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Tasteless like the gruel they feed orphans!
Friday. 10.3.08 9:48 pm
Yes, John really did say that today at lunch.

Here's all the BUMPER STICKERS that Ryan has sent me on facebook...

These images are prone to stop working. I hot linked them from Facebook. Don't hurt me.

This will probably not be entertaining for anyone who doesn't know Ryan personally. Ah, well. Today we changed Ginger Alert to Moose Watch, "in honor of Sarah Palin's Alaskan heritage." But then we changed it to EmuEmu are Alaskan, right? I meant Elk, not Emu. It's a freaking bird.



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I'm really a weirdo
Wednesday. 10.1.08 9:19 pm
On Facebook, I found out today that I had accumulated a lot of new "Pieces of Flair". The application works like so: there is a large database of pre-made or user-created "buttons". The buttons are usually jokes or funny pictures. The kind of thing one would wear on their shirt if they wanted a good laugh. There are probably millions of them already, so there's a button for any sense of humor (even a few with nudity, I bet).



You can look through the buttons, add them to your profile, and send them to friends with the application. Or, you can just be lazy like me and let your friends send you good ones.

The unique thing about this particular application, that sets it apart from its competitors (like Bumper Sicker) is that it displays a virtual cork board on your profile, and you can arrange as many or little of your buttons on it, in any pattern you want. Most people just let them gather haphazardly, but I like to have order. I try to factor them and put them in rows and columns. Because I'm a freak like that.

Today I counted my total (after dropping the ones that were unappealing) to be 44. So I rearranged everything, and put them in 4 columns of 11, as evenly spaced as possible. I had to stagger the columns to maximize exposure of each button. It was hard. And time consuming.

I go eat.

Ian sends me another one. Number 45. 9 rows of 5. I refuse! I'll not rearrange them until I get to 50, so that I can have 10 by 5, and just be done with. OR, arrange them like that right now, with blank spaces for the future-comers. But that's so tacky. Hmm.

It doesn't matter, because nobody ever sees them anyway. Unless they go OUT OF THEIR WAY (Facebook has become tedious) to look at the buttons. Then they might appreciate my time and effort. My REPEATED time and effort.

On top of all that, my spoonful of peanut butter (Yes, I still do that.) tastes weird. Parts of it are bitter. I wonder if it has anything to do with what the spoon was used for last.

Eating cheesy noodles, mind you.

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Tuesday. 9.30.08 8:52 pm
is now officially part of my vocabulary. Yus!

Ryan, John, and I are just full of tasteless jokes. Jokes including dead babies, Mr T., Helen Keller, Jews, (we have nothing against them, in all seriousness,) Jesus, (we know he doesn't mind,) Ginger alerts, orphans...the list goes on.

"Come on, guys. Don't hate on the Jews. God was a Jew at one point.

...and then they killed him-


There's just a certain dark satisfaction in that kind of joke.

Today we said John's bag of candy (Shocktarts and co.) was Jesus candy. When I grabbed the bag, John squeezed it and it popped.

"You popped Jesus!"

We would ask if we could partake and eat Jesus, which seemed like a funny idea, especially after, "This is my body, which I break for you."

At this point we were hysterical.

Don't ask why I'm talking about this.

There are a few parts of conversations with Katie that I always want to save and share, but I'm too lazy and I don't remember anyway. Which is probably a relief to her.


Romanticocabrita: Finally.
wiseguysupreme4: Finally?
Romanticocabrita: I have someone I can invite over for breakfast without them heading for my cereal collection.
wiseguysupreme4: :D
Romanticocabrita: (My eggs are better than my pancakes, though.
wiseguysupreme4: HAHAHAHA
wiseguysupreme4: OK.
Romanticocabrita: o.o
Romanticocabrita: What?
wiseguysupreme4: Your eggs...and your pancakes.
wiseguysupreme4: ...heheh.
Romanticocabrita: ...What?
wiseguysupreme4: Seriously?
wiseguysupreme4: You don't get that?
Romanticocabrita: ...
Romanticocabrita: -blll...ink.-
Romanticocabrita: Is it...dirty?
wiseguysupreme4: ...well, it was.
Romanticocabrita: -stares- I've stopped noticing those things as much.
Romanticocabrita: Majorly.
wiseguysupreme4: No kidding.

Aww. I go for a second opinion:

wiseguysupreme4: Hey, you.
Kookykido: Hi thar.
wiseguysupreme4: Can you test something for me?
Kookykido: Sure?
Kookykido: Like...
wiseguysupreme4: "Romanticocabrita: I have someone I can invite over for breakfast without them heading for my cereal collection.
wiseguysupreme4: :D
Romanticocabrita: (My eggs are better than my pancakes, though."
wiseguysupreme4: Reaction?
Kookykido: Huh?
Kookykido: My reaction/
Kookykido: ?*
wiseguysupreme4: Yes.
Kookykido: ...confusion.
Kookykido: Her eggs are better than her pancakes...
Kookykido: Yum.
Kookykido: I just had eggs and Swedish pancakes.
Kookykido: So now I'm hungry again.
Kookykido: I wonder what kind of delicious cereals she has in her kitchen.
Kookykido: But, confusion, for the most part.

Maybe it's just me. -sigh-


Yeah, it's just me. Gah.

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I think it was stolen
Thursday. 9.25.08 9:56 pm
Either it was stolen, or I'm a complete idiot.

Actually, it might have been both.

We were at a swim meet (home pool) and now I don't even know where it is. I usually put things in my bag by instinct, but...man, it's just completely gone. Urg.


EDIT: Wow, I was so fried that I forgot to say it was my Zune that was taken. Stolen. Lost. Whatever.

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