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Techno Chicken
Friday. 6.6.08 3:07 pm

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It's back. And it's better than ever!
Wednesday. 6.4.08 8:21 pm
My music is back online! Zanzibars everywhere rejoice. Notice the "Nightwish" section at the bottom of the list. Score.

Earlier today I was very stupid. And then I took a Spanish exam. Which was completely unrelated.

For once, I wanted to try a coffee themed drink at Panera Bread, because it looked like the delicious. It was a frozen mocha. It made me very hyper for swim practice, which was good. But it was mostly nasty, and gave me some stomach trouble. I'm going to have caffeine ridden poop later; I just know it.

Last half day of school is tomorrow. I have two exams, one of which is going to give me ulcers. Government and Econ, which is mostly memorization of court cases and various government leaders (the economy part is way too easy). Then Chemistry, which I will breeze or die.

I wanted to post because I was tired of having 7 comments. Hahaha. Later, guys. Enjoy the tunes.

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This kind of sucks...
Sunday. 6.1.08 10:03 pm
Grandma and great-Grandma are sleeping in the computer room, so I haven't been able to stay on past 11 for the last week and probably won't for another month. On top of that, Grandpa is sleeping in my room (starting today), so now I won't even be able to stay up on the phone because I'll be in the little brother's room. Phooey, the first week of summer is going to BLOW.

Ugh. I really have a thing against people who ALWAYS misunderstand what I'm saying. Because they tend to do things "as a favor" that I don't want them to do. Like heat the pizza I was going to eat cold, or make my bed.

Stupid bed. Why is making it such a big deal?

I'm just in a cruddy mood right now, and I don't like having people over. And exams are this week.

The Zune's really nice, though.

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The Zune of Doom
Wednesday. 5.28.08 10:36 pm
It should be here tomorrow. The dock and A/V out cords came today.

I actually decided to go on Pandora again, and I realized how much music I have yet to acquire. Everything sounds great tonight.

Test tomorrow. I swear, we have a test in that class EVERY week. Stinky.

All my EOCs are next week. But by then I'll have my Zune. It's OK.

I still can not describe the awesome that is Nightwish.

*adds the word "zune" to the Fire Fox dictionary.*

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