all projects onto 1 cd because it doesn't make sense to have 4 CDs. I remembered telling that girl off that the CD-RW have plenty of space for the 4 projects ... and I seriously don't know what's her problem. I even helped her to burn her project onto MY CD and she called me STUPID. I told her straight in the face in a joking manner that Virgo is very revengeful ... whatever sentences that hurt them would be nailed in their hearts until the day they die. But unfortunately I wasn't joking when I said that. Virgo is really very revengeful. I read that in a horoscope page and it's true applying to me.

So back to the problem. The observer and I thought the CD-RW is too low quality that's why the CD can't be read and writtened by our computer. To solve this problem, I suggested we erase the CD and re-write. Aiyo... here comes ... the flaring by this A.

I was telling her to make a folder for her project and she was not happy. And the observer was telling her to rewrite her project onto the CD because of some complexity... and she really went all out:


I was shocked and I said our senior said before ... but I have forgotten that senior has only told me...

And her reply was :


I just thought she got some personal problems. But observer said the problem was most likely evoked by me!!! He said I have been picking fights with the girls in the office. And I must have done it nonchalantly but hey I don't remember picking fights on them.

And I really tried to recall back. I only talked to them about common sense, if you consider saving the environment is not included la. But I only tease one of them. Definitely not A. And I have not been talking much in the office. I asked the observer again but he refused to tell me which issue.

Later during lunch, I was told off by the receptionist to turn on the air conditioner because my food is 'polluting' the office air and hopefully the air con would absorb my food pollution. Err... Am I the only one that doesn't have common sense in the office??

Oh well, I really just pity A for suffering because of me. I mean you can be angry with me until the day you rot 6 feet underground while me smiling happily everyday without knowing why. I just could not care less about this petty stuff. In fact, it is too childish to even care. But I seriously pity her from the bottom of my heart for putting her frowning face everyday when she sees me starting from tomorrow.

But what have I really said?

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