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Today I'm fuzzy...
Friday. 5.8.09 9:20 pm
like my lawn.

I also did much better the second time around on Paper 2 of the math exam, even though I much prefer Paper 1. It seems that I do better when the problems rely on my brain power and not my calculator. Strange.

I'm going to be a lifeguard, if all goes well, by next weekend. Exciting and scary at the same time.

Steven Crowder is my new comedic hero, even above Dimitri Martin.

...OK, maybe not. But you get the picture. Except in some cases Steven is so conservative it's scary (but mostly hilarious).

I have 4 messages in my inbox. It's killing me because I always have 2, and now I have 4. I'll delete them right now.

Speaking of which, I've avoided my mail lately. No idea why. It's probably brimming with delightful spam right now.

There's this book called Hyperion that I bought at a glance a long time ago, and that I didn't read because I got bored with it. Bad timing, I guess. But I'm burning through it right now, and it's epic. I can't begin to describe it.

I microwaved a bit of brownie today, so that it was JUST too hot to eat, then put an Oreo Klondike Bar on top of it and ate the thing with a spoon. Fun and delicious.

Ungh, English...

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Thursday. 5.7.09 10:36 pm
I took paper one of the Math Standard Level IB exam.

And I'm fairly sure I kicked the pants off it.

Part 2 early tomorrow

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Rawr Rawr Rawr Rawr
Sunday. 5.3.09 9:50 pm
The truth of the matter is, I've got nobody to tell my stories to anymore.

Also, I'm bored out of my ever-lovin' skull. There are a good few things that I would LIKE to do, some stuff I definitely need to do, but no drive to do anything.

...hahaha, I can't decide which is worse. The fact that I was going to use the left over image files for a magazine related project, or the fact that I seem to have deleted them.


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Oh, and also:
Sunday. 5.3.09 12:47 pm
The stone in my class ring inexplicably shattered at school a few days ago. I know almost exactly when it happened, because I tend to rub it without thinking, and I had done as such about 5 minutes before I saw that it was broken. I didn't hit it on anything, it was just broken all of a sudden. I was sitting on plastic bleachers crowded with people, so I'm sure I would remember if I'd hit it on something hard enough to break it.

I didn't get to wear it to Prom. D:


Prom was a blast. I didn't dance the entire time, partly because I didn't have an actual date and partly because I can't stand to grind on girls I've known since before I can remember. But there were plenty of other prudes like me, for a while at least, so I hung out with them whenever the music was too terrible to stand.

Can you believe that there's a rap-ish remake of...er...that Journey song? (Look at me, I don't even know the name of the song...) I mean, why? It's a great song, all you can do is make it worse.

But I had a great time. There were a few songs that weren't just some kid dancing and wailing with Auto-Tune, and I danced to those. Sometimes, if I couldn't dance, I did what any loser does and made it up. Fun stuff.

Boy, it was hot.

My friend Kierra didn't have a date either, so we hung out and acted crazy together. I managed to gank a slow dance from Kilo's girlfriend. That was an experience; we would stop intermittently and start doing another dance. I also somehow got sucked into a dance that I would have done well to avoid.

I grabbed two of the glow-sticks that the DJ was throwing around. Sweetness.

As fun as the dance was, before and after were even better. I was with Keener, Kayla, Kilo, SuZZ, John, Mike, and Ian. We went out for dinner, where we encountered the coolest waiter to date, made a bunch of private jokes, and almost choked on laughter. Well, Ian almost choked. I just chortled.

'ey, can we get some more PL ova here?

After the dance, we all crashed Keener's house, and...get this, had a sleep over. Not such a big deal to many of my few readers, but this was big for me for three reasons:

1) I've never slept over coed before. That's right: I lost my coed virginity last night. Me and John, both. Teehee.

2) It was totally a surprise. I knew Keener was going to have a sleepover over, but I thought when she said sleepover she meant just the other girls. I was happily surprised.

3) My mom was totally for it. wtf

So, we sat around for a long time, then went to her HUGE backyard and tried to watch the sky. When the UFO that AJ (he joined us after the prom) had seen turned out to be a firefly, we gave up and went back in. I wanted to sleep at that point, (it was 2 or 3ish) but instead we watched An American Haunting (again). That was so exciting that by the time it ended, everyone was asleep except for me, and SuZZ & Mike on the couch. We went to bed at that point, but nobody slept until almost 6.

In the morning around 9, Keener's mom made waffles! :D

So we sat around outside, eating and talking and telling stories, and oh, what a great way to end Prom. I'm glad I turned down the limo ride and the other after-party I was offered.

But now I'm so tired, and I have to take back the tux.

And that reminds me. I popped a button off the vest. Hahaha.


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