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Typical Friday
Saturday. 10.6.07 12:41 am
I have to say, this has been the best "typical Friday" I can recall. Not that it was a GREAT day, but it was certainly nice. Here's the breakdown.

Block 1: Intro to Engineering. Normally, we're driven hard all period, working on the computers. This entails me doing about 2 minutes of work, and then getting up to help someone else. One person in particular is, well, particularly pissing me off. He needs help almost literally EVERY step of the way, even though there's a tutorial. I mean, I've never even heard of this before. If I can figure it out from a step-by-step tutorial, then you can too. Especially since I skipped a ton of the steps. Heh.

Today's Schedule: We had a sub. I think that explains it all. The class is mostly smart ass freshmen. There was chaos, and...that's about it. ONE good quote, though...the annoying one, who can't get his pants on? Well, I'm not the only one he annoys. There's a junior who sits next to him and basically makes fun of him.

"Hey, Steve-o! Why is this guy so mean to me? What's his problem?"
"He doesn't like freshmen."
"What's his name?"
"Three and a Half."

Block 2: Physical Science. Actually, we never do a lot in this class. The teacher plans a ton of free time, or something. We do a few activities, and then are let loose. As long as we don’t cause too much havoc. Actually, we spent one day “studying digestion” with McDonald’s, Duncan Donuts, and Bojangles. He’s pretty cool.

Today’s Schedule: We went over a test. That took about 15 minutes. Then we had the rest of our 1 hour 30 minute period to do whatever we want. We made:
A paper penis
A paper vagina, colored red to honor Angela Williams. Please don’t ask.
I wrote on my hands. The left hand says “Cracka, please.” The right says “This is my dominant hand, cracka.”

Third Block: English. This is the class with the crazy teacher. It’s hard.

Today’s Schedule: We finished a movie after taking a vocabulary quiz. Not much else to report.

Fourth Block: Geometry. This is the same case as in English, but replacing the crazy teacher with a ditzy version.

Today’s Schedule: We took a test. And THAT IS ALL! I slept the rest of the period.

To top it all off, our week of hard practice was finished with a picture day/lazy practice. So it truly was a Friday.

Does nobody see the irony that I’m blogging this late on my beloved Friday? It’s not even Friday any more. It’s Saturday. Yeesh.

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The Subway
Thursday. 10.4.07 10:08 pm

I love the Blue Man Group. Their music is great, and they're witty. Plus I just like the way they act. Heh.

Things could be better. But if they were, it'd be wrong. So...

They could be a lot worse. :D

Not much else to say. Except that I'm terribly behind on homework tonight.

I'll get over it.

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I'm such a sucker
Monday. 10.1.07 9:42 pm
NOTICE, damn it!

What do I have to do?

I'm stuck.

Man. I just feel tense right now. As if I'll bomb the next person who screws with me. And...I guess I'm sad. I don't have any particular idea wh...well, I guess there's always THAT.

I really am stuck, and not in a good place. And...and...I hate this situation.

And it has nothing to do with the page of proofs glaring at me.

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Just touch it.
Saturday. 9.29.07 5:12 pm
We had a shaving party last night! It was cool. I mean, as cool as shaving parties can be. We shaved, but I was having a hard time with the disposable so I finished the job at home. With soap. Because that's how I roll.

I was prepared for the sensation because of last year, but the fact that I can actually see the skin on my legs is so freaky. And it SHINES! I can see my foot's reflection in my calf. How pimp is that?

This is the line that I stopped shaving at. Every inch you go beyond your bathing suit line becomes another inch of horrible pain everytime you get goosebumps, which happens a lot in swimming.

I can see why shaving legs is weird for guys. I feel sexy. (Yes. I did just write that out loud.)

*rubs leg*

Not only that, but I went crazy and cut off most of my hair. I would say ALL of it, but there's a definite milimeter or two left. Besides rubbing my leg, my favorite thing to do is sneak up on somebody and rub my head on exposed skin. Surprise carpet burn. Heh.

I got my Restricted License about 40 minutes before the hair went. "Alone from 6am to 6pm (8pm during DST). With licensed driver (21) from 6pm (8pm during DST) to midnight. With licensed parent or guardian from midnight to 6am. Becomes regular license at age 17 and does not have to be exchanged until expired."

I can make my skin into brain-y patterns. :)

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