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Wednesday. 2.24.10 9:41 pm

I have to start prom dress shopping. The whole ordeal is up there on my list of things I hate, right between People Who Walk Too Slowly In Front of Me, and People Who Talk A Lot When I'm Trying to Learn in Class.

Not fun.

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Sunday. 2.21.10 7:47 pm

My dad left his BMW at home and took of for Baltimore, of some place like that (he travels a lot).

Guess who gets to drive it while he's gone. Mind you, this thing has a sunroof, a navigation system, Sirius radio, heated seats, a BUTTON THAT TURNS ON THE CAR, and a bunch of other wicked crap that I would never pay extra for in a car that gets me from point A to point B.

But, while he's gone...

Man, it's nice to drive a swank automobile like this one.


Not much happening except a bunch of work. Short update, doodeedoodahdee I'm singing you a sooonglalalalaaaaaaa!

And now I'm not.

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Wednesday. 2.17.10 9:52 pm

You know what made my day feel really okay?

I was laying on the love seat in my family room with my dog laying practically right on me (she likes attention [understatement]), the sun was setting, and the lights were all off. Everything was very warm and comfortable, and for the moment I felt no stress.

Just for a minute or two, it looked and felt exactly like eight o' clock on a summer night.

It's really nice to have moments like that, after a long, stress-filled, winter day.

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Tuesday. 2.16.10 6:35 pm

It's like that compulsion I had, after breaking up with a guy, to keep him with me, but there was never any interest here and everything is topsy turvy because I never chose...I never would have chosen...I never did choose. I could italicize this sentence. I could bold it. I could underline it. I could type it in caps. Regardless.

I dreamt, the other night, that someone raped me. The dream didn't go into great detail, there. It more so went into detail afterward, when I walked outside and there were news crews everywhere, hoarding me with questions. I don't get it. That's such a morbid thing to do in such a circumstance.

But regardless. I walked past and asked for the most-watched news station, and found a newscaster who fit my needs. She asked me a question and, microphone in hand, I ignored her. I looked straight into the camera. I said, "I picked this news station because it's most popular. Chances are, you're watching, somewhere. I want you to know that you did not break me."

I woke up.

I think that, even in real life, I would say it.

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