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Finish The Fight
Thursday. 12.27.07 12:33 am
I'm working on a Halo 3 poster using this image:

Judgement by ~middaymoon on deviantART

I took it myself. It will say "FINISH THE FIGHT"

The details are awful. So far I've managed to give the words a shadow to match Master Chief's and made a rough texture for "finish"

I'll do the rest tomorrow.

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An addition to my Holiday Post.
Wednesday. 12.26.07 7:34 pm

I guess this is funnier if you keep up with the shows on the website. Still. These guys are good. Go check them out.

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Sorry, guys.
Wednesday. 12.26.07 1:24 pm
[A post from the future links here. If you clicked a link and don't know what happened, hitting the back button won't help. Hit it twice. When I wrote this entry I assumed you'd read the one directly before. Hence the confusing first line.]

That was completely uncalled for. She isn't that bad. And she didn't say anything bad about the present.

It was a good day, over all. I'd rather not have gone to her friend's house to eat, but they watched Guardian and I was entertained.

60 gigabyte hard drive for my pictures. YES.

The Orange Box pack for XBox 360, featuring Half Life 2, episodes 1 & 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2.

Mario Galaxy for the Wii.

A Halo 3 shirt

Some sweaters and nice jeans.

Camcorder!!! YESYES. 30 gig hard drive, drop sensor, infra-red night vision, touch screen, 40x optical zoom, one touch DVD burn...I am very pleased.

Anyone else get anything good? One of my friends got a CAR. Sure, it's a piece, and she can't drive, but it's a car.

: )

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Post Deleted
Monday. 12.24.07 3:50 pm
I'm going to go ahead and break my own "don't touch the older post" rule. I do try to preserve them for memory's sake, but this was just a bunch of hateful stuff. I also deleted all related comments. So. Thanks for being curious, I guess.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

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