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A love poem with a disclaimer
Thursday. 2.4.10 11:03 pm
I always thought that was funny.

I never had any discernible body oder until a few months ago. I've finally grown up in this respect.


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Finished The Shack
Monday. 2.1.10 11:30 pm
Today Kyle and I were in a parking lot that had ice on it still, and managed to lift some of the bigger pieces that were actual ice and not notsnow. They were dirty, jagged, and several inches thick in places.

We threw them at each other.

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Phendrana's Edge
Saturday. 1.30.10 10:29 pm

All this week the weather guy's been telling us that we'd get snow on Friday and Saturday. Frankly, we've heard this before. So we didn't believe him.

When he changed the prediction to "winter mix" we just laughed because we realized that was probably more accurate.

No basketball game this morning because the roads are icy. Which means no drivings, which means no out-of-neighborhood friends and no movies with pretty girls.

Ironically, today is the first day in my entire life that I've been allowed by Mom to walk out of the neighborhood and down the road. The day when it's icy. Who would've figured. I walked down to the middle school with AJ and Sydney. The school is in some sort of depression, so it's surrounded by hills that make sweet sled spots. The terrible notsnow was actually good for sledding...at first I couldn't stay on the dang thing, but eventually I managed to get ALMOST the farthest. We actually ran into the school itself, a few times.

I was wearing my new MIT hoody because it fits me the best and also I like it a lot, and RIGHT when I was about to leave, I said, "Hey, (AJ's dad,) what if I just jumped onto this boogeyboard?" I mean, it was sitting right at the edge of the slope. Poised. Waiting. So I jumped onto it.

I missed.

So I jumped again, and slid halfway down the hill before I flipped over.

Bad News:
There was a rusty metal stake hidden in the snow.
It punctured a hole RIGHT through my MIT hoody. D:
It also slashed at my elbow a bit. Hello, tetanus.

Good News:
Mom sort of maybe fixed the tear.
Somehow, even though the metal broke my skin, it didn't tear the sweater I was wearing under MIT. (just left a bit of mud, go figure)
I got my tetanus shot a few years ago.


I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow. I have a test to study for...but there's no church or youth group so I have the entire day to fill.

Speaking of which. This whole "maybe relationship" thing (nobody here should know what I'm talking about, so don't feel left out) is bothering me. It's the same old thing again: To be, or not to be? So much to consider...

Oh, and about my last post. There is a nice older lady, who I know of but do not know personally, who to my surprise I found to be reading my blog. Not just reading it, but scrounging through it with a passion. I'm not going to get into WHY she was reading it, but as far as I am concerned it's a weeeeeny bit invasive and really really creepy. I mean, this IS public domain, so I have it coming. But, still, this is for me, my friends, and people who might be interested in my ideas. And she is none of the above. Of course, as egocentric as I am, I couldn't help but gloat a little tiny bit at her because I found her out almost without any help from her. So that's what that was. Me being conceited. Actually that's what I'm doing right now too.

So, if you do read this...um...sorry for making fun of you? Maybe? I dunno. I think it's fair. It's what I would expect from me if I was you.

Wait what.

This is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite albums. Thats right. An entire album that I enjoy immensely. Go figure.

"One voice inside
(I know who you are)
One feeling you hide
(This is the season of denial)
You're in control
(Don't ask me how I am)
Your cracks start to show
(There's someone laughing from afar)

Turn around and face the darker side of you
(The one you hide)
Turn around the face the damage that you do
(In the season of denial)

Too cold to feel
(I know what you've done)
In motion surreal
(This is the season of the hollow)
Who are you now?
(I am for you to name)
You're on your way down
(You're somewhere very close to hell)

Turn around and face the darker side of you
(The one you hide)
Turn around the face the damage that you do
(In the season of denial)

I will remember you
Keep the pain alive
A vision of black and blue
Fading into white

I will remember you
Keep the pain alive
A vision of black and blue
Fading into white

A weight of years... before the storm begins
Saturate the rain-dark sky
Wake in fear and face the dream that might have been
The dream you still deny

You don't remember when, you don't remember where
A faded stranger in a photograph
Half-seen faces whisper shapeless unaware
Silent echoes of what's come to pass

You know you can't return, you know you can't relive
As you wasted wreckage falls apart
Familiar places where you know must have been
In your heart of darkest hearts

I will remember you
Keep the pain alive
A vision of black and blue
Fading into white

I will remember you
Keep the pain alive
A vision of black and blue

One voice inside
One feeling you hide
Turn around and face the darker side of you
(The one you hide)
Turn around the face the damage that you do
Turn around the face the damage that you do
Turn around the face the damage that you do"

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Wednesday. 1.27.10 9:06 am
Well, lookey here, I'm making a post again.

Not much to report. School's going well enough. My new fourth block is going to grate on my nerves, but I had nothing else to take and I kind of like being at ATC for fourth block, so, I'll deal with it.

Would it creep you out if I told you I know that you're reading this? It's true. I do.


Anyway, I've finally started getting into the meat of Metroid Prime Trilogy. I played MP3 through once, and now I'm starting the entire thing over with MP1. It's still fantastic, even though I've played the gamecube version countless times. By countless I mean 4 or 5 times...it strikes me how cheesy the plot is sometimes, but it doesn't bother me too much. It's just fun.

Fun, fun, fun. I interviewed with a guy from Brown University on Saturday. He was pretty great. I think we talked for an hour and a half, all told. He said that I was a great candidate for Brown as far as personality goes. My grades aren't half bad either. So the fact that he seems to like me is probably a good sign. The same goes for the lady from MIT. She wasn't as engaging, but she was definitely nice. I think they both are going to recommend me. Wheee!

I got accepted into Clemson already. For a while I was psyching myself out, wondering if I would be able to get into ANY of the schools I applied to. But I got in, so that's great. Now I'll have a fantastic backup if everything else falls through.

MP2 has some nice music tracks. And a lot of them, too.

I am just not writing well lately. I mean, look at this. My thoughts are hardly flowing well, even within themselves. I wrote a commentary for an excerpt from Hamlet that was only 4 pages long, double spaced. (That's written, not typed.) It was a bit concerning. I guess I'm just off.

My dog's getting old. :| She now refuses to walk within 4 feet of the kitchen and doesn't readily move across any of the wood floor. I think it's because her nails are so long that she slips everywhere she goes. Doooooggyyyyyyy.

She still loves a good scratch behind her ears. d'awww

Lauren bought me a milkshake on the way to Dead Theologians after school yesterday. So I was sitting in a Panera Bread, with a milkshake from Chick-Fil-A, and it was delicious. I've never had the peppermint ones before. CERTAIN PEOPLE were going overboard with the coveting. I've never felt so guilty consuming a gift from someone that I ended up paying for anyway. What gives.

I saw Saw (VI?) last night. The newest one. It was...different. I dunno if they did that on purpose, but it was. Kyle loves the Saw movies. I just think they're OK. The plot twists are pretty sweet, but when you have a twist that extends into earlier movies, that means people have to watch ALL of the movies to get it. And that's frustrating.


That's frustrating too.

I'm still astounded with the awesomeness from the Sherlock Holmes soundtrack. Hans Zimmer is the man. I should find more of his soundtracks...

After I finish this powerpoint on the differences between French and Georgian architectural styles.

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