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Mmm, Digimon
Friday. 11.7.08 12:16 am
I've always missed that old TV show I watched a long time ago, but in the past week I've finally found a way to fill that obsession. Youtube! haha. The amount of full episodes just floating around is staggering. I watched the movie, too.

It's surprisingly good, much better than the cartoon. It was fun to watch because of the fight scenes, obviously, but it was actually more mature and emotional than I remember. Same old corny jokes gave way to a much better, more subtle kind of humor. I'm glad I saw it again!


I went to the bathroom to get some water in a bottle, and something reminded me of Katie.

I came all the way back down the hallway with a stupid grin on my face. Heehee.

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I just remembered
Wednesday. 11.5.08 9:38 pm
I'm in a "class play" (i.e. it's crap) and I have to die in a drunk driving accident. My friend just wouldn't give me his keys.

Bah. I hate memorizing lines. And then SAYING them.


"Romanticocabrita: The kids in my fourth block Ewed puffy Cheetos.
wiseguysupreme4: ...what
wiseguysupreme4: ?
Romanticocabrita: They said Ew about the puffy Cheetos.
Romanticocabrita: 3:
wiseguysupreme4: What puffy cheetos?
Romanticocabrita: Any puffy Cheetos. They weren't physicall present. SOmehow we got onto the topic.
wiseguysupreme4: !!!!
wiseguysupreme4: You should smite them with your cheesy fingers attack.
wiseguysupreme4: ...too much Digimon.

I am way too distracted to be doing this English homework.

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Tasteless, but true
Tuesday. 11.4.08 11:13 pm
Good old John. Out of my main "school group" of friends, most of them are staunch Republican. And a few of them are actually that way because they're educated (and not because their parents are), like Ryan. Personally, I'm fairly moderate (surprise!) but leaning right.

But John is our democrat. And boy, do we love him for it.

In the face of all our political jokes, some pretty biased, John stands firm in his beliefs. I think we've swayed him on a few topics, but mostly he defends well. And he takes it with good humor. He makes Palin jokes, too. It's great.

One day, while discussing the stupidity of running with Palin as vice-president, John made the following comment.

"Obama doesn't have a lot of experience, so he ran with someone who's experience balanced him out. McCain saw him do this, and made a fatal mistake in thinking that it worked both ways. He's trying to balance out his experience against a complete newbie!"

We all got a good laugh out of that. Great times. Of course, that's not word for word, and it was much funnier to hear in person.


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I'm such a geek
Wednesday. 10.29.08 9:37 pm

"Katie: DAAAH!
Me: -attack-
Katie: -runs away-
Me: ...love attack?
Katie: -stops-
Katie: -runs back-
Katie: -tackle!-
Me: It's super effective!"

I'm so lucky.

SO. I switched my contacts with a new pair. And now everything is crystal clear, and it's amazing. Just goes to show, though, that you really can't tell how bad something is until you've had better. And suddenly things stand out. And they look amazing. You wonder how you managed before, or how come you never even thought things were bad.


Today was a good day. Actually, this has been a good week. A great week. Some really amazing things have happened in my life and in those around me. For me, it's all coming to a head this week.

I'm extremely happy right now. Or, as happy as my puny little heart can manage. Haha.

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