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New Moon
Tuesday. 1.6.09 11:41 pm
I made a new animated GIF today. It's for the screensaver on my phone, so I can't make it into an icon without lots and lots of undue trouble. Bah.

The timing is extremely poor, and the animation is pretty rough. You can tell where I used a morphing program because it moves smoothly. Heheh. Surprisingly, little things like consistency matter more for wall-papers than for tiny icons.

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It bothers me
Sunday. 1.4.09 5:06 pm
to leave up an angry post after I've calmed down. But I had nothing else to post about! So, it stayed. Thanks for the concern, ladies and gents.

Today I have to finish a book and I'd like to get into some of that math...meh. School tomorrow!

Lots of Christmas candy left-over. Yay!

Food time, I think.

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OK, so,
Thursday. 1.1.09 6:39 pm
I really, really, REALLY hate being left out of the loop. I don't like to hear about parties and such after the fact. I mean, it's one thing if the host doesn't know me or there are other reasons to not invite me. Then it's just, "Oh, he/she didn't invite me. Alright."

It's a different beast when you hear about a bunch of your friends getting together, friends who you'd assume would invite you or at least warn you of an upcoming event. Seriously, is it so easy to forget me? I kind of doubt it. Half the people there have my phone number; it takes about 17 seconds to send me a text.


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Thursday. 12.25.08 6:57 pm
Christmas today was satisfying. Opened presents with Mom and Sean, which was cool. Katie came by, talked briefly with Mom, and we drove around and visited/stalked some friends. Pretty fun. Then, she brought me to her house, where her mom presented me with a knit hat (it matches the one she made for Katie...). And Katie gave me THIS, the COOLEST DREAMCATCHER...EVAR! I really don't know how to describe it. I think it's amazing, and I love it, and all the other presents I got (new Zune, FM broadcaster, Old Spice bathroom set?, a few books, several fantastic Threadless shirts...) put together ALMOST match the dreamcatcher in awesome-ness.


It has two hoops! About 75 glass beads in the outer ring, and about 25 in the inner, all unique and hand-picked. The leather strips wrapped around the hoops are the deepest shade of blue and the feathers are, quite frankly, the farking coolest things I have ever seen.

I think there was more, but this is...AGH IT'S DISTRACTING, but I LOVE it.

Thanks so much!

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