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For Today
Thursday. 9.28.06 9:04 pm
Hmm. Well, during practise my speedo kept trying to come off. o.O!! lol.

Wow, I've been rather busy on NuTang the last few days, haven't I? I'm supposed to be doing homework, but I guess I'll be aright. The main reason I can't get anything done is because I can't concentrate worth a turd lately. Maybe it's just the lack of sleep, but im not that tired. I do zone out during things where I have to listen to people, like school and church, and i can't seem to stop. Maybe it's the ADD in my coming out or something. Ugh. Like getting my contact lenses, Mom says getting tested for some head disorder like mild ADD or mild narcolepsy. I find myself jerking awake, and experience frequent bouts of small time lag, lol. Sometimes when I'm going to bed I randomly jerk muscles, and this also happens a lot during church and school, especially if I'm bored. Coffee doesn't help. ARG!

EDIT: If you have about 5-10 minutes of spare time, and/or have xanga, go Here. Enjoy!

Another Edit: 9.29.06. 9:40 PM

Wow. I don't like Kendal at all anymore. Like, not even as a friend. that's weird.

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Life Lesson
Tuesday. 9.19.06 8:14 pm
A lesson I've learned: don't count your chickens before they hatch. I think.

But also, don't make a big deal about your new girlfriend. ESPECIALLY IF SHE DUMPS YOU SIXTEEN DAYS LATER. Here is a story...

At school yesterday, Kendal tries to initiate some sort of "I'm sorry, but...." in the middle of school. I didn't feel like dealing with some weird batch of emotions, or being dumped in front of a hallway of people I don't know. So I just shout something about class and run for it. I call her after school and ask what's up. She explains herself, and we talk, and it's kinda ok again. I know we just postponed things, and all that. But her mom gets her off rather abruptly and I get back to homework.

At swim practise the same day I have like five people telling me to dump her quick, before she gets me. And where has this rumor come from? Kendal's friend, Hannah. Tut Tut, don't trust something like that to Hannah. I explain that everything's cool, we talked about it, nobody's getting dumped.

I got dumped. Not only at school, but in the room with all the snack machines, and all the kids. She follows me in, waits for me to buy some Cheetos, drags me outside, and dumps me right there. And the whole time I'm thinking, "Um, this is great, but I want to eat, and YEAH im upset, you're stabbing me in the stomach."

So yeah. I'm actually not that upset. But I imagine she's going to have one hell of a night when she reads the really awesome message that I myspaced her before we broke up. Here's the kicker: I asked her "If we break up and you don't read this until afterwards, would you cry?" I'm totally psychic.

And i don't care if she reads this. She has near Zero internet access, and she can't figure out the word verification. o.O And LOL. Sean, my little brother, just asked if I gave a crap. I said yes, but not much more. Sean said I had to post that. I dunno why. Hahaha. That is my brother. I don't know what I am...

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I'm Dating Again!
Monday. 9.4.06 7:53 pm
check it out! I'm officially dating again. Her (not his) name is Kendal. She's awesome, and she's been my friend since last time we dated. LOL. I'm exetremely hyper. And I'd forgotten how ackward this stuff is. now I'm going to Myspace to spread the news like scratching an itch. A very bad itch, so a very satisfying scratch. Cya'll around!

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Duke Tip Program
Saturday. 7.8.06 9:18 pm
Tomorrow I am going to Clemson for TWO WEEKS! I've wanted to go to Clemson since I learnded that's where my dad went. I especially look forward to the engineering courses, cause I'm really into physics and such and I just realized that isn't really related to engineering and I think I'm stuck in this sentence and OH MY ROD SOMEBODY HELP ME.....


So, yeah. My Standerdized test scores were good enough to catch the attention of the Duke Tip program, which starts in 6th or 7th grade and lets students take the SAT (or more recently, the PSAT) once a year. the PSAT is scored a bit differently, but apperently I did very well last year. So well, in fact, that I got offers for such programs as the one I'm going to at Clemson, where you take a class for a week, (I'm taking 3 classes in 2 weeks, two half-days in one week and a full-day in the other.) sleep in the dorms, and generally learn a bit about college. I'm taking a course in Robotics, DNA, and I can't remember the other one, but i think it's bio-engineering or something.

I'm leaving about 9:30 tomorrow and won't get back till the Saterday after next. I expect tons of comments or I might just completely switch to Myspace, where I get more attention then I do here...

Just Kidding

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