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Time Capsule 4
Sunday. 9.16.07 10:43 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Feeling pretty nice
Friday. 9.14.07 10:28 pm
Today was great. I just get such a buzz from being with people. My teachers, my classmates, swim team...wow.

Nothing went wrong at all, today. It even rained, though Mom forbade me from sitting in it.

I presented a power point presentation, got along with ALL my teachers, finished a project, and got almost zero homework for the weekend. At lunch I had a blast.

Swim team was mostly games because the captains were in charge, so we played some water games after a few easy sets. Even the sets were fun. Ryan was complaining about having to pee, and he's too much of a goody to go in the pool, or just jump out and use the bathroom, which I'm urging him to do. So, when I have to take a dump, I hop out, yell at the coach, and use the bathroom. I re-entered the pool and met a solid wall of loathing. But the coach made him get out and use the bathroom soon after, so it was all good. I love our coach!

The games were boring, but relaxing. Then the team went to get pizza, "CiCi's Pizza! Caution: May incite vomiting and/or sudden weight gain" and I got a ride with Jeb. So we were singing the whole way there. Just great.

Jeremy and Bradley ate about 70 slices of pizza, no lie. They saved the crust to prove it. We had a good time, and the cinnamon buns were CRAZY good.

Then more singing all the way back to my house, in a rainstorm.

I shall go to bed early tonight.

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Man Handled!
Thursday. 9.13.07 10:00 pm
You'd never believe what my hand touches, or gropes, during practice. The simple fact is, that when you have 31 people swimming at the same time in 5 lanes, then there's going to be contact. During this season only, my hand has found:
More than its fair share of boobies
And, of course, the lane line itself, which isn't nearly as forgiving as the aforementioned body parts. I've collected lots of bruises and weird looks doing the backstroke.

I'm about to break my train of thought because my brother wants to get on myspace. He's ignorant like that. I'll be right back with you in a few minutes, I hope. Save your comments, I'll probably re-post this. Heh.

OK! Back. And I can't bring myself to delete comments, so...I'll just edit this. Meh.

Well, since I was talking about swimming, this might be a good moment to record that I got a consideration time for the State Meet on Tuesday. Not that the meet is on Tuesday, but I made the time swimming in a meet LAST Tuesday. Thanks anyway.

There are two times for each event that one aims for. The state time and the consideration time. If you make the state time, then you automatically go to the state meet with your team for that even. If you make the consideration time, then you become filler if there's enough room after all the other, faster people go. So, there's a chance that my swim season just got two weeks longer. I swam JUST 25.something seconds in the 50y Freestyle, which is pretty rocking for me. The automatic cut time is just over 24 seconds. So I need to practice more if I want to beat that.

Also, I saw a nice amount of my out-of-school friends at the meet today. We hanged out. If that's grammatically correct. Oh, and we beat them, too.

Sean just heartily surprised me. He said that he'd just done something that he bet I'd never heard of before. He was stark naked when he told me this, but I was confident that he couldn't have done something THAT bad.

I refuse to say what he did, except that it had to do with a trumpet. And I've NEVER heard of it before. *scarred for life*

Oh, and while I'm at it, here's to Dilated!

i'm creepy

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Good night, gents.

You too, ladies.

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Maybe Backwards?
Saturday. 9.8.07 4:23 pm
I had an urge to name this post "backwards," but I didn't know why. So I'm compensating.

Well, I'm not quite sure how to start. Let's go with the most pervading fact on my mind, at least the one I want to share, and work backwards.

My tummy feels nasty. Like, it doesn't hurt, but there's a definite feeling of disgust at me emanating from it. And I need to poop, for you curious ones.

Which might be attributed to my odd eating habits in the last 24 hours.

OK. So. The week was pretty normal *poops* up until Friday yesterday after school. I mean, we had two swim meets, on Tuesday and Thursday. We decimated the other team on Tuesday, but lost by THREE POINTS on Thursday. Actually, our boys team won, but the girls lost. So, I still won in my heart. :P

On Friday was practice as usual, except it was really, really hard and I had to sit out for a few minutes because I hadn't been drinking as much water as normal. BUT, during school one of our teachers had FINALLY told us when our little project was due. Monday. So my partner and I had planned to meet after school, after practice. It wasn't until I was on the way TO practice that I remembered the Scavenger Hunt/Icehouse event, which I hadn't been thinking about lately. So I was like, "Ohcrap." I had Mom call him while I was at practice to warn him, and I called him myself afterwards to reschedule. He was supposed to leave today (Saturday) at 11 A.M. So we planned that I'd come over at 9:30 in the morning. OK, crisis averted.

But then, the Scavenger Hunt! I honestly think I have the most fun with my youth group. It was intense. We had 45 people come, which is a lot. We had to rent an extra van.

So, here's how it works. There's a list of things the team has to do, most of which are potentially embarrassing. It can be filled out anywhere in the city unless specified in the actual obstacle. Proof came from video or pictures, also specified. Each item was worth a certain amount of points, and each team had two hours to be back in the academy building for judging of the proof. Each team had at least two youth leaders for transportation and filming purposes. And a team captain that pretty much told the leaders where to go next and what the team was going to do next.

I was a team Captain. That is just awesome for me. I felt pretty good about it, plus they completely surprised me with it. And my team was amazing. Lots of friends and people I hadn't met because they'd been brought by a friend. Over all, it was so much fun. I'll post a list of things we did. That is, if I can find a list. I left mine by accident. :X

We were gonna judge them that night, but we ran out of time. Judging will commence next Sunday at youth group. I hope my team comes back!

Next was Icehouse. We went to the Icehouse Skating Rink and rented it out for the night. Starting about 11:30 P.M., that is. First everyone rented skates and just messed around for a while. Charlie pushed Ethan around on a metal chair they'd found, and then there was a chair race and Charlie fell on his butt. I have to say, I usually don't like ice skating, but since we didn't do it long, there wasn't enough trauma to my ankles and the skin surrounding them to bug me. And it was fun,

I just left, cleaned a few pots, talked to Mom, and came back. I started this at 4:23. It is now 5:28. And while I'm off topic, I'd like to thank Praetorian for hooking me on Vendetta Red. I have almost a whole of their albums on my MP3 player, which is extremely impressive. And now...

And it was fun, with a lot of people who'd never skated before. I wasn't great, but I could move pretty well. And I only fell when an odd puck got lodged under my skate, which was funny to watch, I'm sure.

After a while we put our shoes back on and divided up into two teams. Some of us got brooms, and some got kind of stunted hockey sticks. And we chased after a ball and tried to score. It was more fun when I'd done it last, but last night was exhilarating. I'm so glad I came, though I wish some of the people I'd invited would've come. :-/

So, before we left I got some pizza and root-beer. And a muffin. Which might account for my tummy aching. Which has actually stopped by now. Haha. It's too bad I left my camera, though.

Oh, crap! I still gotta eat that muffin!

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