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I'm peeling like mad
Friday. 5.15.09 10:56 pm
My upper back and shoulders have been flaky all day, but the chlorine from today really pushed my skin over the edge. It's actually not coming off in flakes as much as strips. I got one strip that was an inch and a half long and almost as wide, no lie. There's no visible contrast between the dead skin and the new skin, so I'm not worried. Whatever damages was done is long past; I can enjoy this without guilt.

I'm one of those people that enjoys picking at scabs and stuff like that, so of course I'm having a field day with this. The sound is the best part...when I pull off a strip, I can hear quite audibly a sound like cellophane wrapping being pulled off a package. (Or a long strip of tape from its roll!) Part tearing, part vibrational tones. The pieces look like strips from a grocery bag.

I just burned a particularly long one. It stinks a lot for such a small conflagration. I won't do that again.

I'm about to make an account on Twitter, I think.

Ugh, the finger I was holding it with smells terrible, but I can't stop sniffing it.

Title and Registration - Death Cab for Cutie

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It just goes to show, a little burning flesh can go a long way.


I found out two important things recently.
1) If I go over the character limit in a text message, my phone just sends enough messages to hold all the characters. 160, I think.

2) I can send/receive messages on my computer as long as the phone is connected.

TO: Alaskans Jumping: "You know what would be really annoying?"

FROM: Alaskans Jumping: "what"

TO: Alaskans Jumping: "You have unlimited texting, right?"

FROM: Alaskans Jumping: "si"

I just sent AJ a five or 6 thousand character story. In the form of 35 consecutive text messages.

FROM: Alaskans Jumping: "im going to kill you. hhah"

Good ol' AJ.

PPS from the next morning:

OK, I might have gone a little bit overboard on the peeling. Not all the skin can be ready to come off, after all. But on the bright side...my new record is almost 5 inches at once. :P

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Friday. 5.15.09 7:36 am
I hate lots to say, but no time to say it. I can't wait to put more music up!

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I made food today. Sort of.
Tuesday. 5.12.09 10:29 pm
Surprises that have come with this year's Spanish Food Project:

Mary and I get along very well.

I had a blast cooking the food. Probably because it was a dessert.

Actually, that's it.

I should probably learn how to use GIMP. I just found out that the photo editor I use was discontinued 4 years ago...

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What an alarming shade of Pink!
Saturday. 5.9.09 10:40 pm
So, today I was swimming/dragging limp people across the pool from about 10-4.

Here's a glaring mirror shot.

Here's the contrast to the normal pale shades of my flesh.

And here's a parting shot because I love you all.

In the wonderful world of first aid, they call it radiation burn. Neat.

Trust - Megadeth. Prepare for your face to be eaten by metal, even if it's only a small part.

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I'm starting my playlist over anew. I'll introduce each song as it is added.

-zombie mode-

PS: Today for lunch I had...
Some pineapple chunks + juice
Cheese stick.
Peanut butter and jelly sandwhich with LEFTOVER PANCAKES AS THE BREAD.

K' bye.

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