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Pleasantly Surprised
Thursday. 2.7.08 11:36 pm
Of course, the one time that I bet (not with money, only with pride) on the outcome, it changes. And, of course, afterwards it changes back.

Ah, well. I had a pleasant 15 minute conversation, and by my sweaty socks, I will be happy with it.

Don't ask why I cared about the conversation that much, because I don't think there's a particularly good reason. I'm just compulsive.

To make my point, the pizza cutter that I filched from the kitchen downstairs is sitting on the computer desk in front of me. I was going to use it in a picture, but now I've forgotten. Maybe I'll remember in the middle of the night. That'd be cool.

There has been a Spanish quiz every day this week, and another tomorrow. Maybe I'll be better prepared than I was this morning. :O

I love the guys at Black20.com. They're my heroes. And YES, I did swear by my sweaty socks earlier. Compulsive, yet again.

As of right now, Garth Nix is my favorite writer. Not only does he have a cool name, but he's pretty adept at making up fantasy style worlds that actually make sense. He's a magic/fiction thing writer. Wrote Shade's Children and the Sabriel series. All very good.

My eyes hurt. I'm going to finish this song, take them out, hit the sack, and then go to bed.

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Nostalgia at 16 years.
Monday. 2.4.08 11:05 pm
I just watched a few odd episodes of season one of Digimon. And now I miss it terribly. I would pay a lot of money for the first two seasons on DVD, possibly the third also.

That was my favorite show, hands down. But we've never been a big TV family, so I kind of lost touch with it.

I mean, Invader Zim is awesome, but it doesn't have the personal aspect that Digimon has. Oh, man.

I haven't wanted anything material for a long time. And now I want something rather badly. Crap.

Digimon absolutely beats the crap out of Pokemon, too. Pokemon is just a kid trying to...train is pokemon or something. Digimon is a story of:
1) Saving the world
2) Lots of friendship and love themes. Healthy stuff.
3) Innocent little hug buddies transforming into monstrous, but friendly, death machines just seals the deal. Seriously.
4) Like Pokemon before season n, there are lots of monster forms and such, but still at a manageable level. Knowing each one is half the fun.

Deep down, I think we all want our own digimon.


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I resent that!
Sunday. 2.3.08 10:56 pm
All the commercials that played tonight that I appreciated/could track down. Enjoy!

Diet Pepsi Max Super Bowl Ad: Ginseng & Caffeine; Wake Up People

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Gatorade G2

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Taco Bell

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You Don't Mess with the Zohan

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Coca Cola

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eTrade Talking Baby Super Bowl Commercial: Baby Buys Stock

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Disney Wall-E Movie Super Bowl Commercial Trailer: Vacuum Love

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Bridgestone Tires Superbowl Ad: Alice Cooper & Richard Simmons

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Glaceau Vitamin Water Superbowl Commercial: Shaq as Jockey

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Cars.com Super Bowl Ad: Witch Doctor To Shrink Heads as Plan B

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And for Muffy!

Any other suggestions?

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Set The World On Fire
Sunday. 2.3.08 12:28 am
That's the song I was just listening to. :D

I just saw The Eye. I probably would have enjoyed it more if it hadn't instilled laughter in the entire theater, but it was still good.

I'm probably going to have vivid and violent nightmares tonight.

wiseguysupreme4 (12:00:47 AM): I just saw The Eye.
romanticocabrita (12:01:08 AM): EEEWWIIIIEEE...
wiseguysupreme4 (12:01:14 AM): ...?
romanticocabrita (12:01:21 AM): Freaks me out
wiseguysupreme4 (12:01:28 AM): Did you see it?
romanticocabrita (12:01:55 AM): Nope.
wiseguysupreme4 (12:22:10 AM): Oh.


wiseguysupreme4 (12:14:20 AM): Which is it?
BR0ADWAYxxB0UND (12:14:38 AM): the picture of you, and your black, and the backround is orange
wiseguysupreme4 (12:14:45 AM): OK, good.
BR0ADWAYxxB0UND (12:14:48 AM): hahaa
wiseguysupreme4 (12:14:49 AM): Yeah, I like this one.
BR0ADWAYxxB0UND (12:14:58 AM): it pones thats fo sho
wiseguysupreme4 (12:15:05 AM): it...pones?
BR0ADWAYxxB0UND (12:15:11 AM): si si!
BR0ADWAYxxB0UND (12:15:13 AM): it pones
BR0ADWAYxxB0UND (12:15:26 AM): or owns. for you americans =]
wiseguysupreme4 (12:15:27 AM): You mean it pwns.
BR0ADWAYxxB0UND (12:15:30 AM): no no
BR0ADWAYxxB0UND (12:15:32 AM): pones
BR0ADWAYxxB0UND (12:15:46 AM): thats how it is spell in the wonderful world of Jonas
wiseguysupreme4 (12:16:07 AM): Um...
BR0ADWAYxxB0UND (12:16:23 AM): si si si si

Oh, Lyssa, you.

Picture in question:

Nightmare time!

UPDATED 13:06 February 03 2008, Sunday

Oh, and by the way:

From: Boyman
Sun, Feb 3, 1:25 am

To: Boyman

Sun, Feb 3, 1:27 am

To: Boyman
Remind me to laugh at you when I'm better equiped, i.e. not fast asleep
Sun, Feb 3, 1:29 am

To: Boyman
OK, I'm good. AHAHAHAHA! So I guess that's a no?
Sun, Feb 3, 10:14 am

I'm moving into "obnoxious blogger" territory, aren't I?

Well, I forgot to mention that last night at Panera Bread, we were talking about milking cows, and AJ asked if we'd ever touched a uterus (instead of "utter") before.

And that makes this update totally worth it.

We also fit 10 people into a 4 seat car. That was pretty neat. And steamy. Really steamy. Hahahaha

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