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Stream of consciousness
Thursday. 5.21.09 10:13 pm
My favorite point of view.

I think the frequent headaches recently are being caused by the freakishly cold water I have to swim in. I can feel it slapping my ear drums...it hurts.

I've got to get used to being in the water again. I mean, I'll never get used to the cold, but I can at least re-learn how to keep it out of my nose during backstroke. I have a great system, I know it! I just don't remember it.

I will, given time. TIME!

...I <3 physics. w00t!

OK, that was uncalled for. Sorry, all you literate types out there.

Watched my school's Drama Club's rendition of Shakespeare's The Tempest. It was pretty rad, even if I had a hard time catching all the words.

Notice that I used three possessive nouns just now. I'm just that talented.

How do you guys read my blog? I don't know if I could do it.

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So, she said...
Wednesday. 5.20.09 4:51 pm
"You know, those pants have a hole in the butt."

"Yeah, I know."

Story of my life.

Today in class we played Monopoly, and I had the worst luck imaginable. Seriously. My first 4 or 5 turns were the equivalent of going around the board twice, except

1) I somehow managed to only land on property that had just been freshly bought by the two people who were ahead of me, and

2) I managed to get into jail on two separate occasions, thus having to transverse the same hostile properties, pay to get out, and miss passing GO two times in a row.

After that, I managed to get a hold of two of the railroads and both Utilities, but only ONCE did I get money through my property. I got to pass go about twice. I think.

Plus, two people (the same who had bought everything ahead of me at the beginning of the game) managed to get most of the really expensive monopolies, so I didn't last very long at all.

Bah, luck based games. I didn't even get the chance to make good or bad decisions.

Yesterday was the first swim practice, and I've gotta say, I'm pretty happy with the way things turned out. It was freezing, and kind of hard, but I honestly think I did a lot better in comparison to, say, Ryan. Ryan is a beast at everything, so it's nice to challenge him. After that we bought some fantastic french fries from the pool store, drove around*, and watched Tenacious D.

*Oh my gosh. I drove 4 guys to the pool, and 3 of them were yelling the entire way. I was the captain of the ship, Kyle was first mate, and Ryan and John were just loud.

Kyle pretended the foam baseball bat was a harpoon gun. He kept pointing it at the whales driving past me and wailing at them.


hahaha. They're awesome.

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Monday. 5.18.09 9:24 pm
Going through the motions
Standing stagnant
Running on fumes
Winding down
Stuck in a rut
Orbiting in decay
Falling short
Walking in circles
Wobbling off kilter
Losing traction
Sinking under

I feel I should point out that the spelling is purposeful.

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Long Lost Hoodie
Sunday. 5.17.09 1:08 am
So, one of the only hooded sweaters that fits me properly says "CHUCKLE BUTT" on the back, and I don't know what to do about it.

wiseguysupreme4: I wish I was an iguana.
wiseguysupreme4: Life would be simpler, and I could do this all the time.

I'm super super sleepy, Star Trek might have been better if I were more of a Trek-nerd and less of a physics nerd (don't get me started on the black holes), and I'm pretty sleepy.

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