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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
Love song~**
Wednesday, February 11, 2009
To be frank, I never like Ai Otsuka after listening to one of her hits where she spins and spins 360 degrees in the PV and I almost puke. That was the first and last time I watched her pv. But her song "Chu" is quite cute. That was my her first song I accidentally heard online.

Pocket by Ai is the second song I listen - stumbled across on someone's blog about this song. I listened to this song and thought it as quite boring because the tune is quite bland but not until I read the how much that blogger likes the lyric. And so I searched for the lyric translation and ... I really like the lyric because I can feel how touching it is! You can read a translated interview here about this song.

Hope you guys like it! It's the second song for the Valentine series!

anata no POKKE ni ojamashite
futari wo tsunagu te no himitsu wo
dare ni mo shirarenai you ni
sotto ai wo fukamete kita

kawaru koto shiranai
atashi no kimochi ha
kono saki nan nen tatta toshite mo
anata wo itoshiku omotte
sotto ai wo fukameru wa

anata no omo ni to ka ja nakute
are yasui anata no te wo
atatamete ageyou
itsumo soba ni iru kara

anata no POKKE ni ojamashite
se no takai anata no naname kao
miageru to massugu mae wo mite
tama ni terete warau

ganbatte tsukuru atashi no ryouri
subete tairagete kureru
yasashii anata no
kokorodzukai ni
tama ni terete warau

anata no futan to ka ja nakute
kore kara atarashiku mata
futari de aruite yukou
futari de suteki ni narou

sekai de ichiban
suki de makeru ki ga shinai yo
kono POKKE no naka
itsumo soba ni iru kara...

English translation:

Sneaking my hand into your pocket,
Our fingers intertwined in secret
As if we were hiding it from the light of the world.
Softly then, I fell deeper into love.
Of things changed I do not know, but my feelings are
That throughout the next however many years
My thoughts will only be of loving you.
Gently then, I fell deeper into love with you.

Giving warmth to your delicate hands,
I rest reassured that I am causing no burden
In staying always by your side.

Slipping my hand into your pocket,
My eyes follow your tall frame, looking up
At your face that leans towards mine.
At times, I still giggle shyly to myself.
I know too that you always make sure
To finish those dishes that I try so very hard to make.
Time and again, your gentle thoughtfulness
Has me chuckling to myself, embarrassed.

Resting in the comfort that I am not a responsibility,
Let us walk together anew again from here.
Hand in hand, we will shape ourselves a dream.

With my hand in your pocket, I am warmed in
Knowing that I can never lose this love ?a love above all love.
Always, I will be at your side.
Always, I will remain by you.

by crystallise

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Love song~
Tuesday, February 10, 2009
I have wanted to post this song more than one month ago but Jolenesiah said I'm crazy to dedicate a song for Valentine day in mid January 2009. I have listened to this song more than 100 times since December 2008.

I would like to introduce to you all a song called More than Love by moumoon, a quite new Japanese duo group. I just love the tune and the lyrics. Surprisingly it's quite easy to sing along. I hope you guys like it too. Do you feel the love in the air ....?

That's why you make me feel so free and peaceful
subete ga umare kawatteku
anata kara dore dake wo eta deshou
naku no wo koraezu ni irareru basho
deaete yokatta

arigatou, kono kokoro
hitori bocchi to omotte ita
sono mune ni dakareta toki
onaji oto ga kikoeta
sono zenbu ga itoshii kara
yowai tokoro mo misete

riyuu wa nai I see truth in your eyes
datte konna ni tsutawaru no
Evervtime you kiss on my lips
koyubi kara amaku shibirete
kusuri ja naosenai itami sae mo iyashite kureta

arigatou, ureshii yo
towa ni kitto kawarazu ni
waratte tonari ni ite yo
kodoku wa iranai yo, mou
chiisana shiawase wo
kowasanu you miushinawanai you ni

anata ijou wa iranai saigo no koi ni naru kara

Cause I love you Every part ot you
towa ni kitto kawarazu ni
mamotte tonari ni ite yo
kodoku ni sasenai yo, sou
All I know is you're the only one
ai yori mo nanika motto tsuyoi mono nanto yobu no
sagashiteta this is more than love
futari no TAKARAMONO
kowasanu you daiji ni shite
Don't know how to say but this is more
than love... um

English translation:

Thatís why you make me feel so free and peaceful
Everythingís changing and being born again
Youíve given me so much
A place to stay when I canít hold back my tears
Iím thankful that we met

Thank you, my heart
Always thought it was alone
When you held me in your arms
I heard the same heartbeat
Everything about you is precious to me
So show me your weaknesses too

There are no reasons, I see truth in your eyes
I know how much you love me
Everytime you kiss on my lips
My body sweetly freezes starting from my toes
You even healed my pain that no medicine could cure

Thank you, Iím happy
Donít let things ever change
Smile and stay by my side
I donít need to be lonely anymore
May the small happiness weíve found
Never break, may we never lose sight of it

I donít need anyone else but you because you are my only love

A place to stay when I canít hold back my tears
Iím thankful that we met

Cause I love you, Every part of you
Donít let things ever change
Protect me and stay by my side
Donít leave me alone, yeah
All I know is youíre the only one
I had searched for something without a name
Something stronger than love, This is more than love
Weíll cherish our treasure
And make sure itís never broken
Donít know how to say but this is more
than love... um

Lyrics taken from jpop asia site.

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Valentine subject
Saturday, February 7, 2009
This is absolutely not related to Valentine subject which I wanted to post earlier but somehow I thought it would be interesting to share a piece of my mind about love subject since Valentine day is just around the corner, and since Valentine always symbolises LOVE between girl and boy.

A friend of mine angered me many years ago when we were still students. She was older than me and she was a masters student who I get along well. Among all the Malaysian students on my campus, she is the second person I mixed the most. We discussed things freely and usually we do so with other Malaysian students but I particularly remember one topic, which was about partners. Because she was the second oldest in my batch, we know she has a boyfriend [who is now her husband] and she asked us if we have boyfriends/ girlfriends and so on.

We were in her room when we had this discussion but I don't particularly remember who was in the room as me other than she, he, she and unidenditified person. She showed a picture of her bf and we all went Ooh. And she spilled out more about how they met and he was her first and last love and bla bla. Maybe she knew why we went ooh instead of ahh, she defended him saying 'Usually guys like him get pretty/ cute girlfriends.' Because the people in the room know I don't wish to have a partner, she suddenly said to me "I would like to see your boyfriend one day."

Stunned. I asked why.

"Because I have been noticing that many lengchai [good looking guys in Cantonese] have not so beautiful girlfriends."

And I think some of the people in the room added that they have seen kakkuii [gorgeous in Japanese] with plump sized girls and such. And I have witnessed that myself too many a time.

I thought it was weird. "So? You know I won't have boyfriend or partner. So I don't think you would ever get to see. Even if I have one, he has to be LENGCHAI."

She just laughed to herself. I thanked her for saying me cute but not about getting a not lengchai guy as bf. I was offended.

What do you mean by pretty girls can't get good looking husband? It's not the law of nature. We are not discussing some Darwinian theory.

Ugh. Never mind. I have a printed photo of Itachi [ a deceased character from Naruto manga] next to my pillow. I'm going to apply the Law of Attraction.


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Cold War
Thursday, February 5, 2009
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Devilish Angel
Tuesday, February 3, 2009
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Meow the blues
Sunday, February 1, 2009
I finally put up a chatbox after many readers have been telling me that they could not leave comments here. I have been trying to fix the problem but I don't know what is the problem. I have been removing some codes and still they are problems. I think I know what is the problem but I can't find the code in my site. So I'm now on a hunt for that. But I'm piss that I could not put an advertisement that I have previously put on. Damn.

Have fun. Because I'm getting another late supper.

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