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1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Party is STILL over
Wednesday, September 24, 2008
I will update the blog with more news when I'm better; my sore throat has worsened: proceeded to flu and painful cough with phlegm. I wanted to take sick leave but government clinic doesn't really give out MC ... only half day... And I can't even breathe now. But tomorrow will be a better day since I might be able to buy a book on haiku collection of Basho.... Ah. My latest bible.

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Party's over
Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Thank god. I managed to feast on ice cream and a cake yesterday before I'm officially sick today. Somehow I got sore throat in 30 minutes.... and I can't even scream. My meowing is very ... raspy; something like Amy Winehouse's voice. Hehe. Not crispy; I'm still alive. Anyway ... I'm going to get flu soon.

No lemon... no Anthistamine.... argh!!! I want to enjoy my weekend and no thank you!!! I don't want anymore sick leaves!!!!

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Ice cream
Monday, September 22, 2008
It's very abnormal for me to spend money on miscellanous things but today I just feel like spending. So i spent on a marshmallow cake and baskin robins ice cream. The ice cream was yum and it is unbelievable that I have not been to Baskin Robins for almost one year. So taking this scenario into account... I just decided to get a good dessert before dinner. And hehehe .. dinner was good too. My mother cooked Miso Dory Fish Soup noodle.

And now I'm coughing....

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Can't smile without you
Sunday, September 21, 2008
You are smiling
I am smiling
A new day awaiting us ...

Edit: I had a nightmare just now. I was thinking of improvising the above haiku then I fall asleep on my bed... And because of thinking the haiku over and over again ... I dreamed of the end of the world: first was the indication of the stream flowing nearer and nearer to my house ... and then later the water seeped into the window and I could not block it!!! And then later ... I was in a wide ground looking at some experiment (of some buses flying around in the sea..) and the result was ... the world is coming to an end... And no idea why I was on a site of several doctors and humanitarian aid workers. The news was ... the site I was standing is some ancient fish that decided to awaken from its slumber and migrate somewhere! What is worse is there's residence on the fish back!!!

Crazy dream. But dreaming the end of the world is not good.

Alternative haiku to the above is:

You are smiling
I am smiling
Breakfast is ready.

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Happy Belated Birthday
Saturday, September 20, 2008
Thank you so much to Dr. Bernardfor buying me movie tickets today. We watched Mamma Mia today and it was just a so-so movie except for the great ABBA songs. The storyline or plot or the acting is nothing spectacular except for the singing and... the ex-James Bond can't really sing but still listenable but forgettable?

And before meeting up with Dr. Bernard this morning, a taxi driver drove into my right knee and luckily I was able to move away fast before being run down by the stupid driver. He didn't even apologize. Luckily I was still in one piece for my date.

After the movie... we walked around the Gardens and we ended up eating doughnuts in Big Apple while enjoying San Francisco's buy one free one extreme mocha. It was yum. We spent the whole afternoon from 3-ish to 5-ish chatting. I think we got on like house on fire ... like we have known each other for years except this is our first meeting in reality. Isn't it Dr. Bernard?

We went to Jaya Jusco later to get some instant noodles. Haha... we got some free food and drinks too. So I managed to get myself Korean instant noodle as part of my completing my birthday wishlist. I was kinda disappointed for not being able to get mooncakes... all the mooncakes in MidValley have disappeared! And is replaced by Malay confectionery counters. This year is a history: mooncake marketing counters just disappeared less than a week after the mooncake festival was celebrated.

I had a great today... it has been some time I did leisure shopping. On a side note, guys jeans are much more comfortable to wear compared to ladies hipster jeans.

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Happy Birthday!
Thursday, September 18, 2008
Haha. I actually spent most of my birthday time waiting to be treated. You see, I was on sick leave today. I have been having gastric since Sunday night and last night was my last straw: a dull pain in my upper stomach during dinner. I followed my mother to visit a doctor in a governmental clinic. I was actually furious with the system because there are so many counters you have to approach. If you are dizzy ... and really in pain ... you are going to be out of breath. I have visited 5 counters just to get my documents done and what a waste of papers... And I don't even know what papers am I holding now ... But luckily the doctor is a very nice lady so my madness was kinda put off temporarily. I'm now on medication everyday for 4 months. And the medicine tasted like strawberry. But I still have to go for a blood test and breathe inhale test tomorrow morning.

Thank you for tonight's dinner treated by Jordy. It was Vietnamese food and I actually like the soup.

Gastric again just now ... But need to fast now.

Thank you for all the wishes via text messages. I apologize for not replying because my cell has dried of battery and I left the charger in office.

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