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Forget that junk
Monday. 6.9.08 9:17 pm
I should have done paradigms while I had the chance. There's this guy on Deviant Art who likes asking Great Questions, making philosophical polls, and such. Needless to say, I thrive on the threads he indirectly creates. I was (calmly) discussing if Christians are insecure because of our belief. AFTER the thread ended (peacefully) some guy comes out of nowhere with just a link.

The link lead to the Zeitgeist Movie, which I've seen. I responded, saying that most of the "evidence" the movie put forth against the Bible isn't really evidence, just suspicion and speculation, which of course is understandable because of the age of the book but doesn't really prove anything. Then I brought up a few points about the absurdity of a self creating universe, (mostly the ones I've pointed out here), and left it at that.

OH! I've taken to pasting "Please note that I am not offended, and don't mean to offend. Just wanted to point that out. Thanks." to the end of all my religious comments. It can get repetitive and probably a little obnoxious, but it's a point I want to be very clear. Anyways...

I got off on a side-thread with some guy about the Lock Ness Monster and stuff (again, very peaceful) when the guy comes out of NOWHERE again with...this...BLOCK of incoherent text. I took 9 or 10 minutes trying to figure out what this guy was trying to say before I gave up and asked him to make it something we could discuss and not just his blatantly biased opinion. I'd show you what was said, but I lost the link to the thread...if it comes up in my message box again, I'll show you all.

The moral of the story is that now I DO want to write something with a religious tone to it, but I won't because I think that everyone's patience with me on the matter is kind of low. I'll wait. :P

Yesterday I got on a blow-up raft and got pulled behind a boat on the local lake. It was like tubing, but it used a lot more muscle (OH YEAH!) because it's a lot harder to stay on than an inner tube. So my arms were VERY sore yesterday and today.

Thankfully, the swim meet for today was stormed out. Unfortunately, I wasted more than 2 hours of my day waiting for the silly officials to come to that decision. So. Today has been a mixed bag.


'Tis true
People get very heated very easily about the whole religious business, and it goes both ways. I know you know where I stand on it, so I enjoy examining the psychological aspect of it :) Of course, if you're going to be posting in a thread about religion, it's implied that you're going to making claims that may disagree with the opinion of someone else. So should you need to put "this is my opinion blah blah blah" at the end of every post? No. But there are idiots out there, as you have pointed out, who may need to be alerted otherwise. *sigh* If only the world could have an open mind.

Shoot, I'm about to head out to Lake Chelan for 3 days, and I really wanna try this tubing of which you speak...too bad there won't be any boats :( And I think the weather might suck. CURSES.
» The-Muffin-Man on 2008-06-11 12:31:30

i know they arent good. :[

haha blow up raft huh ill have to try that sounds like fun.
» Ruby-in-slippers on 2008-06-11 10:04:40

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