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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Evening nightmare
Sunday, February 27, 2011
I always nap whenever I go home from work in the bus. The Indian driver usually plays Hindi songs or English songs, but last week I don't know what possessed him to play a horror film called CHUCKY. I wanted to nap so badly, but he played the movie making me wide awake. And the worse thing was I sat right in front of the tv. I could hear the conversations so clearly that I just could not sleep.

I thought Chucky is a horrifying movie, but it cleared my misunderstanding of the movie because I thought the movie is about some supernatural stuff, but it is not. Phew. Good on me. Now I'm fine with watching Chucky part 2, if the bus driver wants to play it.

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Walk and sleep
Tuesday, February 15, 2011
My mum told me before that I have walk in my sleep when I was younger. I have taken the blanket and walked in circles in the living room and then returned to sleep. And I have no recollection of it.

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Monday. 2.14.11 1:19 am
I'm now banned from a high retail boutique because I screwed their mystery shopping assignment. I was supposed to check out their clothes, but I checked out the accessories instead. Though I checked out the clothes and asked the questions like the assignment asked me to, the company still didn't approve of my report.

I really feel like shooting at this company. First they pay mystery shoppers peanuts. Second they ask for the moon with extraordinarily number of requirements they want the mystery shoppers to check on. It's crazy. I deserved toe be paid at elects USD 20 and above.

And now I screwed up the assignment, I don't get paid at all and get banned. Right. Let them beg me to do the assignment again since they have not enough of shoppers to do their assignments.

I think I just need to take a break from mystery shopping. But I want USD for my pay pal!

I dread to think this retail banned me for good. And how can I screw up this assignment? Now I have wasted some money on transportation to do this check.

Well, I need to be extremely careful. Does anyone need a mystery shopper?

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Wanted: Honesty
Saturday, February 12, 2011
On the same day of the previous entry, I met my ex-collegemate during reception of the seminar. She is of small size, bespectacled and short ponytail. Well, to guys, she is also very cute-looking. I was very happy to see her in the sea of strangers. I'm sure you can understand the feeling where everyone around you is greeting other people but you are the only wallflower at a corner.

Well, I'm not sure if she is happy to see me too, but we talked the usual things.

Me: You came here alone?
She: No, with colleagues.
Me: Cool. You registered online?
She: No. My company was invited.
Me: Wah... nice.
She: Oh... r u visiting XX's house with other collegemates?
Me: Hmm? What?
She: Yea, r u going to XX's house for CNY?
Me: When?

(Her expression changed)

She: I don't know ...
Me: You don't know? Are they going this Sunday?
She: Hmm ... I don't know ...
Me: Oh ... Ok. See you later.

It was an awkward conversation. And to be frank, I appreciate if she were honest with me when the other collegemates are going, because she knows when they are going. My ex-collegemates left me out in every event they organise. So are you kidding me?

Well, she think she can kid renaye. I just sms-ed XX and she informed me which other collegemates: Y and Z are coming. Simple as that.

I'm not sure if I'm just being too sensitive but I detected from Y that she is not keen to entertain my sms. The way she answered my sms was cold and not informative. I was just asking do you know how to go XX's house? She just replied NO IDEA. How can you not have any idea going to XX's house?!

Well, if one of my ex-collegemates happened to ask me about some gathering one of them is organising, I will be shooting them this: Why ask me when I'm not invited at all?

Maybe I should have just told that cute-looking collegemate in the seminar: You know I'm never invited to this kind of gathering. So if you think I won't be hurt by not knowing the details of the gathering, you are hurting me with your dishonesty.

My group of friends were smiling at me at the entrance of the seminar, and thanks to them, I was brought back to happiness.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011
It's unbelievable.

I almost went into the gents, again, in a large convention centre after a short seminar. If not for the white guy who was coming out of the door, I would have already entered the gents.

Next time, I need someone to escort me to the ladies.

I was quite embarrassed and the white guy was shocked to see me at the door.


I should really learn how to read the toilet door signs.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Somebody wrote this on my friend's blog:

"My career plan sounds more exciting when I was five"

That is so true.

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