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Friday. 6.5.09 6:43 pm

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I had a hard time choosing what Dream Theater song I'd put up. I had decided a while ago that I would only put up one song from any artist, but I really, really like a lot of DT's songs. I decided on this one because, not only does it showcase all their talents pretty well (vocals, drums, guitar, holy crap,) but it's also a pretty hopeful song. I noticed that most of the songs I've put up already aren't exactly happy. This has hope. It's almost like a prayer, if you listen to the lyrics.

It's a long song, though. I love the intro, but it's more than 2 minutes long. Haha. I'm used to it by now.

My friend Shinai, who I've known since middle school, is leaving for Korea this weekend. Today a bunch of people got together to party with her, and we had a good time. I got in my last few squint and communist jokes, and my last few hugs.

Ah munna miss her.

Ryan and Jack were throwing the frisbee at some squirrels. Jack almost pegged one; for a moment, I thought he did. Dunno what I think of that.

My phone is one of those sliders. When I first got it, I marveled at how satisfying the slide mechanism was. It would resist for a moment, and then pop the rest of the way by itself. I didn't notice that it was getting stickier the more I used it, until I saw that Sean's phone was practically grinding. (He has the same phone and it's the same age as mine, but anything that Sean owns tends to wear faster than my stuff.)

Now I'm worried because SOMEONE was throwing sand at me a few weeks ago, and a lot of it got in my pocket with my phone and my flash drive. Sand is never fun for electronics, but especially not the ones with moving parts.

Of course, when I wore the pants again a few days ago, (phone in same pocket,) I realized that the washing machine hadn't done such a hot job of getting the sand out. Even more mechanical naughtiness.

SAT bright and early tomorrow morning. About an hour and a half of driving. I might sleep over at Anthony's house to get a ride. Heheheh.

And Boy's State early the next day. I'm excited.

Yesterday was almost the worst way to start Summer Vacation. I went to a swim meet, thinking that the thunder storm would make them cancel it before long.

Of course, before thunder shut us down, it rained for about an hour. Cold rain. Wearing nothing but swim suits. Not enough tents. Not enough seats (the grass was as cold and soggy as the rest of us.) Ugh.

But then, it finally WAS canceled, and we headed to Ryan's house for a movie. My friends were watching Lucky Number Sleven, but his older brother and two of his friends were watching Sweeney Todd downstairs, and I haven't seen that yet, so I watched it with them instead. They're pretty cool. The movie might have been a disappointment. Not something I would normally like, but I can appreciate it.

My wrist is bothering me so much that I've got a bandage around it now. It's killing my typing speed.

I finished Starfox Adventures. The ending of that kind of sucked, too. Fun game, though. I would love to see more, but Rare stopped working with Nintendo after they made that game. Bummer. Rare's the bomb.

I don't remember if there was anything else I was going to tell.

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At this rate...
Monday. 6.1.09 10:22 pm
I'll never get a job.

My good friend Jordan did me a BIG favor and got me some magic numbers that would let me work as a lifeguard at a not-so-nearby pool.

I keep forgetting/missing my chance to call. :0

Tonight I wore the new necklace. There was another awards ceremony at school, so I figured it would look nice.

I got there half an hour late (good one, Mom,) but just in time to walk to the front when they called my name. Then I sat down in the conveniently empty seat next to Ryan (seriously, what the heck?) and made giggles the rest of the time.

Not bad.

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Best Pillow Fight Ever
Sunday. 5.31.09 1:21 am
Each word gets its own capital letter. It was like a pillow wrestle.

Saw Valkyrie, finally. It was pretty good.

The End

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I still can't figure it out...
Saturday. 5.30.09 11:14 am
Sarah is infamous for never using her cell phone. I've never seen her use it before, but I have to assume she does, in fact, call or text people every now and then. The thing is, she always turns it off when she's done. D'oh!

So, I was playing one of the Star Fox games last night on Gamecube. Just because I wanted to try it out again.

It's kind of crappy.

Anyway, I'm playing it, and my phone rings. And I pick it up, because I don't recognize the number.

"Heyyy boyfrand!"

Sarah and her friend Lauren were doing their awkward version of a prank call. I used this as a good reason to stop playing the stupid game.

Come to think of it, I don't remember what we talked about. Lauren goes to the local Christian School (chuckle), it was pretty even when it came to talking. Everyone got a turn to yak. Some things were just for me and Sarah, some just for Lauren and Sarah, and a few things between me and Lauren (with Sarah interrupting and wailing madly).

Whatever we talked about, we managed to do it until around 1 (two hours!). It was OK that I was tired, because if I didn't talk I could just listen to the conversation until I had something to say.

Seriously, that was a long phone call. You don't expect that kind of conversation to last more than half an hour. It was the weirdest thing ever.

Sarah is so much fun to make fun of. Lauren and I bugged her a lot. Fun stuff. Eventually, in the middle of one of my stories (oh, gosh, I don't remember which it was,) her phone ran out of batteries. Lauren stayed on for 5 or 10 minutes more, but when I nearly fell out of bed trying to close my drawer I decided it was a good time to sleep.

Huh. Go figure.

Swim practice is good. The water's not freezing cold, though it IS dirty. Really nasty. Not just leaves, either. >.> I always say that there are three things I have to re-learn every time I start swimming again: When to flip-turn, how to dive so I don't lose my goggles each time, and how to backstroke without getting water up my nose. I think I finished that list yesterday, so now I'm free to start working my strength and endurance back up. I swam a 35 or something in a 50 backstroke. Shameful.

I wish they weren't so haughty about their stinking pool memberships there. After practice, I'm only allowed to use the diving board once because I'm not a member. I'M ON THE TEAM! Makes me unhappeh.

Exams. D:

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