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Off Balance
Sunday. 11.15.09 9:30 pm
Is that a good way to put it? I dunno.


I discovered the Weegee meme, and it gives me great pleasure. Unfortunately, it IS just a meme and therefore can only do so much for me. But now I have a sweet catchphrase to say in awkward conversations. Only fellow net-connoisseurs will catch my meaning. And then it'll be a little inside-joke party.

Mom made a big deal about me leaving the Movie Night before 8:30 tonight for dinner, and when I got home at 8:35 I was told that they'd eaten dinner at 8.

I don't think it's possible to not be frustrated, being in my position with relationships. I don't know what to do with myself. AND BROSEF YOU ARE NOT HELPING.

I want to submit some of my haikus from last year that aren't dark and foreboding like my recent stuff seems to be, but I can't find my portfolio from last year. There was some good stuff.


I feel like a bear that stopped hibernating too soon. And not because I'm tired.


That would explain a lot.

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Sunday Morning
Sunday. 11.15.09 9:19 am
on your internets updating yer blogz.

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I hurt
Monday. 11.9.09 10:55 pm
I played lots of running and jumping games last night for about an hour and a half straight, and today I went and did it again. Everything hurts. Basketball practice starts this Thursday, and I'm so...looking forward to that.

Also, I got straight up pelted in the balls with a dodge ball. The only time I will thank Charlie for replacing the old rubber kick balls we used to use.

I wrote a haiku.

I did not do my math homework, which is going to hurt a ton tomorrow.

I had my feet cut out from under me yesterday and then, on an unrelated topic, they were driven up my ass. Everyone's beating me up.

For all the times I've said "maybe THAT's my problem," or something along those lines, I certainly don't act on it much.

I absolutely hate it when people say something incomprehensible, like with some really bad typos or with food in their mouth or something, and it was supposed to be somewhat important, and when you ask them what they said or what they're talking about, they don't know. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T KNOW. I don't see how hard it is to explain a bunch of letters you typed or the words that sounded somewhat like "Uh theek uh gun frop." It doesn't matter if you didn't mean to say something or it was unrelated to the conversation: if that's the case, then tell me THAT. Problem solved. Until you do that, I'm sitting here trying to figure out what the answer to my question was to begin with.

Ugh. Berry.

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Kicked him right in the face
Sunday. 11.8.09 5:59 pm
Not much of interest has been going on with me lately. Doing homework, college applications, hanging out with friends, managing to waste hours every day, etc. It's no-shave November, which means the fact that hair seems to grow on my face asymmetrically will be glaringly obvious by December.

I need to get my wisdom teeth taken out.

I don't know how I feel about colleges right now. Take MIT for example. I DEFINITELY want to go there. But do I want to go there for undergrad school? Would it be better for me to be at MIT for the rest of my academic career, to go there and then to somewhere else for Grad school, or to go somewhere else and then MIT for Grad school? I dunno if I want to pay for 6+ years of MIT. But, yeah. Part of me dreads getting accepted, so I can try again for Grad school and get my best degree from MIT. Part of me is just excited to go no matter what.

Also, if I don't get in to MIT, what's my secondary choice? Clemson in particular is confusing me; a TON of my friends are going there, but I've always been half-opposed to the idea of going where EVERYONE in South Carolina seems to go. I'm sure I'll have no problem being accepted. I just want to stand out. And meeting new people is kind of exciting. So I'm completely torn.

I feel bad because I'm not giving much thought to the other great schools I'm applying to, like Brown or Cornell or Virginia and Georgia Techs. Actually, there are more that I just don't remember. Fantastic.

Too much!

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