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Those Moments
Monday. 6.4.07 11:11 am
I made a video from about a dozen clips I've taken over the years. I'm very happy with the outcome. Watch, please?

Haha, naked AJ...

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Kind of weird
Saturday. 6.2.07 10:30 am
I figure I should be upset. Or something. Hell, maybe even happy. But I'm not. Not to be cliché, but I feel rather like a robot. It's, well, kind of weird.

I'll probably set into a pissy mood later. At least it'll show that things are normal around here. Yes, anger would be nice.

Then again, I rather liked it when things weren't normal.

EDIT: Things are fine. Just a temporary situation. It's not even worth mentioning. So, I won't.

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Sunday. 5.27.07 11:29 pm
As a joke, I have a ring tone on my phone that I recorded myself. Basically, it's a lot of random screaming. Pretty scary (or just surprising) for a person who's never heard it before.

Since my mom always calls at in-opportune moments, I set that ring tone for her cell, my brother's cell, (she uses it too, for some reason,) and the house number. Basically, any phone that she calls from, my phone starts wailing horribly.

Obviously, there's a huge back-fire to this tactic. Once she decided to call while I was in a public stall. There was this dude at one of the urinals, and he was grunting and moaning the whole time. Then my cell phone starting to yell and scream. I silenced it and ignored the call. But it was too late. The guy came and knocked on my door, then left laughing. What an idiot.

Last night was pretty funny though. I was on AIM with Katie and watching some Black20 videos, and my cell phone starts wailing. I open it, the noise continues, but the screen is just my home screen. I open and close the phone several times, but the noise keeps coming with no apparent reason. Finally I just turn off the volume. When I turn it back up, the phone has shut up.

As it turns out, my mom had been calling. A glitch in the phone just didn't show it.

She left a voicemail.

She was downstairs in her room.

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It's official
Friday. 5.25.07 12:35 pm
Summer finally is here. School actually ended on Wednesday, but yesterday I was busy all day long. Today, I am bored as can be. Summer MUST be here. If I go by my usual rules, I won't find anything truly fun to do until within a week of school starting again. Which reminds me, the school year is going to be two weeks later from now on. Which means I get a longer summer this year. Something about the vacation year stretching into the current school year. This also means that I'm going to come back from Christmas Vacation to deal with First semester finals, (sounds like an oxymoron, but it isn't) but I can deal.

Just because I had a ton of stuff going on yesterday doesn't mean it wasn't a butt-load of fun, and therefore summer-y. I had been planning all week to hang with Katie pretty much all day, but bad planning on my part cost me a couple of hours. I thought It'd cost me the day, so my Wednesday night was spent in a horrible mood. Her mom pulled through at the last minute, though, So I still got to be with her starting at one. Which is still pretty great.

She had planned to go with a friend to the movies at 7:30 p.m., and another silly mistake on my part put me in a non-movie position. See, we had to get tickets in advance, because we figured the world premiere of Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End would sell fast. When Katie told me she was going to pick up tickets, I didn't bother to point out that I could get one from her and pay her back. So she didn't get one for me, and when we realized that I could have gone, I kind of depressed again. Her mom bailed me out, again, and drove us to get the extra ticket. She'll probably guilt-trip Katie later.

So, we spent the day hanging out, eating, walking, just being together. We never got around to cleaning the Monopoly game from the week before. Heh.

Then Katie's friend Britney came to the house to pick us up for the movie. On the way there we watched a video Britney made for Katie's birthday, and decided we'd all wear green surgical gloves on one hand. For kicks, you see.

The movie itself was just one big twist. Man, I'm still not sure I understand everything that went on. I'm pretty sure I can divulge some things without ruining any surprises. One, Jack has finally really lost it. Two, there seems to be a running gag with peanuts and/or crabs, and I can't even count the number of times a crowd of people simultaneously drew their guns. Over all, it was pretty cool. Funny, of course.

So ended my evening, because my mom was waiting outside the theater when I came outside. What a day.

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