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Spring Break
Saturday. 4.3.10 7:24 pm
So far it is the suck. Ryan's in Germany, John got a job at Carowinds, and Kyle's schedule is always full of work or family. And I'm doing nothing except cleaning up house and researching curriculum from different schools. SO frustrating.

I came SO close today, too! Me and Kyle were gonna hang out with John when they got off work...but John went and did something with someone else. So we have nowhere to go now; Sean has the flu, so Kyle can't come over without risking his baby sister, and we can't go to his house because something's going on with his mom. So neither of us has plans and we still can't chill. Rawr.

Which reminds me! Cornell denied my application. And Brown stuck me on the wait list, which I suppose is better than nothing. I'm treating my decision as if I got into Brown...apparently it's cool if I commit to one school and then change my mind because of a wait list. So we'll see. Both Georgia Tech and Brown seem to have some interesting research opportunities, and honestly I don't really know how else to judge them. I want to do physics, especially stuff relating to Cosmology and Particle Physics...and Brown's so expensive...


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Bombay Doors? What?
Tuesday. 3.30.10 7:08 pm
Gah. Yesterday was just silly. Every little thing went wrong...Today was better. I'm a little less sick, too.

By far the most fun I'm having is with the school magazine. One of my friends came up with the theme back when we were still voting...I managed to maneuver it into our final decision, with help from some other editors who liked it. Me and Kayla came up with a really sweet layout style, and I'm doing crazy things with the front and back cover, and this is the most fun I've had in a while. :DDD

It goes along pretty well with the project we're doing in Photoshop class, though classwork is always less fun.

Phone coming in tomorrow, probably. Wheeee

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Monday, monday!
Monday. 3.29.10 10:37 pm
Today has just been awful. Oh my word. The terribality is just breathtaking.

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Lost and Found
Sunday. 3.28.10 12:59 am
I finished the cover for the art magazine Thursday...this time it's actually going to be there. I was so amazingly excited that I just HAD to show a few choice friends and teachers...

I was a little less excited when I realized that there were only like 2 people who could possibly appreciate everything I put into it, and they were both there with me.


It's OK though, because it still kicks ass. Our theme kicks ass. This magazine is going to kick ass, and I basically designed it (though it seems I will have little effect on organization.)


The flattened version that I used as a the finalized copy seems to be missing a specific detail that I added. I just noticed. Gotta re-do that come Monday.

That favicon is looking mighty fine!

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