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The Little Prince
Friday. 11.27.09 11:30 pm
My breath kind of reminds me of bananas. What gives?

Thanksgiving was pretty fun, I suppose. All we did was have two of Mom's friends over for dinner. Not as bad as it sounds. Great dinner, too.

I haven't hung out with the guys in a while. I am beginning to miss them sorely.

Our school football team, which started out with a TERRIBLE record, just beat SPHS, the defending state champions from last year. 24-6 or something. I bet all the kids who were trash talking me at ATC (even though both the other schools have completely LAME swim teams, which is what I worry about,) are feeling really sheepish right now. Championship game should be good, assuming we make it to the finals.

I just ran through the entire archive of Dr. McNinja cartoons after reading The Little Prince after reading Eragon (in under 2 days) after reading The Elvenbane, etc. I miss reading. Dr. McNinja hardly counts as heavy reading, but it's something I did to wile the time away because I can't get my hands on the rest of the Inheritance cycle or the HalfBlood trilogy. So basically I'm pacing my room looking for books to read. Can you believe this? Because I can.

Makes me miss Mt. Gallant. I read at least 1000 books during my six years there. It was so simple back then...and there were some half-decent stories, too!

I don't like Keener as more than my bud. I do not know why people are assuming that. It's a silly assumption to make.

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Sunday. 11.22.09 11:23 pm
This weekend was kind of disappointing.

It occurred to me that I don't need people for me to dump my wild stories and epiphanies on. That's why I adopted my red notebook all those months ago...but it fell into disuse when I found that I had somebody to talk to.

That, of course, has largely changed. Sometimes I have thoughts that I want to share that are too menial to blog about but will fade away if I don't tell someone. And these days, there's rarely somebody to tell.

It's OK, though. My red notebook was a bit lonely.

It's sad how events can cause things as menial as my profile pictures to become just a LITTLE bit awkward. I mean, come on. I should be able to use one of my old pictures without thinking, "Ehhhhhh...."

Saturday was completely without action. I was waiting for Kyle to get off work at 9:30 so we could hang out for a while, but at the last minute his mom vetoed. So then the day felt like a double waste.

With all the setbacks my group has faced in Video Productions, I don't know how the teacher expects us to finish our video tomorrow. But she apparently does. Tomorrow will be stressful.

AAAGGGHHHH This is so frustrating it's not even funny.

Oh, I heard a miracle this week. That was special. It was both miraculous and good news, which is usually a good combination. :P

Let's see...what else...

Emotionally torn, check, stress, check, random awesomeness, check. That's it. I really just wanted to update this thing.

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Off Balance
Sunday. 11.15.09 9:30 pm
Is that a good way to put it? I dunno.


I discovered the Weegee meme, and it gives me great pleasure. Unfortunately, it IS just a meme and therefore can only do so much for me. But now I have a sweet catchphrase to say in awkward conversations. Only fellow net-connoisseurs will catch my meaning. And then it'll be a little inside-joke party.

Mom made a big deal about me leaving the Movie Night before 8:30 tonight for dinner, and when I got home at 8:35 I was told that they'd eaten dinner at 8.

I don't think it's possible to not be frustrated, being in my position with relationships. I don't know what to do with myself. AND BROSEF YOU ARE NOT HELPING.

I want to submit some of my haikus from last year that aren't dark and foreboding like my recent stuff seems to be, but I can't find my portfolio from last year. There was some good stuff.


I feel like a bear that stopped hibernating too soon. And not because I'm tired.


That would explain a lot.

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Sunday Morning
Sunday. 11.15.09 9:19 am
on your internets updating yer blogz.

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