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Wednesday. 4.22.09 11:34 pm
At this point, I don't care if I'm right or wrong.

I want to break something.

I'd never felt been made to feel so petty until I met you.

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Not nerdy enough
Tuesday. 4.21.09 7:19 pm
I'm trying to find a way to get around the blocked sites on the school internet connection. I kind of hoped that they were blocked only on the browser they make us use, (internet explorer,) but it turns out that it's more a problem of going through the school's iPrism proxy.

Is there any way to get around that? I really have no idea what I'm doing. I got some freeware called Tunnelier, which looks pretty complicated. I don't know what I should be trying to do with it, or how to do it. So.

Any tips? Is there even any hope?

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I'mma punch Muffy
Sunday. 4.19.09 3:04 am

I've been trying to sleep for a few hours, and no luck. It's weird, I usually have no trouble. Especially if I plug into some music. But now...ugh. I just can't keep my mind from wandering...or...something. I can't remember how I usually get to sleep. What mindset I get in, that is.

I'm so tired!

I also have a problem, because even though my usual haunts on the computer aren't really doing much to distract me, (facebook, nuTang, comics; they're all dead lately) I can't ever remember to do actually PRODUCTIVE things I want to do. So I end up wasting my entire weekend. Boo!

The games being offered for Zune look pretty awesome--NOT. Some great ideas, but the touch pad thing plus the small screen on my model makes for some interesting gaming boo-boos.

Hopefully the video for HOTA will be awesome. It's a bit of a big production for just me and John.

I don't like the term "avoiding". It implies that I'm going out of my way to...well, avoid something. But isn't it different if I've just stopped going out of my way to confront that thing? Like, if I was angry at the sun, I'd have to trouble myself to stay out of sunlight all day and only come out at night, I guess. But if, say, an earthworm was staying out of the sun, that doesn't mean it's avoiding the sun on purpose. It just happens to live in the dirt.

Hmm. I just contrasted me from myself and compared me to an earthworm instead.


"She groped me on the stairs, below the old man's kitchen!"

Gotta love the Dropkick Murphys.

Before the stats reset for Sunday, I noticed that I was in the top 10. "But how," I thought, "can I be so popular and still only have 2 comments on a 3 (?) day old post?"

The answer is...you're all reading and not responding! :0


It's OK, I do it too.

The reason I'm having trouble going to sleep is NOT because I just watched An American Haunting. It was pretty good, but I was only nervous in bed for, say, the first 40 minutes. After that it was just relaxed insomnia.

I just cranked up the AC a bit. Time for a second try! Night, folks.

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Beyong Frustrating
Friday. 4.17.09 12:48 am
I get back from this trip to Utah, where I took 238 photos of us camping, us climbing cliffs, us in the Delicate Arch, etc...

I get back home, take them off my camera, and realize that about half of them are gone. Half. I took some fucking AMAZING pictures that I was really pumped about. They're all gone. All I have left are the novelty shots of us goofing around on the first day.

I can't figure it out. They were all there yesterday. All of them.

It's a mortal blow. I was so happy about those. Those pictures were the best part of the trip. There are only those left from the first two days. The first day is just us goofing around in a bus because the airline screwed us over. The second day we went to Island in the Sky, which was absolutely beautiful. And I swear, the pictures stop RIGHT BEFORE I started taking good ones.

The cliffs, the terrible MREs, the beautiful sky, the delicate arch, me and the boys going off the trail and climbing the world, our campsite...

This was the first time I've ever humped my own gear 3 miles (I know, it's not super long distance) into the mountains, set up camp, eaten cold military rations (no fires allowed), and just generally had a real camping trip. We were in this amazing red + white canyon, and the sun...man...

It's not fair. I think the computer must have deleted them, because when I was loading them it was counting down from 238, and it randomly stopped. I thought it was done. It deletes the pictures automatically from the camera...

UGH. I might cry.

OK, not really. But I would gladly pay $50 EACH for MOST of the pictures I lost. Only 3 or 4 of the ones I have left are of any value.

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