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Interesting day
Wednesday. 12.17.08 8:41 pm
Getting a new cell phone, a Sony Ericsson Walkman. It came in the mail today; as soon as I transfer my contact list and other stuff, I'm going to activate it. I'm switching from Verizon to Cingular, so I have to do it manually. Blah.

D�j� vu isn't such a new thing for me. I often have periods when I think I've dreamed a situation before. I can remember this happening since I was a kid; I would have little dream fragments, and then some time later I would live them out, and be struck by the familiarity. At least, that's what it felt like. I figured it was just my brain fooling me like everyone else.

But today, it happened again. I was walking past my friend, who commented on my shirt. "It's tight clothing day!" I exclaimed, (a story for another day,) and then suddenly remembered saying that to her before. Then I walked inside a building, and while I wiped my feet on the rug (it was wet outside) and thought about it, a kid who had walked in before me started sliding around to make his shoes squeak. At first it annoyed me, but then that triggered another wave of d�j� vu, because I remembered that, too.

Usually, when d�j� vu hits me in waves like that, I get disappointed because I like trying to remember what happens next before it actually happens, but I never can until right when it IS happening. So I can't prove to myself that something out of the ordinary is going on.

BUT! Here's the kicker: When this was still a dream, I told Katie about it. I don't remember when or why, but I remember telling her. And she remembers, too. Especially the part about tight clothing (haha).

So I know it's not just my brain registering events in a funky way. I actually dreamed this before it happened. I mean, I've always felt like that, but I just figured that's how I was expected to feel about it, and that it was just an illusion. But now I have pretty solid reason to believe otherwise. And it rocks my world.

Gah. I have two projects due Friday, one in Math IB and one in History. And the History is a team project. Poo.

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Dear nuTang
Tuesday. 12.16.08 8:51 pm
Out of curiousity, I've been reading backwards through my entries, and even some of the comments. You guys are awesome. I'm just realizing that lots of people have been friendly with me, and I don't even know if I've responded. It upsets me to know that someone went to the trouble of leaving me a thoughtful comment, and I either forgot to respond or just ignored it. SO!

Thanks a lot, you guys and girls! Basically, if you're reading this, I'm talking to you! I hope YOU had a super special awesome day. And Merry Christmas, if I forget to post at a more appropriate time.


PS: I peed on myself today. Though I DO have a good excuse, involving boys bathroom ettiquete and tiny urinals, I don't feel like going into it. Just know that I had a long wet spot all the way down to my knee. And, I swear on my minivan, I played it off. You know you're good at throwing people off when you can convince people that the pee on your jeans is just a social experiment. That's what's up.

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Addiction or Bug Bites
Saturday. 12.13.08 10:32 am
It presents a certain savage pleasure
to grant that wish;
feed that urge,
scratch the itch.

Last night, I went to sleep around 4. And got up at 9:30.

I heard The Dark Side of the Moon from Mulan (it was on my friend's ipod,) and now I can't find it on the internet. Youtube just has the clip from the movie. Boo!

EDIT: OH! It's called I'll Make a Man out of You. That makes it easier.

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Tuesday. 12.9.08 10:35 pm
The Zune player on my computer displays the song info against a backdrop of a bunch of albums in my collection. Every now and then, the art will switch to a different album.

It's torture. Every time I see movement on the screen out of the corner of my eye, I stop and look to see.


EDIT: 11:15

Wow, now everything is tense, and I can NOT for the life of me get this work done. My mind is suddenly swamped.

It's prayer time! -cheesy inspirational music-

No, seriously.

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