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I HATE this!
Monday. 9.1.08 6:56 pm
I hate that I will waste my ENTIRE day doing homework, and actually work well into the night, when it would only take me a few hours if I would just FOCUS on what I should be doing.

Yesterday, I was so tired that I fell asleep doing my Math IB homework. I am that sleep deprived. Oh, and listen to this:

Tomorrow, I have to make up TWENTY-FIVE minutes of missed swim practice with AN HOUR. It's bad enough that it's before school, but listen to this...school starts at 8:20, and the pool is about 5 minutes away. Sound fair to have practice at 7-8? Sure.

So WHY, for the sake of sanity, am I getting up at 5:30 tomorrow so I can swim for a freaking hour, and then DO NOTHING for another HOUR AND A HALF?! After that I have school, and after that I have a swim meet. Know what that means? I won't be going to sleep until at least 1 o' clock, if the homework load stays the same.


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Oh, I found it!
Monday. 9.1.08 10:55 am
I found last year's Scavenger Hunt List. It's a bit shorter...

250 points - Picture of group next to a body of water

1000 points - Picture of four-level pyramid (at least 10 people)

500 points - Picture of guy in girl's makeup (more beautiful = more points)

1000 points - Video of group Christmas caroling at someone's house

250 points - Video of group doing Riverdance in a crowded place

1000 points - Video of students serving someone food at a restaurant

500 points - Picture of group next to a large animal statue

2000 points - Video of everybody leapfrogging in front of Manchester Cinemas

2000 points - Video of group singing with a Cold Stone employee

500 points - Picture of group next to a Hummer

1000 points - Video of guys (all of them) singing to a group of girls (not our girls)

250 points - Picture of everybody in the air (group jump)

2000 points - Picture of group acting like animals in front of the Animal Hospital

500 points - Picture of student pimping gas for someone else

1000 points - Video of students rapping the Lord's Prayer

2000 points - Video of upperclassmen washing underclassmen's feet

The events this year were very much more bold.

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Mr. T
Sunday. 8.31.08 10:48 pm
I'm going to tell a story in the form of a few random thoughts. Bear with me.

Cherry Lemon Sundrop, aka "Nectar", is a beverage with large popularity among my friends. Example:

The girl is Maggie, who I know. Sort of. The guy is Ryan, who is my long lost brother. He swims with me, too. The obsession with Nectar started with Maggie, moved on to Ryan, and then through Kyle and I into the rest of my friends.

So when I slept over at Kyle's house on Friday, Ryan was there. So were Clint and John. Ryan and John are also in my first block class, and are currently working on a group project with Kierra and me.

So, there were 5 guys hanging out, (I was only in my boxers, too, because we're awesome like that), drinking copious amounts of Nectar, playing assorted video games, and slowly going crazy. Ryan and I are discussing our project.

The teacher is cool enough that we want to have a cool name and theme for our team.

John interjects with, "We should be the A-Team for Mr. Palmer!"

Laughing, I asked, "Haha! Who would be Mr. T?" I was relaxed on a couch, trying to stay dry (it was insanely hot for a while), and not really thinking too hard. Besides, I never got to see the show, so the only member I know of was Mr. T's character. Heck, I don't even know the character's name. All I know is that Mr. T is like Chuck Norris with a mohawk.

Instantly, John replied, "Kierra!"

This is funny for a myriad of reasons.

Wow, I've left the post sitting here like that for over an hour. Watching an episode of The A Team. Hahahaha. Also, I think that was the first time I've used the word "myriad" on this site.

Reason number1) It almost kind of makes sense; both Kierra and Mr. T are the only black members of their group. If that sounds racist, well, you're kind of right. But it's the only similarity I can think of.

2) Mr. T and Kierra are polar opposites. Seriously.

3) Any way of giving a girl a guy's nickname always seems to please me.

4) I was partially insane. I mean, more so than usual.

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Busy, busy
Saturday. 8.30.08 11:23 am
Friday was a really, really great day for me. Everything just went great. Completely peachy.

All the things about school that usually annoy me, but I accept as life, like long lunch lines, staying up late, boredom, missing homework...almost none of them applied yesterday. There was some homework that I didn't do, and wasn't even due until Tuesday. I took a quiz, the first in that class, and actually did well (I think).

During Driver's Ed, I got to catch up on my Zune Podcast Subscriptions. Score!

During Math class I had fun because the section we're doing just comes naturally to me, so I finished all the problems early and helped other people in class. This doesn't happen very often with me anymore. It was nice.

Creative writing is always a plus. Though the assignment she gave us over the long weekend is in poor taste.

After school, I got to get out of practice early (BUT THE COACH WANTS ME TO COME IN TUESDAY MORNING, NOT COOL) and run to Katie's house for about 7 minutes. Then I took her home, got rid of all of our trash, and took her and Sean to the Digital Scavenger Hunt at our Youth Group. Butt-loads of fun going on there.

Crap, I forgot (just like last year) to keep one of the lists so as to show what we do as part of the scavenger hunt. Meh.

After that, there was a brief skirmish with Mom about driving at 11 (but that also blew over relatively fast) and then I went to a sleep over at KILO's house, which is pretty amazing considering everyone's schedule. We messed around nearly all night, got sick from Wendy's, and finally went to sleep at some unknown hour of the night.

And now I'm back, with lots of work and no motivation whatsoever. I don't think Katie's even awake yet.

I was tagged by The Muffin Man, and I will get to that. But first I have to come up with 15 lesser known things about me. This is harder than you'd think because that's what this blog is all about...so lets see what I can dig up this week at school.

PS Does anyone else hate the scroll down bar with all your web addresses in the new version of Firefox? It just shows a seemingly random splotch of my history and my favorites. Which isn't what I want AT ALL.

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