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Speak to My Finger
Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Wednesday, September 3, 2008
I wanted to explain what is haiku but my brain has ran out of juice at the moment so I will do it the next time. But somehow I attempted to write my version. And yes I know it doesn't follow the traditional version but oh well didn't I say it's an attempt?

Version 1

the living room echoes
how i wish the reply
was okaeri

Version 2

Summer morning
silent warm breeze -
ice cream at hand

I will remember to write on part 3 and the explanation. Of now, SLEEP.

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Buzz Buzz
Tuesday, September 2, 2008
My ears went buzz ... buzz for the past few days. That explained why I have been hiding at home to reduce sound exposure to my ears. Why went buzzing? That's because I have increased the hours usage of listening to my mp3 player via earphones. The nerves in my ear have been wringing in pain and I ignore it. And a few days later ... it went buzzing in my ears. Temporary hearing loss?? No way!! But this is the fact I have to accept: my eardrums are taking a shorter time to go deaf... No more the days of having the eardrums vibrating at the slower rate when we get older... I'm getting it at a young age i guess...

And ... earphones might have bacteria too.... need to clean it once in a while...

I'm gibbering about the disadvantages of headphones? Read it yourself at BBC News

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Wishlist -FINAL-
Saturday, August 30, 2008
I think I managed to finalise my brain on what I want for my birthday this year.

1. Gakuen Alice manga
2. Death Note manga
3. Naruto bedsheet and collectibles
4. Namecard holder
5. Korean instant noodles
6. Japanese instant noodles
7. Famous Amos cookies
8. Story books
9. Movie ticket
10. Kungfu panda Shifu plushie
11. Bedsheet for single bed received
12. A set of fork and spoon and also chopstick
13. Socks from Topshop
14. A box of mooncakes
15. Ice cream
16. Investors

Hmm.. I think the last one would be a birthday cake since I have not got one for myself for a long, long time...

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What is Violence? Part 2
Thursday, August 28, 2008
Power derived by subjugating others is merely a fancy because it requires others and is dependent on them. On the other hand, power created from within is genuine because it is independent and free. In other words, power is not real so long as it comes from human weakness or depends on the external.

Despite their aggressive appearance, violent people are passive at the core of their existence because violence is essentially an easy escape from an overwhelming sense of inner powerlessness and isolation, from the responsibility and effort required to make personal change. It is easier to hurt someone else than get real about oneself. A person who resorts to violence as an escape from his or her inner challenge is not the originator of self-willed action and is passive in his or her mental reality. The sense of power felt by violent people, therefore, is actually a sign of their weakness and passivity.

to be continued....

Part 1

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Renaye's been TAGGED!
Tuesday, August 26, 2008
I got tagged by my future dentist, Dr. Bernard, and I seriously need to write something you guys don't know about me... Please bear in mind that this information is very important and please don't let it fall into the hands of my stalkers... Don't even try to sell this info for money!!!

Rules :
1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2. People who get tagged need to write a post of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
4. No tag backs!!

1. Where is MY seal seal?

Yes, you heard me: Where's my seal seal? Seal seal is my toy which is 1/4 of my size. I used to sleep with it every night for years until I went to college in New Zealand. Now seal seal has retired in my upper cupboard. Farewell but not gone. I'm now having two pillows replacing seal seal.

2. Lend me your ears, LENGCHAI [handsome] doctor

I visit doctor almost every month since I came back from New Zealand because I'm not used to the air quality here. And recently one of my doctors been sending me hair-standing sms because he wants to know more girls through the girls he already knew. But, remember, I'm his patient. And damn... he doesn't want to invest unit trust with me after all those talking to him on the phone.


Oops. I think I ate too much ketchup. I don't say 'Hi' or 'Hello' to people since high school because I find it boring... not artistic at all so I started the MEOW movement. Yea.. you say MEOW instead of HI.

4. Cinderella Ending

Puhleezee.... I never like happy ending. I like sad and tragic endings. But recently I changed my taste because I want to be a happy person and able to live longer.

5. Silence is not golden

My primary friend once told me on a christmas eve that I'm the most talkative person she has ever met. Haha. Seriously. I like to be quiet and listen to myself. That's why I'm in a cafe or whereever alone enjoying my drink...

6. I LOVE ...

Naruto manga. This is the only manga that successfully penetrates my wall of emotion. Serious. I can cry my eyeballs out if my favourite character die. This emotion can even last for days... and could affect my job performance too. It once did though when I became tear at work just because Orochimaru killed someone ...

7. Judge the cover!

Yes I judge books by its cover. If the book cover is interesting, I will SAY it would be interesting. Ah ... trust my taste, people. I unearthed one of the best books on earth. It is called the Night Series written by Lisa Jane Smith... Her books now can fetch USD 60 per book. What is te original price? USD 4.

8. I see what you don't see

Damn it. I can predict lottery number but only those numbers don't come out on that day ... they come out a few days later.

9. Meow Meow Meow

I love cats. And I'm on a quest of collecting cat items. Hoping I would make into the guiness book of records of having the most cat items in the world.

10. Ooh .. I think I think I saw Lengchai

Yea right. I have a few slaves at my disposal. HAHA.

11. If I were to reborn...

Hmm.. If I want to be reborn .. can I reborn to be a pet cat to an extreme rich owner?

12. Don't itch me...

Because I master the art of CINCANG [slicing] using biodegradable plastic ware.

13. My first love ...

Orochimaru from Naruto! That's because he's the only popular villain available at the time he's still alive... And also Kakashi. I used to stick a picture of Kakashi above my bed so I would see him the first thing when I opened my eyes. But somehow I screamed out loud once because I thought I saw a ghost above me...

14. I'm afraid of ...

Not achieving the things I want to do before I die. I have friends who snickered at me just because they are now richer than me and kept on asking me "So what if you get to do this and that when you don't even have money like me?" True. Frankly speaking, I'm now at nowhere. But money certainly CANNOT buy back life, the experiences of doing things. Didn't some people always say if I have a chance to live for a few more hours ... I want to do this and that AGAIN? So what have you been doing when you have lots of money?

And says who I don't want to get lots of money?

15. I have a visitor ...

I have a visitor on my 19th birthday. It was a lonely birthday day and it was the first time my birthday had been forgotten. Sad, I was. Who isn't? So that night I slept early and wished that if only I would have a surprise visit. And yes I had. A guy stood over me while I was asleep. Of course. It's a shadow created by my sub-conscious.

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5. eroosteron
6. kevin14
7. liljennie
8. muffinman
9. Zacque
10. elitevillain

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Ideal Decor
Sunday, August 24, 2008
I spent around 5 hours just to get the ideal wallpaper for my laptop. I have found a few but I forgot that my laptop's screen is 14 inch. So most of the wallpaper I found is not suitable because the stretch effect 'mutilated' the beautiful characters and scenery. And damn ... I should not have changed my wallpaper because my previous wallpaper was so nice in terms of it was not obvious that the wallpaper is stretched; it looked perfectly normal on my screen. I'm still looking for the ideal wallpaper despite deciding to settle on a Bleach Rukia wallpaper.

I'm absolutely finicky about getting the right wallpaper. It has to be anime-related; it has to be dark colours like black and blue; the characters have to be on the right-side of the screen because my computer icons are on the left; and the resolution has to be quite big so it will fit my screen perfectly.

I slept at 2 am just to get the 'perfect' wallpaper... Sigh. I'm still looking for the ideal one.

Yea... What is Violence? Part 2 will be back soon.

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