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It's official
Friday. 5.25.07 12:35 pm
Summer finally is here. School actually ended on Wednesday, but yesterday I was busy all day long. Today, I am bored as can be. Summer MUST be here. If I go by my usual rules, I won't find anything truly fun to do until within a week of school starting again. Which reminds me, the school year is going to be two weeks later from now on. Which means I get a longer summer this year. Something about the vacation year stretching into the current school year. This also means that I'm going to come back from Christmas Vacation to deal with First semester finals, (sounds like an oxymoron, but it isn't) but I can deal.

Just because I had a ton of stuff going on yesterday doesn't mean it wasn't a butt-load of fun, and therefore summer-y. I had been planning all week to hang with Katie pretty much all day, but bad planning on my part cost me a couple of hours. I thought It'd cost me the day, so my Wednesday night was spent in a horrible mood. Her mom pulled through at the last minute, though, So I still got to be with her starting at one. Which is still pretty great.

She had planned to go with a friend to the movies at 7:30 p.m., and another silly mistake on my part put me in a non-movie position. See, we had to get tickets in advance, because we figured the world premiere of Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End would sell fast. When Katie told me she was going to pick up tickets, I didn't bother to point out that I could get one from her and pay her back. So she didn't get one for me, and when we realized that I could have gone, I kind of depressed again. Her mom bailed me out, again, and drove us to get the extra ticket. She'll probably guilt-trip Katie later.

So, we spent the day hanging out, eating, walking, just being together. We never got around to cleaning the Monopoly game from the week before. Heh.

Then Katie's friend Britney came to the house to pick us up for the movie. On the way there we watched a video Britney made for Katie's birthday, and decided we'd all wear green surgical gloves on one hand. For kicks, you see.

The movie itself was just one big twist. Man, I'm still not sure I understand everything that went on. I'm pretty sure I can divulge some things without ruining any surprises. One, Jack has finally really lost it. Two, there seems to be a running gag with peanuts and/or crabs, and I can't even count the number of times a crowd of people simultaneously drew their guns. Over all, it was pretty cool. Funny, of course.

So ended my evening, because my mom was waiting outside the theater when I came outside. What a day.

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Saturday. 5.19.07 1:27 pm
I sure haven't posted in a long time. I'll just update on a few things:

Life is pretty amazing. I'm not stressed out about exams at ALL. Last semester I was, but I feel great about this semester. It was a ton easier, other than Spanish. I'm doing great in that too, but it's still a bit brain-bending.

Since Katie and I go to different schools, our relationship is a bit slow. That's OK with me, I guess. Also, every chance to be with her I take, because I would never see her otherwise. The biggest downside to this summer, other than being moved so much, is that our schedules almost perfectly agree to disagree. We won't have much time together in between trips. Still, I always have fun with her, even if we're just sitting around. It's great.

Two of my writing pieces were published in the Literary Magazine at my school, which is pretty exciting for me. It's not the best, I guess, but it's a start. I'm still a Freshman, and I'm already making a name for myself. wOOt.

On the downside, I'm realizing that some of the stuff I've always wanted to do, like making videos, or writing stories, are just out of my range. I mean, The Bathroom Chronicles started nicely, but then it kind of died, and I had to cut it off. I've tried several projects since then, but I've had a hard time even starting.

The only thing I can do indefinitely these days is think. I guess that makes me a thinker. Too bad I'll never get payed to do as such. My mom would probably die if she read this. People tell me that I have real potential, especially in the writing department. Writing isn't so hard for me, once I DO get started. Maybe I can stick with that.

I used to hate writing. I still paraphrase with my school work every chance I get.

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Speaking of which...
Tuesday. 5.8.07 9:30 pm
My mom's boyfriend ordered about 500 rounds of ammunition for his rifles. Not only that, but he got a free CD of Gospel music and a note telling about the love of Jesus Christ. That's kind of cool. Pretty entertaining, too.

Sarah was right, I should post about my weekend. I don't want to forget it.

Friday was teh boredom. Saturday, however, was crammed. First I went with Katie and Co. to see The Land of Women. It was sappy, and maybe pointless, but still somehow a good movie. Afterwards it was Joe Mugg's. Katie left early with a DIFFERENT Sarah, and it wasn't until later that I realized that she could have left with me.

Later I went to Suessical with Sarah (first Sarah, not one from movies) and HER Co. It was pretty great. Lots of singing. And funny facial expressions. Plus, the Cat in the Hat pointed me out in the "How LUCKY YOU ARE!" part. It was fantastical.

Sunday wasn't fun at all, though. That's why I didn't really update on my life earlier.

Monday I stayed home because I was kind of sick and very sleepy. BY THE WAY! I've been invited to a co-ed sleepover, as was Katie. NOW her mom says she can't go. We're concocting a plan.

TODAY, I had an amazing school day, offset by me jamming my finger super hard. This is all.

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Oh, neat.
Sunday. 5.6.07 2:58 pm
This will probably offend some people, seeing as how there aren't a lot of Christians on nuTang these days...

I was thinking about stereotypes. Like, trying to figure out where I fit. When you really think about it, I have traits from pretty much every possible group one can be grouped into. Except racial groups, because, well, I'm pretty white. Pale, too.

In reality, Sean was calling me emo because of a song that I listen to, but it all came down to the same thing. I had an epiphany.

I'm a Christian. I never thought about it until today, but...it's kind of it's own group. I mean, I'm pretty positive that other religions, like Buddhism stick out in society, but it's still kind of cool.

I finally found my group. Now I need to define it, make traits, and poke fun at emo kids. HA!

Not really.

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