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General Discussion » General Chat's Chicken » How many ways are there to die (physically)?
randomjunk | How many ways are there to die (physically)? - Posted on 2007-01-15 00:40:24
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I'm bored, if you think this is morbid too bad. :) Face it, everybody dies sooner or later. Might as well go out with a bang. Or a splat....

There are no rules about what you can say, except for no repeats and it has to be realistic (as in no getting burned up by a dragon, speared by a unicorn, etc.)

1. Swallow a bomb (personal favorite)
2. Skydive without a parachute (second personal favorite)
3. Hijack a gas truck and crash it into a retirement home
4. Hanging
5. Stabbing
6. Guillotine
7. Lethal injection
8. Amateur acupuncture
9. Literally being bored to death (it could probably happen...)
10. Do-it-yourself surgery

Care to contribute?

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randomjunk | Untitled - Posted on 2007-09-04 21:10:34
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You're supergluing something and it gets on your hand. But you don't notice. It's kind of hot, so you reach up to your forehead to wipe away the sweat... and your hand gets stuck to your forehead.

You panic and try to wrench your hand free. It kind of works, but the skin gets ripped off. This makes you panic even more, so you run into the bathroom (who KNOWS what your reasoning is for this) slip in a puddle of water on the floor, and crack your head open.

CPKviperpheonix | Untitled - Posted on 2007-09-08 15:16:19
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You go to Rent a dildo but you don't realize that its coated with very thin razorblades and anthrax. So you go to use it.... and yea... U won't be around to stick anything else up there, lol

Dilated | Untitled - Posted on 2007-09-09 00:23:27
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Can we try to keep this forum clean?

LostSoul13 | Untitled - Posted on 2007-09-09 01:24:53
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where do you find stuff like that ... and why are you looking for it?

CPKviperpheonix | Untitled - Posted on 2007-09-09 10:36:17
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lol well I didin't want to desribe too much about it, I wanted people to get the general idea of what i was saying, without being 2 graphic..... I was hoping i did a pretty good job of that....

And where did I find it at? Iwas digging through my back enteries, and I actaully found where i Posted a link to it about it 2 years ago in a entry I did here

How did I find it back around december 2005, I have no idea. I just found that amusing, so I'd thought i'd incorpate it into a post, lol

CPKviperpheonix | Untitled - Posted on 2007-09-22 11:53:25
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lol the forum was almost looking dead for a minute, haha

Its the middle of the night, like 2 or 3 am in the morning. you are trying to get through a mario stage, and you get fustrated like the people did in the first video here. But in your case, you wind up getting so pissed off at these levels, you end up going insane with rage. You just keep trying over and over to clear it, for a few hours, but you just get more enraged at the game, and your blood pressure shoots up as the game consumes you. it gets to the point that you start to destroy the gaming console in sheer anger, by punching it, kicking it, and slaming it against a few walls. While in the middle of losing it on your system, you wind up slipping on a controller, and falling face first on to the other controller. You bust your face open and you are bleeding, but you don't even realize it, just because you are full of so much adrenaline. You get even more enraged than ever, and you run outside with the system, ready to kick it out into the middle of the street to get ran over.

you do sucessfully kick the system into the street from the edge of it, but it just so happens that some drunk driver is swerving all over the road, and going very fast and runs nails you with their vehicle. Somehow you are still bearly hanging on to life when a ambluance is called to rush you to a hospitial by some neighbors. Unfourantely, the ambluance rushes to the scene, only to accidently run you over.

randomjunk | Untitled - Posted on 2007-09-23 15:18:37
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Ahahaha that video is awesome! :P

There's someone kind of weird at your school/workplace. Everyone says he/she is really creepy and is probably into something like vampirism. Being the nice person you are, you dismiss all the rumors and, feeling sorry for the person, ask him/her if he/she would like to hang out sometime. He/she accepts, and you find that he/she isn't as bad as everyone says. You even start to be attracted to him/her.

One day you visit his/her house, which is strangely dark and seemingly empty. The door is ajar, and, fearing something has happened, you go into the house. Suddenly he/she leaps out from behind you and attacks you. He/she bites you on the neck and tries to drink your blood. You can't escape in time and you bleed to death because of your injuries.

So it turned out the person really thought he/she was a vampire and only became your friend to suck your blood. Tough luck.

AmbyrJayde | ok - Posted on 2007-09-23 17:47:44
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that kinda reminds me of a story i wrote a long time ago

randomjunk | Untitled - Posted on 2007-09-26 20:08:06
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You're setting up a cord that goes to the top of some sort of tower. You accidently trip though, and the cord tangles around your neck and you hang yourself.

LostSoul13 | Untitled - Posted on 2007-10-08 21:02:41
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you're doing your own version of the mythbuster's test "steel-toed boots." you take this giant, heavy weight and are about to drop it on a steel-toed boot, when you realize the boot is not centered so you go in to fix it. your friend {who is there to help you, of course} gets a little trigger happy and releases the weight before you're done. you are crushed beneath the weight.

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