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The Problem
Monday. 10.29.07 9:48 pm
Some people say that love makes the world go around. I'm not saying that it can't. But it doesn't. It may be pessimistic, but if you look around, then it's obvious that nothing is making the world go around. Love is just barely holding it together. Barely.

The perfect society, I think, would be one in which there is no right or wrong. Which is never going to happen, but think about it. Imagine someone wrongs you. Our reaction? Justice. We want retribution for those that trespass against us. Also, we figure that people will learn that doing bad things makes bad things happen back.

Huge flaw number one: two wrongs doesn't make a right. It doesn't matter how fair you think you are; you have no right to punish someone for their wrongdoings. Simply because you've done wrong too. In fact, nobody has the right to judge or punish anybody for-

Actually, I take that back. Here's an idea: in every wrong doing, there's a crime against God, but in some there's also crime against other people. Only the LATTER can be judged by people, and only if they're clean/already been punished or forgiven for their misdeed. Make sense? The crime against God can only be dealt with by Him. Whether punishment or forgiveness ensues is up to Him, as it would be here on Earth.

ANYWAY, huge flaw number two: there's no such thing as a perfect justice system. No matter what you do, there will be screw ups. People will get away with awful things, or get blamed for something they never did. And even if you get the guilty/not guilty thing right, you still have to choose a fitting punishment. Or, ideally, forgive. Which gives this huge flaw two sides. On one hand, SOMEONE will always act selfishly and wrong someone. On the other, forgiveness is quite possibly the hardest thing to comprehend for some people, and even harder to follow through with for almost everybody.

So, if people would stop being selfish, and people also forgave more easily, then the world would turn around, and love would make the motion.

Unfortunately, (here's your pessimism,) human nature doesn't work that way.

Any thoughts?

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The Fourth Day
Sunday. 10.28.07 11:54 am
I had another long weekend. And today's the last day. ACK!

Forge is a feature on Halo 3 that lets you edit the multiplayer levels. But here's the one-up on any other level editor. You can edit with more than one person, (i.e. multiplayer,) and the level is interactive while you're editing it. In other words, you can switch between the "343 Guilty Spark" character, which is used for moving stuff, deleting, and anything else you might do in editing, and your normal player.

This leads to an astounding amount of possibilities. The editing player can fly, and can pick up anything as long as it isn't part of the landscape. Big things. It can also rotate them and move them back and forth. Rather quickly.

Now imagine, if you will, a super soldier with a rocket launcher shooting at a small flying orb. I am the orb, and my brother is the Master Chief. Sean gets in a tank and starts shooting at me. I go around too fast for him to shoot me, and pick up the tank, forcing him out. I then proceed to use the tank as a shield while he shoots more rockets at me.

I threw the tank at him. Several times.

This amuses me beyond all reason.

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Wednesday. 10.24.07 6:41 pm
I am so fried right now. I can't even contemplate starting my homework. Which is going to hurt me later tonight.

No girlfriend: Yes, this gets its own little category thing. There is almost nobody I can talk to anymore.

No friends: I haven't gone to a party for so long. And I want to go to one. Or hang with my friends. I'd love to do both. There isn't even anybody on AIM.

No swim team: As much as I don't like to practice, I would kill for something to do right now.

Bad weather: It's nice and rainy outside, but it's too cold to get wet. Especially since I'm half sick anyway.

No inspiration: All my usual haunts on the internet are letting me down, and I don't have any freaky projects that usually distract me from more academic ventures.

I need

UPDATE: (an hour or two later) I just thought of a few video ideas. Which leads to another point: a lack of good actors. Not that I'M a good actor, but at least I know the effect I want. I hate it when nobody understands my art. :D

And Dilated, that's as good an excuse as any I've ever heard. Ahahaha.

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Monday. 10.22.07 6:07 pm
Who here has heard of Yuwie? It advertises as "The first social network that pays its users."

You guys catch that? Their whole pitch is about how you get paid for each referral. And they act as if it's a revolutionary new idea. The referral system itself sounds like it'd pay better than ours at Nutang, but I checked a few profiles, and there is NO activity. People are joining because they think that just sitting there is enough. I bet the people there don't interact at all! It's like a sick mirror of Nutang. And I bet Nutang was here first anyway. Dave's gotta see this.

On Saturday I went to Scarowinds with Kyle, Will, Kayla, Ryan, and Katherine. It was fantastic. Usually, Carowinds is a waste of money and not especially fun anyway. But when they open the Halloween park at night, well, it's better. There are several "mazes", each with a different theme. And real people. The guys who work there really get into spirit. Some of them wear knee pads, so they can get a running start and slide at you. It scares the living crap out of some people.

I'm proud to say I only flinched once the whole night, and it was only a facial movement. There was a hallway with a bright light at the end, the glare was blinding. So I almost ran into the guy dressed as a corpse that jumped at me. Also, in Vampire Woods there was a lady on a table with her eyes closed. I guess most people assume that she wasn't real, but we knew better. I sneaked up on her and got behind her head just as she opened her eyes and hissed at my friends. I danced around behind her until everyone started laughing, and then I walked away. I wonder if she ever noticed me.

I was disappointed on only three accounts. The fog machines were using some sort of chemical smog that left me coughing all night. The turkey leg I bought for 8 bucks wasn't that great. And I had to leave before we could get on the Top Gun roller coaster. But it was great.

Sunday was spent sleeping, mostly. I usually stay away from medication, but I took an allergy pill for the smog because I couldn't stop coughing. So, I slept until noon the next day. Not bad.

I went to Sarah Auvil's party at 1:30 and watched Howl's Moving Castle. It wasn't half bad. Corny as anything, but still pretty cool. Then I went to Youth Group and pretty much did a project for line art. I had to write a paper to go with it, which spurred the AIM conversation below. I had some fun with the paper itself, which is in my writing section. When I make that a link, it means I've added a picture of the art itself. It isn't GREAT, but I like the way it looks.

I spontaneously started asking people a question after school today. Not including "Boxers or briefs?" I had a sudden thought, and decided to test it. And the answers were unanimous.

"Do I need a theme song?"
"Holy cow, you DO!"

You know you have it good when everyone you know thinks you need a theme song.

Check it out. I had no idea the time zones were so random. Especially -5, around South America. It practically disappears.

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