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Friday. 4.6.07 6:03 pm
That crazy kid has reached my ears, and I don't even watch American Idol. I'm pretty sure that the show will die a slow, pained death if they try it again. So the question remains: Is Sanjaya that good, or the bad? I'd vote for ugly.

My cell phone has had a lot of extra charging lately. This is probably Katie's fault. *tongue.* I make it my business to lighten her horrible days with stories from freaky music videos.

I had some really deep blogging to get into, but I always forget what I wanted to say when I go to say it. I need to write these things down. Then again, I guess that's what nuTang is for: writing down your thoughts. Sharing them with the world is just a cool bonus.

Ever read the Dark Tower series by Stephen King? It has some great stuff. Very in-depth. Almost like sharing a private joke with a friend, hear me I beg.

Man, I sure am jumping around today. Puerto Rico tomorrow. I plan on swimming for the first time in months without a coach yelling at me. Maybe getting a nice sunburn. Shaving everything and jumping into the ocean naked.

Naw, that's a bit much. That's all for now, folks. May it do ya well.

EDIT: Today was the last day of school for me before Spring Break. My newest saying: "Damn you! Damn you to first period! Yesterday!"

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Tuesday. 4.3.07 7:32 pm
My mom just assaulted me for not wearing a shirt around the house. First she's feeling my smooth shave, (I find this too funny for words,) then she starts examining my back.

Next thing I know, she's hustling me to let her pop some black-heads she found. She finds those things EVERYWHERE. I doubt they're back there. She offered me $10. That's...crazy. I'm sure thezebra is jealous of me. Heh.

Mother was rather offended when I declined and ran screaming up the stairs to tell the world. Hmm.

Ideas for Threadless designs:
Gentleman Turtle, "I'm in the Turtle Club."
Damn, I forgot my other idea!

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Yay for puberty!
Saturday. 3.31.07 4:42 pm
Man, I know this is well known, but I have to say it anyway. Being a teenager sucks. This is the time. This is when you find out if you'll be able to survive in the world. This is when it all hits home. At least, for me. I'm only a Freshman, but I'm already starting to worry about college. Especially my career. I really can't decide what I'd major in. There's so much to think about...

And, of course, there's "teen love." I've always known I was brutally shy about the whole thing. Not in general, but when it comes to the actual dating, I dry up. I found that out the hard way, I guess.

Oh, and family. Fun stuff. I hope my brother's going to be okay, but it's hard to tell. Or maybe I don't want to know. Wow, that's really pessimistic. Of course, my mom is completely fizzled out. The guys at her work want her more and more, so between my brother and I, generally living, and work, she has almost zilch time to herself. Also, I hear that the dating game doesn't get much easier when you get past your growth spurt. I can tell you, it doesn't. Not for the general population, anyway.

The only good thing is that I have people willing to listen to me, and that I'm learning to manage my time WAY better. I still get side-tracked super easy, but I've been going to bed early for a few days now.

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Oh, the MOLD!
Wednesday. 3.28.07 8:32 pm
I apologize for my second time capsule. Sometimes an online journal needs a little privacy. It’s for me. Nobody is getting the password, so don’t bother asking. Thank you, come again.

So, thanks to Katie I’ve gotten in the habit of chatting with good capitalization and punctuation. Huzzah! So, nothing else is really new in the life of a Stevo. I’m working on another movie, but most of the funny comes from private jokes. You kinda sorta need to be in my youth group, or on the Bonclarken Trip to get most of it. Still, there’re always those people who like random stuff. Basically, I’m taking pictures that I took on the trip, and using the expressions to make short scenes. Most of the scenes are pure gold. Some aren’t as funny to me, but I’m putting them in anyway.

My computer is a silly thing. It must be breaking, or something. The most annoying thing is that Movie Maker seems to hate me, and keeps locking up for no apparent reason. Every 45 seconds or so. I just saved what I had into a movie format so I wouldn’t lose it. That means the first minute or so of my cartoon will be inaccessible to change if I need to. Also, the whole computer is just plain slow. Like, I can barely watch stuff on the net anymore. Everything loads in jerks. Even my typing is slowly crawling across the page in little jerks.

“I recently almost got into it at school on the football field. I ended up getting shoved at my full running speed. I no longer have skin on my left elbow. Guess what else? When I took of the band-aid yesterday, the scab came off with it. Now all I have is a swollen pussy mess.”

That was yesterday. Last night after scaring everybody at school with my puss-bomb, I went home. After my shower, I decided to try something. The skin type stuff was soggy with water, so I peeled off the second layer of some tissue paper and pressed that on. Instant scab. Today at school I got weird looks, but just told everyone that I had a mold infestation. The great thing is, the cut pusses bleeds into the paper, and the paper becomes the scab. The extra around the edges just flakes away, and when the scab is no longer needed, it falls off like normal. No wrestling with a band-aid. No painful experience when you want a shower. No peeling scabs! It’s great.

EDIT: Man, I thought I'd gotten five comments just through my dinner. Turns out I'm the victim of a SPAMMER!!!

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