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"Balls to you...
Thursday. 4.8.10 10:44 pm
...you and your lack of urgency!"

I actually said that to somebody! Well, I texted it. It still felt great. I'm pretty sure I was giggling for like six minutes.

On an almost unrelated note, girls are still weird. THE WEIRDNESS KEEPS CROPPING UP. Every time I think things are settled with somebody, somebody else gets weird! It's like Whack-a-Mole, but with girls being weird instead of mammals jumping out of the ground.

Now that I think about it, a few guys have been a bit weird lately, too. So that's a relief. Now I'm not worried about being sexist. Can't have THAT!

...that's a serious comment, not some sort of sassy reference.

I spent the night in another city with Kyle! It was pretty rad. His grandparents live in a city less than an hour away, and he was visiting, so he invited me and we drove up there. Great times. His friend Matt lives in Georgia, but also has grandparents living there (across the street, actually), and he was visiting too, so we hung out all night and the next day. We got a game of Ultimate Frisbee together with a bunch of kids from the area, and Kit and Jack drove up to join us. It was actually a lot of fun, even though it was abysmally hot and most everyone got sunburned. The one girl brought freeze-pops in a...thermo...thermos! She brought them in a thermos filled with ice water. I was pilfering some of the ice for my own water bottle when she informed me that she had mono.

"And you're drinking out of that thing?"

-swig- "Yup!"

"You brought us freeze-pops and have them soaking in mono water?"

So yeah, I drank frozen mono water and put my mouth on a mono pop. I MIGHT AS WELL HAVE KISSED HER!

(I have been forgetting a LOT of words lately. It's a bit concerning. I had to get help with "thermos", not even kidding.)

Speaking of communicable diseases, my brother has something that resembles flu A...a few nights ago he fell asleep watching TV, and the next thing Mom and I know he's laughing/crying hysterically, not responding to anything we say or do, and burning up at 105 degrees F. So yeah. Midnight hospital run...I held down the fort here. He's fine now, maybe TOO fine, so that's good. But man, it was scary to watch him and hear him. He would laugh and then start screaming like we were stabbing him or something.

Other stuff that's happened: I went to a picnic that was almost awkward because of the small "friends to strangers" ratio. I saw The Book of Eli in theaters just a few hours ago, and that was pretty good. The twist at the end made me particularly happy...

Um! I got a new phone, right? The Samsung Impression! And it's actually really neat. Maybe I already mentioned that. Either way, I have a strong inclination to tap out some text messages now, but nobody in particular to text. It's perplexing and a bit frustrating. This is why you don't...well, nevermind that. Byebye!



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Spring Break
Saturday. 4.3.10 7:24 pm
So far it is the suck. Ryan's in Germany, John got a job at Carowinds, and Kyle's schedule is always full of work or family. And I'm doing nothing except cleaning up house and researching curriculum from different schools. SO frustrating.

I came SO close today, too! Me and Kyle were gonna hang out with John when they got off work...but John went and did something with someone else. So we have nowhere to go now; Sean has the flu, so Kyle can't come over without risking his baby sister, and we can't go to his house because something's going on with his mom. So neither of us has plans and we still can't chill. Rawr.

Which reminds me! Cornell denied my application. And Brown stuck me on the wait list, which I suppose is better than nothing. I'm treating my decision as if I got into Brown...apparently it's cool if I commit to one school and then change my mind because of a wait list. So we'll see. Both Georgia Tech and Brown seem to have some interesting research opportunities, and honestly I don't really know how else to judge them. I want to do physics, especially stuff relating to Cosmology and Particle Physics...and Brown's so expensive...


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Bombay Doors? What?
Tuesday. 3.30.10 7:08 pm
Gah. Yesterday was just silly. Every little thing went wrong...Today was better. I'm a little less sick, too.

By far the most fun I'm having is with the school magazine. One of my friends came up with the theme back when we were still voting...I managed to maneuver it into our final decision, with help from some other editors who liked it. Me and Kayla came up with a really sweet layout style, and I'm doing crazy things with the front and back cover, and this is the most fun I've had in a while. :DDD

It goes along pretty well with the project we're doing in Photoshop class, though classwork is always less fun.

Phone coming in tomorrow, probably. Wheeee

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Monday, monday!
Monday. 3.29.10 10:37 pm
Today has just been awful. Oh my word. The terribality is just breathtaking.

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