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STILL super cool
Friday. 2.29.08 11:49 pm
Just hung with Katie and a few of her friends. We tie-dyed shirts. Mine will be awful. There weren't any greens. :(

But it was awesome and I'm so glad I went. From about 5 until almost 10! There was some Guitar Hero. And everyone got along and it was just a super swell time. Plus her dogs remembered me. And adored me in the usual manner.

My subjects.

On a side note, I am horrified with humanity a little. I was browsing through comments on a video for youtube, and someone had pointed out rather rudely that the video was non-existent (it was just a song with a black background). The uploader, code-named DEEK, responded with the customary "Go eat a battery" attitude, which is understandable.

But the first guy, code-named ABU, goes back and explains that he's sorry, but his mother had just died and he hoped that Deek would understand that he'd been in a terrible way.

What did Deek do? He took a big, steaming SHIT on Abu's apology. He said, and I quote, "im sorri but...

am i supposed to fucking care?

i couldnt give a rats arse

lamo", refering to Abu's mother's death.

Wow. I realize that I am probably thinking too hard about this. It's just the internet. But, still, someone has just come to you over the internet, in public, and confessed that even though his MOTHER had just passed away, he'd like to say sorry for making fun of a video. You don't snub that, first of all, because of common courtesy. But...to make a statement about the death of a close person like that...

I don't know. It just seems completely inhuman to me.

Ah, well, my night was still awesome. SO LET IT BE...slept on.

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Man, I feel super cool.
Thursday. 2.28.08 11:53 pm
Just created the MOST BOMB-SHIGGITY-IST PowerPoint ever. It runs like an interactive menu (since the project is on SanDisk, my theme is oh-so-loosely based on my Sansa) that organizes the information. It looks like you're doing something cool, but really it's just a lot of "special effects". Still, I'm so proud. Made the backgrounds, which are simple yet elegant, copied the "interface" from my Sansa, BUT IT WAS HARD, and designed a few special effects.

I also managed to code a fairly complicated program in my Prog. class. There's a certain amount of joy to be had when the thrice accursed computer finally bends to your will. Needless to say, all the stuff I do out of the book has certain...extra features.

Now that I'm finished tooting my own horn, I'm going to go fetal, pass into a comatose state, maybe hallucinate vividly, and have amnesia about the whole episode.

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Seaweed polymer
Tuesday. 2.26.08 11:09 pm
A professor from Clemson came to Chem today and talked about fabric engineering. Funny guy. He made plasma and a lightning storm in the microwave, which was cool. Then he squirted protein from seaweed into another chemical, I forget what, from a large syringe. When it hit the chemical it instantly turned into a long worm-shaped polymer, and he let some of us keep it. Ashley tied a piece around my wrist.

The bracelet dried out when I got outside, though, and looks less like a long noodle and more like some long hairs covered in dry snot. D:

Spanish quiz tomorrow on 25 semi-new verbs. I need to know the verb for each English definition. Ew...

Boyman wrote some stuff in her xanga that...relieved the pressure a little. I dunno. It's kind of what I wanted to hear, actually. For a long time now.

What's with my sudden popularity? I just noticed that I'm top ten for popular points and also most active. Neat! Thanks, guys.

So, for the rest of the night I shall be practicing Spanish, and after that I might try some GIMP to see how I do. That's WAY too complicated...haha.


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I made this in MS Paint...
Monday. 2.25.08 9:21 pm

I did this in MS Paint with the default colors. nuTang doesn't accept .bmp, so I had to crapify it to make a .jpg.

The one outlined in grey is the subtractive colors, or pigments. The one next to it is light. On the far left we have our yummy rainbow colors because they look cool.

The difference between light and pigment is this. Our eyes have receptors for three major frequencies of light: those for red, blue, and especially green. Equal amounts of any two of those frequencies will yield yellow, cyan, or magenta, and from there one can go through the entire visible spectrum. Each color has its own frequency, but we only see most objects because they reflect red, green, or blue frequencies as well as the color we perceive. I think this is like timber and tone quality, where certain instruments actually emit different tones that blend together. (A tuning fork emits one note, and different instruments have different "signatures")

ANYWAY. We see most colors because of the way that red, green, and blue COMBINE. If you shone equal amounts of red, green, and blue light on the same spot, it'd turn white, like in the middle of the shape. Pigments are different.

All of the above has been as if you were watching lights on a white screen. The screen reflects all wavelengths, so it's irrelevant. But pigments work backwards. Instead of overlapping colors adding to each other's frequencies, they subtract from each other. The primary colors of painting are usually cyan, magenta, and yellow, (the secondary colors of light!) but really they can be any three colors evenly spaced around the proverbial "color wheel". It's neat that when you add blue and green frequencies, you get cyan light. Cyan paint would reflect green and blue light pretty evenly. But what happens when you add yellow? The cyan is absorbing all but green and blue, while the yellow absorbs everything except the green and red. Blue and red are both SUBTRACTED and you get green.

I don't completely understand the concept, except that it's psychological and not actually a property of light itself.

Still, it's so pretty!

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