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Forget that junk
Monday. 6.9.08 9:17 pm
I should have done paradigms while I had the chance. There's this guy on Deviant Art who likes asking Great Questions, making philosophical polls, and such. Needless to say, I thrive on the threads he indirectly creates. I was (calmly) discussing if Christians are insecure because of our belief. AFTER the thread ended (peacefully) some guy comes out of nowhere with just a link.

The link lead to the Zeitgeist Movie, which I've seen. I responded, saying that most of the "evidence" the movie put forth against the Bible isn't really evidence, just suspicion and speculation, which of course is understandable because of the age of the book but doesn't really prove anything. Then I brought up a few points about the absurdity of a self creating universe, (mostly the ones I've pointed out here), and left it at that.

OH! I've taken to pasting "Please note that I am not offended, and don't mean to offend. Just wanted to point that out. Thanks." to the end of all my religious comments. It can get repetitive and probably a little obnoxious, but it's a point I want to be very clear. Anyways...

I got off on a side-thread with some guy about the Lock Ness Monster and stuff (again, very peaceful) when the guy comes out of NOWHERE again with...this...BLOCK of incoherent text. I took 9 or 10 minutes trying to figure out what this guy was trying to say before I gave up and asked him to make it something we could discuss and not just his blatantly biased opinion. I'd show you what was said, but I lost the link to the thread...if it comes up in my message box again, I'll show you all.

The moral of the story is that now I DO want to write something with a religious tone to it, but I won't because I think that everyone's patience with me on the matter is kind of low. I'll wait. :P

Yesterday I got on a blow-up raft and got pulled behind a boat on the local lake. It was like tubing, but it used a lot more muscle (OH YEAH!) because it's a lot harder to stay on than an inner tube. So my arms were VERY sore yesterday and today.

Thankfully, the swim meet for today was stormed out. Unfortunately, I wasted more than 2 hours of my day waiting for the silly officials to come to that decision. So. Today has been a mixed bag.

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Another post without a title
Saturday. 6.7.08 9:47 pm
TWO epic events:

Yesterday, I went to Kendal's house. We ate dinner, watched Untraceable, had a bonfire with S'mores...it was v v v v fun. Her little brother threw gasoline on the fire to get it started, and that was pretty exciting. Nearly as exciting as watching that movie. Very potent message they had. Yup.

Today I was at the pool for 4.5 hours with AJ and the girls*. This was our first real outing since school got out (save the covert operation right after school), and we made the best of it. Papa John's pizza, soda, bratty little girls who make up stupid rules for Crosspool, teasing, cold water, and so forth. I only burned my shoulders, and only a little. Win.

I'll make a post on Paradigms later. It's purely philosophical, not really a lot of religion at all. Which means that everyone except for randomjunk, who doesn't care, should like it. Haha. Until then, my annoying little brother is pushing for me to get off. Good night!

*Keener, Kayla, and SuZZ.

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Techno Chicken
Friday. 6.6.08 3:07 pm

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It's back. And it's better than ever!
Wednesday. 6.4.08 8:21 pm
My music is back online! Zanzibars everywhere rejoice. Notice the "Nightwish" section at the bottom of the list. Score.

Earlier today I was very stupid. And then I took a Spanish exam. Which was completely unrelated.

For once, I wanted to try a coffee themed drink at Panera Bread, because it looked like the delicious. It was a frozen mocha. It made me very hyper for swim practice, which was good. But it was mostly nasty, and gave me some stomach trouble. I'm going to have caffeine ridden poop later; I just know it.

Last half day of school is tomorrow. I have two exams, one of which is going to give me ulcers. Government and Econ, which is mostly memorization of court cases and various government leaders (the economy part is way too easy). Then Chemistry, which I will breeze or die.

I wanted to post because I was tired of having 7 comments. Hahaha. Later, guys. Enjoy the tunes.

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