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Nine-Sided Maniac
Monday. 10.22.07 2:05 am
Romanticocabrita (2:04:50 AM): Shup is a cool word.
wiseguysupreme4 (2:05:48 AM): I have only just encountered it.
Romanticocabrita (2:05:59 AM): SQUARE!
wiseguysupreme4 (2:06:17 AM): Me, or just saying it?
Romanticocabrita (2:06:23 AM): Yooou.
wiseguysupreme4 (2:06:32 AM): There needs to be a name for a nonagon.
Romanticocabrita (2:07:00 AM): Name it Hilary for the presidential election.
Romanticocabrita (2:07:11 AM): It'll make a pollitical statement.
Romanticocabrita (2:07:25 AM): Hilary Clinton is a nonagon.
wiseguysupreme4 (2:07:28 AM): That Hilary Clinton is a nine-sided regular polygon?
Romanticocabrita (2:07:36 AM): Yes.
wiseguysupreme4 (2:07:42 AM): With 140 degree interior angles?
Romanticocabrita (2:07:46 AM): Yes.

I'll post more about my weekend at a less sleepy time.

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Killing Music
Wednesday. 10.17.07 9:59 pm
Wow, I was on a posting spree...How unlike me.

I found out yesterday that I can plug my MP3 player directly into the XBox 360. And replace the music and dialog on HALO 3 with music from Saw 3. Which tickles my fancy. I made up a playlist of songs that just go well with killing things.

Bet you can't guess what it's called.

Took some standardized test in school today. Yesterday was my first time EVER driving home from school. Usually I have to go to swim practice.

Now I have to do grammar homework and hope that I'll do well on the quiz tomorrow. I made an 80 on a major test. It's balanced out by a 96, but only so much.

I wish I could draw well. I can barely manage object sketching, less likely actual stuff. Like hands. Or flowers.

Not that I'd draw flowers. But you get the idea.

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Monday. 10.15.07 12:55 am
is imminent.

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It's not MY fault, it's my subconscious mind's fault.
Sunday. 10.14.07 1:05 pm
I was very happy this morning. I’d gotten 13 hours of sleep, woken up at 11, and just felt really relaxed. There was even piano music playing downstairs, which I assumed correctly to be Sean beating Halo 3. And I’d had some amazing drea-

I’m pretty sure I blanched physically when I realized I’d only been dreaming. Again. Different dream, but...it was incredibly wistful. And I was really happy.

*major disappointment*

State meet went well. We barely got top 10, but there were 48 teams there. So, not bad.

I swear, that tattoo was in perfect condition minus the fading, but as soon as swim season ended yesterday it started flaking off. Freaky.

Mom wants me to clean the garage with her again. I'm less than thrilled.

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