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It bothers me
Sunday. 1.4.09 5:06 pm
to leave up an angry post after I've calmed down. But I had nothing else to post about! So, it stayed. Thanks for the concern, ladies and gents.

Today I have to finish a book and I'd like to get into some of that math...meh. School tomorrow!

Lots of Christmas candy left-over. Yay!

Food time, I think.

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OK, so,
Thursday. 1.1.09 6:39 pm
I really, really, REALLY hate being left out of the loop. I don't like to hear about parties and such after the fact. I mean, it's one thing if the host doesn't know me or there are other reasons to not invite me. Then it's just, "Oh, he/she didn't invite me. Alright."

It's a different beast when you hear about a bunch of your friends getting together, friends who you'd assume would invite you or at least warn you of an upcoming event. Seriously, is it so easy to forget me? I kind of doubt it. Half the people there have my phone number; it takes about 17 seconds to send me a text.


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Thursday. 12.25.08 6:57 pm
Christmas today was satisfying. Opened presents with Mom and Sean, which was cool. Katie came by, talked briefly with Mom, and we drove around and visited/stalked some friends. Pretty fun. Then, she brought me to her house, where her mom presented me with a knit hat (it matches the one she made for Katie...). And Katie gave me THIS, the COOLEST DREAMCATCHER...EVAR! I really don't know how to describe it. I think it's amazing, and I love it, and all the other presents I got (new Zune, FM broadcaster, Old Spice bathroom set?, a few books, several fantastic Threadless shirts...) put together ALMOST match the dreamcatcher in awesome-ness.


It has two hoops! About 75 glass beads in the outer ring, and about 25 in the inner, all unique and hand-picked. The leather strips wrapped around the hoops are the deepest shade of blue and the feathers are, quite frankly, the farking coolest things I have ever seen.

I think there was more, but this is...AGH IT'S DISTRACTING, but I LOVE it.

Thanks so much!

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The Steve Dictionary: Party Foul
Wednesday. 12.24.08 9:50 pm
1. An act of aggression or hostility in a laid-back situation. Ex, throwing your drink in someone's face at a party.

2. The act of smoking or getting drunk or high around people who abstain, ever.

3. The act of being a ruining someone's innocent fun. (see "buzz-kill")

4. The act of taking an understood joke too far.

5. slang, term used to describe implications which are offensive or maliciously intended.

I think, once, my brother put his fist through his wall. Or at least dented it. I've never acted on my anger like that before. I ALMOST did, last night. Which goes to show, sometimes you inherit traits from your parents you'd rather not have. Like anger. Or cancer.

Two very different things, caused by very different circumstances; sometimes maybe caused by each other. But somehow, they're the same. They work the same way. If it doesn't just go away, you have to purge it forcefully. Stop its growth.

Haha! The song that's playing on my computer is Drag You Down by Finger Eleven. How fitting.

I nearly forgot it, but for the first Christmas after my dad died, my mom bought three big, white candles. We set them up on the mantle, between the branches of the holly. And before we had our present opening feast, Mom told us that she'd gotten the three candles because they were supposed to represent how Dad was still with us in spirit. I don't remember if it was before a prayer or afterward, but I remember that after we lit them, the middle flame grew over a foot high. We almost didn't notice, except for the inordinate amount of hot wax dripping off the fireplace. It kept burning for a long time, until we blew it out.

We never figured out what happened. We had to stop using that candle because the entire side had melted away and none of the wax would stay put, but before we tossed it, it never burned so high again.

Merry Christmas, guys.

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