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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
English mahjong
Monday, October 19, 2009
I finally signed up for the scrabble challenge in one of the local Starbucks brances in Kuala Lumpur. Life is just too short to be ordinary. I don't really care if I'm going to win or not. I just want the exposure. The taste of adrenaline. I want to feel that I'm enjoying life.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009
My interview went pretty well except for the daggering stares I received from my boss's boss. This is stupid. I only found out recently that my direct boss is supposed to report to this big boss and my boss never did. So this big boss was throwing questions about the relationship between his department and the program I'm in charge throughout 15 minutes. And I went playing innocent with him. Thank god for having a superb nice interview er who was beside this big boss. I could not believe that this higher ranking interviewer in terms of status is a rank lower in this big boss's department. Thank god he is a joker so he made fun lightly of the big boss's department alleviating the tension between me and the big boss.

Thanks to my stupid boss for landing me in this landmine. But somehow I have to pat pat this big boss with nice words before I could see him smile again. But I was also thankful to other colleagues for dropping me some advise about the upcoming interview questions. And also thank to god for giving me the wisdom to troubleshoot what questions will pop up. I predicted two questions right and the big boss seemed to be happy with my spontaneous answers. Phew.

No thanks to that stupid boss of mine who almost made my interview an uneventful. Also thank god I'm trained to handle objections and to twist my sentences.

I think I did well overall. Phew.

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Youkata ne~
Tuesday, October 13, 2009
I was anxious to receive students assignments yesterday because I will finally get to know the one dying question I have been keeping at the back of my head since March 2009. Not knowing the students one bit, I have randomly placed the students in groups for their internship. At that point, I have been asking myself if my choice of placement will be a good chemistry for the students, knowing that the students would not know each student very well and they might not even like each other.

And today I was able to read the students feelings about their placement. One particular group has caught my attention. I never knew there was so much going on in this group. Each member has strong personality and some members didn't even like each other at the beginning. The way they wrote... they sounded they were totally at my mercy!! This member wrote how much he has prejudice his fellow member because of an incident involving his friend, and finding out he will be grouping up with this member. He was scared and didn't know how to face. But in the end he said he was glad to be where he was. If not, these group members would never hang out or even have lunch together. They would actually never even talk to each other... And somehow, I really felt it was fate that played a role in bringing them together without realising myself lending a hand to make this happened. Somehow I just felt thankful to God that I somehow have helped these students in a way.

I read another student's assignment though and I was glad that this student has gained something outside from her world particular in testing times like this. I won't dwell too much on this because I don't know who are the passers by of this blog, and I don't wish to offend anyone of any religion because there is too much misunderstanding in this world. I have teamed her up with other 3 girls from two other races, and I have placed them in a very interesting place. She described her placement as 'interesting'. I was glad I didn't move her to other groups. I was happy for her. I hope she gains a new experience from religion view of point.

I'm particularly interested in reading a group's essay because the members have problem with each other. I was not really at ease reading the disappointment of the student's about a team member, but I somehow know this group has learned something important: teamwork. I hope they could be better in the future!

I never meant to read another student's essay but I was just plain sad reading it. But I was glad I read it. I never knew there was a student troubled about his placement and he wrote that he never had the courage to talk to me about it. It made me ponder about my communication and rapport. Have I been a good communicator? Been trained in sales, I know how important rapport is. Though they are just students (and very very young), they still need support and rapport. I really hope I have portrayed myself as being easy to be approached. I hope I have been a good listener, and I hope I have really given my support to these students. It now made me wonder how and where should I improve on my communication skill.

I really hope in the end the students will understand the meaning of giving back to society. Though frankly, I don't really do volunteer work other than my volunteer place provides me 5 star hotel, I really want to give back to society particularly the environment. That was what spurred my desire to study environmental studies. Because I hope I could contribute to humanity in future.

And I really hope I could contribute to the growth and development of professional yet holistic *meow*. Speaking of which, my position has finally been confirmed and my interview will be held tomorrow.

Good luck.

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Dream coach
Sunday, October 11, 2009
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Which is Sweet
Wednesday, October 7, 2009
This is so adorable.

Which is sweeter?

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Prediction o prediction
Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Somewhere in Kajang, not very near to my home, located a person that could predict your lucky number for a very affordable price. What he does is just tell you your lucky numbers from January to December. Then you just need to buy the 4 digits he has given you at any lotto shop. And just wait for the results.

My boss's PA does that and she was telling me how accurate this guy is. I just stared at the yellow paper. She reported that she has won around RM500 and above after buying those predicted numbers.

Ooh. I was attracted but looking at the paper I knew this guy did some chanting before predicting the lucky numbers. Though I'm absolutely open minded with this kind of New Age stuff but paying this guy to get my lucky numbers is not what I'm going to because 1) it's no fun to buy a number which you know will come out and I prefer to play my awful analysing game which is quite accurate too and 2) I draw the line of openness about my religion. My religion gives lot of freedom to individuals but getting lucky numbers after someone praying is just ... against the teaching of my religion since we are taught that it is a slander not to believe in yourself.

Anyway, guess how much is this guy's service?

It's just RM 20, equivalent to USD 6.30. HAHA.

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