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Thursday. 8.6.09 12:27 pm
I always forget to update this thing these days. Poo on me.

I saw a fantastic movie a few nights ago. I'm going to have to compare it to Sweeny Todd because it's a musical, and it's also dark and gothy and generally cynical in nature.

Yes, I know that I just used improper grammar with so many "ands". I know it's wrong, and I do it purposefully to express that I'm rambling with excitement. It's a literary device.


It's like Sweeny Todd, but I liked it much better. In fact, I watched it with a crazy Todd fan (trust me, the guy pretends to be British and has a Lord of the Rings chess set, not to mention "action figures" of various famous characters throughout history. Like Sherlock Holmes.) and he even liked it better.

Repo! The Genetic Opera. Obviously not very well known in popular culture. But the music was pretty much all kick-ass, and the dramatic aspect was not toned down at all.


And, yes, Paris Hilton is in this movie. I respect her a tiny bit more just for playing a part. She does pretty well.

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The first song kind of explains the current social state of affairs, with the mass population addicted to surgery and therefore relying on the painkiller called Zydrate. The second song is my favorite, especially the finale. And the last song kind of explains the hold that GeneCo has on their paid murderer: blackmail.

Maybe a better post later.

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Thursday. 7.30.09 11:50 pm

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I got very lucky on youtube one time and found a music video made of clips from Halo and this song. After that, my friend Kierra just-so-happened to buy their new two-disk album (joyjoyjoy) and let me have it for a while. Kamelot rocks my socks; they are, in my opinion, the best example of symphonic metal. Except it's more opera metal, isn't it? The album was called Ghost Opera, as is one of the songs on it, and that seems like a pretty good way of describing them.

Swim practice starts tomorrow. Gotta get up early, like I tried to do this morning. Funny story, actually.

Well, not really.

Anyway, I can't stay on any longer, so later.

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So many prayers!
Saturday. 7.25.09 10:14 am
Thanks guys. It means a lot!

So, the highlight of the trip, beyond meeting family, living on a 60 foot yacht for 3 days, taking beautiful pictures, and watching Grim Adventures in Spanish, was that I was reunited with a dear old friend from my childhood. Once, long ago, I was in a store in Puerto Rico, and I was thirsty, so mom bought me a can of Old Colony Pi�a, which is the best pineapple drink I'd ever had or have had since.

Pi�a was just a long lost memory to me; all I could remember was the taste and the bright yellow can. BUT! Before I got on the boat I mentioned above, we went to a little bakery type shop (with legendary sandwiches, word has it,). Mom recommended some drink called Old Colony, which did not strike my memory, but when I saw the can, I knew.

And when I drank it, I believed.

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We find out that
Thursday. 7.16.09 11:54 pm
Apparently, that cyst thing on my leg was just that; a harmless cyst. A little ball of flesh, about the size of a big marble, filled with some sort of liquid. I kind of liked it.

But, somehow, some bacteria got into it, and all that liquid turned into chunky pus. The worst kind. I've made two Big Squeezes since yesterday, and each time I'm thoroughly surprised at the sheer volume of the stuff. It's smaller now than it was before it became infected, but there's still more to come.

I can see it. Blech.

What great timing: I'm going to Puerto Rico to visit my terminally ill grandfather this Saturday. I probably WON'T get a blood infection, but my mom's got me on meds and creams anyway. Because, you know, that would suck pretty hard.

I have to get up at 6 in the morning to make sure I'm taking it spaced out. One pill, three times a day. New creme and band-aid, twice I day. I'm going to burn through those things.

Bah, I'm tired. I don't know why I insist on staying up this late. There's nothing going on that I'm interested in on the Blogosphere. I tried downloading the Auto Tune the News videos from Youtube, but one way or another they all crapped out on me. So I'm giving up for now and hitting the sack.

Cya, folks.

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