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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
Ooh La la ...
Wednesday, October 31, 2007
The planned dessert affair for this Friday seemed to be cancelled but not confirm yet since the HQ decided to organize the farewell party properly. We are all going to a restaurant opposite my office. Sweet.

In this blog I also want to thank someone who left me a comment by the name of Eschede ( To be frank, that comment was very harsh and very unpleasant to my eyes but it's all truth. [Hey if you are Eschede, don't stop reading, go on]. I'm the type of person that likes things go my way. I'm very pushy isn't it? And yes reading the comment is like adding salt to the wound or flaming the fire in me but hey no matter I would still listen because it's for my own good. Reading that comment really reminded me that I really need to work on this attitude of mine. If not, it would just make people around me and myself suffer. You suffer I also suffer so we sama-sama [together] suffer for no reason. So thank you [Eschede] for that comment. I would try to change myself for the better but of course not overnight. I'm sometime very dramatic... over dramatic... And I know who is nodding their heads...

After reading that comment, I realise how much I lack sensitivity of my Muslim friends needs. I'm now feeling very ashame of myself . I'm sure Mr. A must be wondering why I'm making a fuss - again - about this issue when we were yum cha-ing. Sorry for listening to my crap. Oh well, hopefully my singing was bearable to your ears just now. Haha.. and thank you for the gift!!! It's so cute... Happy Halloween to you!

I'm still working on my human revolution. But one thing I would like to bring up is sometimes I'm mad at something resulting me being dramatic is because ... let me just give you this scenario...

You live in a house with 4 housemates so which means there are 5 of you in the house. Everyone uses the toilet everyday but none of them except you clean the toilet every alternate days for so many years that you can't even remember when you started doing so. And then one day you just feel exhausted. And what happens next? And the worse thing is your 4 housemates complain that the toilet is not clean enough. How do you feel?

To add the fury and drama in me is I'm a perfectionist. Everything has to be perfect to me. If one thing on the plan went wrong, I got on my nerves and make sure everything goes back into plan so that the goal "PERFECT" is achieved.

Being a perfectionist ..... - open end -

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Paranoid-ism breaks loose
Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Mystery unlock!
Sunday, October 28, 2007
I visited a dentist today because Oral-B is giving out free consultation in their participant clinics.

I told the dentist about my muscle spasm and the dull pain I have for the past few months. Immediately I was asked to do an x-ray. The result was astonishing. I got a wisdom tooth kicking the tooth next to it. In other words, my wisdom tooth got no space to come out which might be the cause of all pain in my mouth. I'm given two options: 1) undergo a dental surgery or 2) monitor the pain because the pain might just go off and I don't have to do surgery. But most likely it is the first option because the pain in my mouth has been so many months .. it's like more than 6 months. How long am I going to wait?

I did a similar surgery 8 years ago on my right side. The dentist had told me before I would have to undergo a few more dental surgery because my jaw has no space for all my molar tooth to grow.


My sister is very vain with beauty. Just because the dentist didn't really polish her molar teeth area ... she went back into the cubicle and demanded the dentist to clean it again. I was laughing ... My sister joke "I want to see him for the last time" because the dentist is quite good looking. Haha...

Too bad my spinster aunt missed the chance of seeing a leng chai. Who ask her don't want to join us for the free consultation? She just got a glimpse...

Haha... I would be seeing him again in December. >.<

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Part[y]ing Gift
Thursday, October 25, 2007
I'm not too sure if my title of this entry is a mockery or a joke or just to exemplify my cleverness in playing with words.

I'm now in charge of buying a farewell gift to the guy who is leaving my office and readers of this blog must have known who. My workmates and I decided to buy a book for him because we don't know what he likes. I know he dislikes cockroaches, teddy bears and anything that is cute. [What about babies/kids? They are cute too.] But you know buying a book proves to be very difficult because I don't know what books he will like. He only reads hard core history and political books written by Noam Chomsky and the like. That also means he must have read a lot of political books that are in the market which further limits my books choices.

I did a research by asking him 2 questions. One is name me 5 books you have read and another 5 you want to read. His list?

1. The Rise of Modern China
2. Music of Nature - no idea how relevant to politics and psychology
3. 10 Great Educators of Modern Japan
4. The Making of China and Chinese Overseas
5. Modern History of Russia, from Nicholas II to Putin

1. Making Overseas Chinese Legend
2. Japan Foreign Policy, 1945-2003 ... Proactive Policy
3. Creating Entrepreneurial University ...
4. Dreaming in the Universe
5. Perpetual Happiness - Ming Emperor Yongle

After reading the list ... I feel like "hey I should buy him a comic book." A few political books title were running a few lapse in my head and I even thought of going to Kinokuniya to check out but not after he ended the conversation "anything else to ask me? then that's it."

I realised I don't like people telling me that sentence "anything else to ask me." It's annoying and rude. We are not in an interview session though I lied telling him I'm doing a survey on people's reading habit. But is there a necessity to end the conversation like that? I don't like friends telling me that when I just call or message them just to say hi [unless guys that always annoy me like my stalkers...]

I realised again I should buy whatever book I see fit for his farewell gift instead of being so kind hearted asking him and ensuring that the book I will be buying won't either in his bought or read list.

I realised I should just buy him a book called "Why a psychologist needs to see a psychiatrist" or "Why psychologists need to stay in a mental asylum as a patient."

I realised one day he might stumble across this blog and since this is my blog my ranting place I don't think it's necessary to change his nick to some nicer names.

I think I know what book to buy for him. The name of the book would be "Go to Hell" by renaye. Woohoo~ Is there a publisher wants to buy this copyright? The perfect gift for the perfect boyfriend for some girls out there.

I would be buying a book belongs to a genre that he has never touched before "Kama Sutra for the guys and guys."

I would enlighten you guys when I come back from the bookshop tomorrow.

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Blue Blue Sky
Wednesday, October 24, 2007
The receptionist returned to work today after her leave yesterday. And she wasn't happy to see the senior officer had switched the unused flat screen computer with his junk with the excuse "My computer is too slow for me to use." The jerk has done all he could to make the junk faster but to no avail and I also don't know why he was docile in changing it. Everyone else was just speechless because whatever we do with the computer - installing antivirus, antispyware, programs, etc - needs permission from our manager. But Uncle [we called the senior officer that because he's the oldest] didn't request for permission even though the flat screen was not in used when my friend left. Uncle told us to keep quiet and we told him to bribe us with free lunch on Fridays. Haha.

The receptionist was quite furious to know that Uncle even took the scanner along with the flat screen when it is for communal use. She turned the junk on to investigate the slowness and we found out a lot of hmmm Not Safe For Work documents - porn pictures. We were all ooh ahh and glued to the screen. And then Uncle somehow cut and paste everything from his email messages to word doc and save it. No wonder his junk is slow - overloaded with documents. There were many many obsolete documents in his junk which further fed our curiosity. I advised her to delete those files before the manager found out. If she found out then she might impose a firewall on all of us because of him. That then won't be fair to us.

As she was deleting the Temporary Internet Files... my head was playing one of Ronan Keating' songs. And then she was telling everyone behind me about some movies and then there went my selective hearing...

She: Hey there's movies here too ... gee ...
Me: What??? Uncle acted in them is it?

Everyone laughed and I got no idea what movie she was talking. And then later I was told she meant blue film. Haha... The jerk and another friend commented I was saying it so innocently and naturally. Haha... It's my natural talent.

And now the junk is fast ... and we can't wait for the manager to come to see the changes in our office. I guess we are all waiting for a free show.

We are evil, amen.

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Stupid guys
Monday, October 22, 2007
I'm not trying to discriminate male but I think some guys out there are really stupid and unreliable. Why??? Yea because one guy made me mad at 12 a.m. I was playing game while watching tv as usual and my ex-schoolmate and ex-admirer of mine greeted me via MSN Messenger. I of course replied him with sarcasm because he told me once before that he only says hi to me when he is bored in his hotel room. Hey .. do you think I'm a fluorescent light that you switch on whenever you like? And then for the second or third time he asked me "So have you got yourself a bf?". As usual I feed him "Of course ... so many .. which one you want to know?" He replied "The one you can kiss and hold hands with." My mind went on a rampage. If he were in front of me...I would run over him like a bull elephant.

Actually what really made me was the incident on last Saturday: my god-damn stalker called me at 9.59 a.m. just to ask me if I have been 'taken' by any guys. I made the same crude joke like I did to my senpai... his replied was the same. You called me so bloody earlier just to check on me whether I have been taken? Who the heck are you? Even my mum never asked me if I'm seeing anyone at the moment. Even if yes, I told her to shut up for good. And then I realised I was being too nice to this stalker and decided to end it once for all by telling him IT'S NONE OF UR BIZNES OF MY PRIVATE LIFE... Why the hell he found back my number in the first place? OMG. And then he keeps on saying I need a guy to take care of me? Oh really??? When I asked you for help with my sales ... you turned back on me. What? Just because I'm not 'yours' yet? Who cares? Who cares to have you as a boyfriend when you can't even help a friend?

This is really killing me. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I don't need to work hard to find money because simply I'm indispensable - yea 'cause girls are just an accessory to guys right? What? You mean it's wrong to be rich individually? A girl has to combine her wealth with her husband? Or correctly her husband's wealth is her wealth? Who the hell enacted that thinking as a law? Oh yea ... this reminded me of someone who often reads my blog... who always says "I (renaye) don't need money.. I don't think you need money?" If I don't need money ... who the hell is going to pay my health insurance?

I'm very bad tempered when comes to the topic of "Why renaye got no bf". That's because I don't want to have a boyfriend because many guys I met are dumb and dorks and worse still IDIOTS. Do you want a bf that tells you you cannot mix with other guys because I have strong jealousy to contain?

Damn ... where's my invisible potion??!!

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