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First day, check
Wednesday. 8.20.08 10:39 pm
This semester is gonna rock. Two out of 4 periods have awesome teachers, and the first period is actually two different classes on an "A day, B day" schedule that lasts all year. Score!

Creative Writing 2 is, so far, way too much fun.

The "story" for this video kind of sucks. And even creepier than the child at the beginning is the fact that the singer has that smile on his face most of the song.

Odd video aside, you have to admit that this song is kickin'. Just listen to it. The way the words' normal stress patterns have been changed have been changed to go with the music is pretty crazy (even more apparent in their song "Slow Bleed").

It's all around me,
And I can't wish this away,
You so amaze me,
You took my monster away, [x2]

Wake me, c'mon and wake me up now I
Want to cut off my strings and break,
Loose of your control of me,
Cut your strings and be free with me, [x2]

Everybody, shake your body,
Lift your hands, stop frontin',
You're just a puppet, [x2]

To all the marionettes

If your gonna run, how fast ya gonna run?,
And If your gonna jump, how high can you jump?,
All you perpetrators be walkin' round frontin',
What?, you fakers afraid to stand for somethin'? why don't ya stand
Up n' break me off somethin'? [x2]

Ya wanna make it outta sight?,
Somebody wanna get live tonight?,
We can hit that, flip that, settle the score,
'n' ain't nobody rock a crowd like this before,
Ya wanna make it outta sight?,
Somebody wanna get live tonight?,
Like an earthquake, let it shake,
Make the floor vibrate, Krutch y'all,
Back to set the record straight.

All y'all people, listen, it's on,
Krutch marauders we on a mission,
Hittin' ya with the ill ammunition,
At war with the puppet master, ..
I'll bring it on if I had to,
Rip it 'n' leave the whole scene shattered,
Like, chik, blaow!, what ya think of me now,
I'm lettin' my dawgs out,
Makin' it loud so hear me shout, what?,
We be comin' laced with bass,
Hit the place with no trace,
When we rock the space,


To all the people still sleepin'

[Chorus (x2)]

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Tuesday. 8.19.08 7:04 pm
Mom made me grumpy.

Well, no.

I'm just grumpy. We'll leave it at that.

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Atomic back smack
Tuesday. 8.19.08 9:33 am
Back Smacker

This is similar to what I did at Clemson. The only differences are that I was on a high dive, and I was doing a front flip with a...half gainer? I ended up oriented just like him, so I guess so.

Good way to get girls' attention, though. Hahahaha

Also, today is my brother's first day of school, and I only just remembered. And I've been awake since about 45 minutes ago. heh

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Sunday. 8.17.08 3:30 pm
I keep refreshing nutang as if I expect something to happen. But nothing is.

I think it's because I have a new writing. And unlike normal, I'm waiting to make sure it's quite finished and as well done as possible before I put it up. I have plans for this.

But, wow, am I impatient.

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