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I'm thinking of another story.
Sunday. 3.16.08 2:57 pm
I'll start working on it post haste. And then I'll make a video out of it. Maybe even a play.

The play would be kind of disappointing. I guess I'll just write it as a script for fun. But it is going to be far too short for a play.

Friday was nothing short of amazing. I had an OK day at school.

You know what? I'll do this later. Mom's forcing me to do homework.

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Thursday. 3.13.08 11:43 pm
My mom FORCED me to walk the dog because she thinks I need the exercise. Dude. Walking is not exercise. It doesn't get my heart pumping. It doesn't even make my calves burn. And she won't let me walk out of the neighborhood I've lived in for fifteen years! I am bored out of my skull. And it's a colossal waste of my time.

So you know what I did? I went for a 15-20 minute walk with the dog, turned off my phone, and came back an hour and a half later.

You probably think that's the dumbest thing ever. And it might be. But it was worth it to know that she went out looking for me and was freaking out.

I should've snuck in when she wasn't looking. But instead I called her like a normal concerned person who came into their house to find everyone missing.

I don't think she thinks before she responds to me. She just says no, like always.

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Hey Kendal
Monday. 3.10.08 10:45 pm
How are you doing?

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Blah, and blah again!
Saturday. 3.8.08 4:40 pm
I've gotten back into the Super Smash Bros. craze, just in time for the third installment, BRAWL. I've got Melee on the GameCube, which I've moved to an upstairs TV (if I want, I can play them downstairs on the Wii.)

I want someone to play with, but my brother is far too good. Plus, everyone wants to play Call Of Duty 4 on the 360 downstairs. I'm all alone!

I'm going to go on an adding spree with my Sansa. You can't go wrong with Ratatat.


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