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Whatever comes to mind
Sunday. 10.10.10 4:23 pm
That's pretty much what this post is about.

4:33/ Well this isn't working out so well. I'm talking to a girl from Appalachia about where she wants to go to school.

4:46/ yeah, forget this. I'll try again. I just wanted to reset my comment count, haha.

OH, here is my personality type, if you're interested. See if it rings any bells.


EDIT: 5:03/ "Hold up, wait a minute, put a little LOVE in it!"

hee hee

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Friday. 9.24.10 3:23 pm
OK so now I understand where everyone went. It's hard to keep this up after highschool!

School is good. Friends are better (surprise!).

Um. My photoshop trial ran out. But I'm seriously considering buying the full version. I can't decide if I should go with plain CS5 or CS5 Extended.

I'm learning quickly ways to stay organized and...other things. Things that don't necessarily work. Like Everything I'm Doing in Calculus. -.-

That's all for now!

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WREK Radio
Thursday. 9.2.10 1:33 pm
Guess where I plan on interning?

I am endlessly excited today.

There is an art magazine here as well! That shouldn't come as a huge surprise but I'm pretty excited. I haven't really written anything since high school, but I have a lot of photography I would love to submit, like so:

I Laugh in the Face of Danger by ~middaymoon on deviantART

I submitted that last night. It's one of the many fantastic shots I got from my trip to Utah this summer. Minimal editing. There's also this:

Canyonlands by ~middaymoon on deviantART

Obviously this one has been heavily edited. It's my first HDR, and I tried to over-do things a bit in order to get that surreal quality going. I like it but I'm less confident that it's actually good. And of course you guys remember this one, right? I might've shared it here already...

Soft Touch by ~middaymoon on deviantART

Also edited, though I think much more subtly. I really like this one. Anyway, I'm pretty much set on photographic submissions. If I write anything that'd be cool but I'm not feeling too pressed. As for college life, I made a few good friends, almost half of which are actually girls. This is special because the 1:2 girl:boy ratio around here is infamous. Classes are OK except for Calculus which I apparently have lost my grip with. Computer Science with MATLAB is pretty fun so far. I'm trying to wrap my schedule around some swimming, maybe join a freshmen council-type organization. We'll see. I found a really welcoming and sincere church, which is more than I expected. I was a bit afraid I'd get some watered down "church-like" social gathering but I was pleasantly surprised. I'll stick around and see if the atmosphere changes any.

Yay! Yay for life!

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To HELL with georgia
Tuesday. 8.24.10 9:34 pm
OK so in case you guys forgot I'm at Georgia Tech right now! Whoopeeee. Classes started Monday...and it was awful. I have 5 classes this semester (for 14 hours), which isn't that bad at all. It's just that all 5 require my attention every Monday from 10 to 4, with only enough break in between to walk 15 minutes across campus or catch a hopefully on-time trolley. It's hectic and hard on my feet, haha.

I need a bike. -.-

I suspect I'll have to pretty much teach myself Calculus, which will be easier than it sounds because I've already covered some of the material in high school. My instructor is very...unique in her teachings. So that'll be fun.

Chemistry is just confusing because it shows up on my schedule in no less than 4 iterations: one for lectures, one for lab, one for lab recitations, and one is seriously just set aside for when we have tests. So once I get that worked out it'll be easier I guess.

My Health teacher is already getting on my nerves...

Um...I don't really want to post anything tonight. I just felt I should since it's such a momentous time for me. But there's not much for me to say! I have to try a lot harder to tone the cursing down. I noticed that the first day. I DO miss my friends, but I've been Skype-ing Kyle and Emily almost every night, and a few others as well. I just got my new laptop on Thursday (The day before I left) so I've had a lot of fun learning and customizing it. I realized that about 80% of my music didn't transfer over so I'm trying to figure that one out right now. But it's running Windows 7 which is VERY cool and the 4 gigs of RAM let it run pretty smoothly as well. Couple that with the fastest wired network in the US (Second only to the Pentagon, so they say) and I have a pretty premium web surfing experience going on here.

Not that I'll be surfing the web a lot. HOPEFULLY I will be concentrating on my studies. :D

Anyway, I've been feeling sort of sick since I got here. The food is better than I expected, but it will still take some getting used to. Stay cool, kiddies.

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