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Just don't know
Wednesday. 7.15.09 11:34 pm
I almost wrote this depressing entry about self-doubt and my demons and all that jazz, but then I temporarily got over it.

Also, a girl told me the strangest thing ever earlier today. It was completely out of the blue, and I suspect that it will disappear back there, never to be heard of again. It made my day, in a weird sort of way.

Harry Potter was fun, but even more fun than that was that my friends dressed up as officials in the Ministry of Magic, and acted as such throughout most of the wait and afterwards.

All I did was wear a hood that obscures my face and pretend to be a dementor. I was purposefully lame. I even wore a Girls State underneath the hood.

Oh, yeah. That was a pretty fun part of the night, too. I recognized a bunch of people, but only a few of them (impressive feat, by the way,) recognized me. So it was nice to say hey to them and watch them freak out.

Some mom got a picture of me and the ministers with her kids. Whaaaat.

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What's a disco stick?
Monday. 7.13.09 7:49 pm
I mean, really. How do you even think of calling it that.

I beat KH 2 today. Well, I didn't really finish everything, but I went ahead and beat the boss. I didn't get to see the ending video though, because the credits were hellishly long and you can't pause them. And it was dinner time.

Ho, ho, ho.

Starting the day I got back, I've hung out with Ryan and Kilo every day, including in a few minutes, and tomorrow we're watching Harry Potter.

Note: Don't play Ultimate Frisbee in an open field at 3 in the afternoon. I think I broke 105 degrees, at least. And my Gatorade was hot.

Blargh. Hot Orange Gatorade. It was like drinking fresh sweat.

Hahahaha. Time for Horror and Skittles.

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Every time
Saturday. 7.11.09 1:06 pm
Every time I go up to Appalachia, I come alive again. And this time, I plan to stay that way.

The speaker is the same guy we had at Horizon a few years ago: Evan English. The dude is fantastic. He did 5 lectures just on the Lord's Prayer, going through all the nuances and truths hidden in just those simple few sentences. The idea is that the whole thing is like a framework for how our prayers should be, and each part dictates a different aspect of how we should live.

I took a lot of notes this week, which is good because I WILL forget. And apparently the CEM guys are making his sermons into a podcast in a while. That would be nice to have.

I also became very aware of how unfair I've been. Well, no, maybe not unfair. But definitely not Godly. Like any hypocritical Christian, I'm awfully good at being loving when it benefits me, aren't I?

Hardly loving at all.

Anyway, that's something that I fervently plan on fixing. Starting about 3 days ago.

SO! How are you guys doing? I'm out of the loop because I've been in and out so often lately. What's going on?

The doctor who did my physical said the little lump on my thigh was probably just a cyst. Yay for good news. But...Thursday?...Thursday night I noticed that it was deeper in my skin and red and sore. In fact, it's awfully bothersome because my cell phone rubs against it in my pocket. I think one of the kids banged it and knocked it loose.

So, uh...fun.

Kyle had to go home early, so I missed him terribly almost all week. We had bought a huge bag of Skittles to share, but we didn't get to.

Oh, Kilo.

The blood test says my cholesterol is still astoundingly high. I think it may have something to do with being at Boys State and Horizon back to back for a week before hand, but I'm willing to accept the responsibility of cleaning up my blood. Frankly, I'm tired of eating poorly. Cooking something decent will be a great skill to have soon. And I want to be at the top of my game for college. Spiritually AND physically.

I'm so happy that I got to meet those kids. They've done a lot for me, and they're basically awesome.

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Time Capsule 10
Saturday. 7.11.09 12:56 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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