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Saturday. 5.2.09 10:54 am
Well, looky-there, I forgot a title.

SUNDAY: Freaking out because John and I have a video to film/edit by Friday, because I thought I had been assigned a crummy group for Appalachia this summer (it's not crummy, on second thought,) because I had 11 nasty Lit Logs due Tuseday, and because I had some nasty Math homework for a quiz grade and more for Tuesday for a Project grade.

MONDAY: Freaking out because I didn't do any of that except the math homework and 8 lit logs, and because we wanted to finish the school art magazine on Monday (we came really close!)

TUESDAY: Freaking out because we'd only recorded one scene, the Math project wasn't quite done, (we finished it,) because I had to finish those lit logs, because there was a small crisis when we packaged our final draft of the magazine, and some just for good measure.

WEDNESDAY: Freaking out because Thursday and Friday would be Practice Exam days for Math, (they count as tests in the class, though,) because we still only had 4 out of 5 scenes and no editing, because apparently our layout wouldn't print well because the bars didn't have enough bleed and because the page numbers would get cut off (thanks for the heads-up, Mr. Printer Guy), because I really didn't want to spend my little time at a Poetry reading that I hadn't even volunteered to attend, much less read at, and because I would be performing a skit in English Thursday with a group even though I basically had no idea what I was supposed to be doing.

THURSDAY: Freaking out because the first part of the math exam was hard as crap, and because:

-Movie Maker at my house didn't work.
-Audacity at John's house had some issues (he fixed them).
-Movie Maker at his house didn't work, either.
-The codecs that John uninstalled to speed up his computer happened to be the ones that made my film clips readable. (We had to re-install them)
-Movie Maker still didn't work.
-iMovie is only for Macs. Should have known that, but I got my hopes up.
-WAX movie editor, which is free-ware, can apparently only read .avi files. (I went home to convert all the clips)
-I can't convert to .avi.
-The converter John finds on the internet takes its sweet time and also 99% of the CPU power.
-WAX video editor is extremely confusing at first glance.
-It was 10:30 at night.

(Once we made the decision to stick with Movie Maker, even if it crashed constantly, it stopped crashing. -explode- Basically, half the night was wasted.)

FRIDAY: Freaking out because the teacher had some notion that the main idea of our video had been to translate all the speech into NewSpeak (heck, no), because the second part of the Math Exam was even harder than the first, because I made below a 90 on a physics test, which basically means the world is ending, because Mom nearly broke her ankle, and because X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a huge let-down.

Tonight is Prom night, and I'm only a little excited. :P I might freak out, just for old time's sake.

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My dreams betray me
Thursday. 4.30.09 10:48 am
Does anyone else have the problem where you start to dream before you properly fall asleep? I don't know how else to explain it. I guess it's just the effect of an over-active mind. Blah.

As for the dream itself...it was another epoch, though this time I didn't realize it was in my head (I've been doing that a lot lately. Pretty cool.)

There was one part I remembered abruptly this morning while I was brushing my teeth, and I almost choked on my toothpaste. It was kind of comforting at the time, but now that I'm awake it just makes me feel...guilty? Annoyed? I don't know, and I refuse to worry about it because it's really not important.


My hand had a mouth in it. That was part of the dream; people could get, um, super powers or something for one of their hands. I forget the other ones I could choose from, or what mine even was, but I know that it included a small slit with teeth on the inside. I didn't use it to eat anything because...I think it was because I was worried it would hurt or something.

I love how my dreams always have that bit of adventure that could make a good novel.

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Johhny I hardly Knew Ya
Monday. 4.27.09 9:56 pm
A sad song, but sad in a fiercely happy way.

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Now I'm sad again. Haha. Well, no. Not sad, really. Just kind of down. I crave companionship! That's why lunch is the best, because it's comradeship in its purest form. Now I'm just lonely. Meh.

Sleepy, too.

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The sun is good.
Sunday. 4.26.09 5:11 pm
Now all I need is a summer Thunderstorm to run around in.

I'm content, though worried for my school work.

My friends are simply the best. Youth Sunday this morning went really well.

Pizza Party tonight! Huzzah.


I scared the CRAP out of Sarah today. It was beautiful. She was climbing up onto a railing with her back to me, and I scooted over to where one of her friends had been. She put her arm on my shoulder for support, and when she turned to talk to the friend, it was me! She almost fell off the railing again. Best thing ever.

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