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thanks fer the support
Tuesday. 1.17.06 4:18 pm
wow, i feel the love. that post is currently 2nd most read in nuTang, and i have more comments then ever, even a few from almost total strangers, offereing support and advice. im feeling much better about life in general, but it took alot of looking at myself and thinking. that post prolly wasn't even as much about Lyssa as it sounded like, sure i felt a bit depressed, but i think most of the anger and frustration was from my currnet outlook on life, and my crappy state of spirituality. (which im working on, and it really feels good to have heavenly help)

Anyhoo, this is a testament to how much better nuTang is that other web blogs. everyone cares, and they (are actually allowed to) show it. the only catch i can find are too many posts like this last paragraph

PS. im trying to make a decent pixel man. i can't figure out how, any hints? ive tried shrinking a full body picture, but the face looks funny

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Another Breakup
Monday. 1.9.06 9:38 pm
In 3 years. i must be on a roll.
The first time...actually, im not sure i know what happened the first time. it wasn't as bad as this though....
i thought she really cared for me. what do I know about real love, a noob 14 year old? Still. She gave me notes, candy, more attention than i could bear. I was too stupid, to above it all, to return the favor. she did try, but she got tired of trying rite when i got more into her. I Still Haven't even given her the christmas present...how totally lame am i?
but i put more effort into it. i tried talking to her more, but it always fizzled out. i senced an end, but i thought it'd be more direct. Today she gives me a note, and runs.
Now i feel like crap, even after it's all done. im trying to feel like crap, so nobody try undepressing me. i want to be more emotional, for next time.
God knows i could use it

Edit 1-10-2006
haha, i gave her the present.

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many new things
Sunday. 1.1.06 1:46 pm
yesterday, a new year was born. the day before, i turned 14. (and NOBODY said anything about it. *gasp*) 5 days before that, we (christians) celebrated Jesus's birth. many days of refreshing, new starts. at least, for me. just wanted that out there. happy holidaiz!

For a list of things i got, check my xanga, in my profile

new song. if somebody is offended, or it's just plain bad, ill take it off. it's experimental

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oh wow
Thursday. 12.22.05 10:25 pm
has anyone here aver lost a grandparent, parent, or even spouse? i found this totally by accident...was looking for something totally different. (*God's Work*) anyway, this really spoke to me, as i lost my father, and my friend might be losing a friend in his gramma as i type (*God* showed this to me for my friend) here's the link


comment if this hits u

*if my mentioning God disturbs you, MegaByte me. Im Christian, and proud*

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