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Height of Surreality
Tuesday. 11.9.10 12:49 pm
Talking to my friend's "dog" on facebook:

Me - DOG
Get your master
pretty please

Sophie - Hold on just a moment human.
Do you need her on the phone or on facebook, human?

Me - facebook

Sophie - Okay I shall call her and get her on there right away. Okay human?

Me - yup

Sophie - Oh yes it is no problem she is coming.

Me - scratchin' under the collar for you


As amusing as that is...hahaha

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Friday. 11.5.10 12:36 am
This is a conversation about a future girlfriend coming to visit my hometown.
Katie - I'll pretend I don't know you!

I could lie about you

Katie - Heheheh

Me - good plan

Katie - I'll ring up your stuff with a huge grin on my face.

Me - Is that how you'll pretend?

Katie - "Did you and your LADY find everything YOU WERE LOOKING FOR?"

Me - geeze


Me - And while we're walking away, I'll say, "That's Boyman. I dated her. Sorry."

Katie - If you tell her I'm called Boyman I'll tell her I nicknamed you Tiny and that it wasn't an act of irony.

Me - Also, you read too much dino comics because you just called it sexy times

Katie - =.=


Katie - Probably untrue (women can judge penis size just from looking at the guy), BUT EFFECTIVE.
But really, you don't tell your new ladies that I'm called Boyman. It makes you seem bitter about the past, even if you aren't.


Katie - And girls don't date bitter guys for long.

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Stop eating with your face
Monday. 11.1.10 12:45 am
I'm so hyper!

It's ridiculous actually.

Here's what my halloween evening consisted of.

...OK so I can't post the video but here's a link. Now, I don't suggest you watch the whole movie. You can pretty much get the gist of it by watching this.

Seriously this movie was sick. At one point these two teens are getting it on in a car...the guy goes out to the trunk and the viewer sees the Blob crawl into the car. He goes back in and the girl is visibly OK, but seems to be asleep. The sleazeball tries to take advantage of her, but when he slips his hand down her shirt, it gets stuck. Her face COLLAPSES INWARDS and a bunch of tentacles reach out and grab him. From outside the car you see his legs kicking at the windows, but eventually they stop moving and are pulled slowly back towards the center of the car...where there should be no room for them to go.


In fact, there was quite a lot of body-bending and corpse-flaunting in this movie. Whatever the Blob is, it has full locomotion power and eats by disolving its prey; in fact it seems to just be a lump of digesting tissue, as you can see from the clip above.

It sure had no trouble pulling a guy down a sink drain by his face.

OK so work time.

EDIT on the first of November:

What is it with girls. Or me. Or someone.

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Fight, Win, Drink, Get Naked
Sunday. 10.24.10 6:10 pm
That's part of our fight chant here at Tech. Gotta love it.

So yesterday my friend Natty drove 2 hours from Clemson, SC to Atlanta just to pick me up and take me back with her. Because Natty dearest is a good friend! We got to talk and catch up with stuff. It was very nice. When we got there we took separate paths...she had to take a shower and had plans to tailgate (before the GTech/Clemson game). I met up with Fatty Platty and he took me around the campus. I met up with Coach Smith, the Platt family, Luke, and a few more people I know.

The game itself was quite embarrassing. I wore an orange (non-Clemson) shirt with my Tech hat in an effort to compromise...but I still stood up and cheered for my team, which incidentally began to play quite terribly. There was one other Tech fan on our row, but we were pretty much surrounded by Orange. And people cared enough that they chided us, "SCOREBORD!" every time we caught a break. Ba. I had fun, though...

After that I said hey to my mom, who was there for the game with some family friends. Met Sean's girlfriend. She seems nice.

I met up with James (formerly "Stovak"). He was pretty excited to see me, and I him. After all , I hadn't seen him since summer camp before my Senior year. I went to his apartment (he's a year older than I) and met some of his friends. They really are a group of solid guys. James cooked Parmesan Chicken and we watched Quantum of Solace (my first time seeing it) before playing Halo: Reach (my first time playing it). Fatty Platty drove by and brought me back to HIS apartment, where we hung around before a few hours before I crashed on his couch.

We woke up around 12:30 this morning, hung out some more, and got in the car to head back to ATL. Because Fatty Platty is a good friend!

We arrived, picked up Michael, Liz, and Trish and ate at the Varsity. T'was an experience, as usual. But now I'm sitting here NOT catching up on all the work I haven' t done this weekend, and furthermore my hands are getting really cold and it's getting extremely hard to type.

So now would be a great time to sign off. See ya!

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