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I can appreciate instrumental pieces.
Tuesday. 4.7.09 10:59 pm
So, this morning in the GREEN ROOM we were having a bit of trouble. The program we use for editing the announcements was freaking out. It was 4 minutes until air time, and we lost all our progress and the program refused to start back up.

SO! David and I went out live. Hahaha. It was great.

At the end I said, "Vista sucks!" and I had people asking me all day if I'd said "This school sucks."

Vista really does suck, though. Even the fossil we use to run an endless powerpoint loop runs better than the Vista.

I hope I can get a laptop with XP.It's my buddy.

We're planning more live airing escapades. We can use the green screen program with a live feed, so the possibilities are sky high.

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I need
Tuesday. 4.7.09 6:16 pm
I need some awesome pictures to take. And my roof is calling.


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Monday. 4.6.09 8:48 pm
I post the personal stuff on facebook. Not here, on nuTang, where it will be immortalized and is reasonably safe from people who actually know me, but in my status on facebook.



Crap, a little irony turned into a whole lot really quick.

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Here we are
Saturday. 4.4.09 10:23 pm
McAfee had a little seizure today, so I ditched it and got Avast!. Now I just have to get my refund. Maybe a full refund and then some more, because it was so freaking hard to get rid of the thing.


Had some people over last night to watch Almost Heroes, which was really funny. We played some Brawl, laughed, drank Cherry Lemon Sundrop...it was nice.

Run run run!

There's a really nice game on the U3 store called Atlantis. It's basically just like Zuma from PopCap games, except free and it plays off my flash drive. Not bad at all! There was also a private web browser that would be really useful in school, but it doesn't seem to work. I keep re-installing it and the initialization never works. Disappointing.

These Walls by Dream Theater. I highly suggest you listen to the entire thing, because it's not what you expect. It's not straight metal, it changes style a few times. And the lyrics! -swoon-

I'm such a fan-boy.

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